Safe/Haven Update

Due to a private event, the exhibition Safe/Haven will be closed to visitors from 2–5 pm on Friday, May 14.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Turkish flintlock rifle 1780-1820 INV.5729
Food spear 1940-1960 2002.1.1711
Swizzle stick 1920-1970 2002.1.2394
Musical recording 1910-1920 2002.1.3546
New York Post First Annual Liberty Medal (r) 2002 2003.52ab
Republican County Committee Watcher Ribbon 1850-1900 INV.2310.1
Snuffbox 1800-1850 INV.7676
Second Premium NY Poultry & Pigeon Association Ribbon ca. 1913 INV.7336
Shako with pompon 1870-1877 1934.88ab
Advertising/Landauer paperweight 1885-1890 1939.401


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