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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort descending Object Number
Cue stick 2002.82.6
Cue stick 2002.82.7
Cue stick 2002.82.8
Cue stick 2002.82.9
Cue stick 2002.82.10
Cue stick 2002.82.11
Cue stick 2002.82.12
Cue stick 2002.82.13
Cue stick 2002.82.14
Cue stick 2002.82.15
Cue stick 2002.82.16
Cue stick 2002.82.17
Cue stick 2002.82.18
Cue stick 2002.82.19
Truck door of Rescue Company #2 rig 2002.50.1
Tassel 2003.39.2
Memorial card 2003.39.3
Rear doors of Rescue Company #2 rig 2002.50.3ab
3 Ribbons INV.2885
Badge INV.2589
Button 2003.70.24
Button 2003.70.2
Button 2003.70.3
Button 2003.70.4
Button 2003.70.5
Pin-back button 2003.70.7
Button 2003.70.8
Button 2003.70.13
Women For Clinton Gore Light The Way For Change 2003.70.14
Button 2003.70.19
Button 2003.70.26
RYAN 2003.70.27
Button 2003.70.33
Button 2003.70.35
Button 2003.70.36
Button 2003.70.34
Hard Times token Z.3106d
Women For Clinton Gore Light The Way For Change 2003.70.12
Button 2003.70.16
Button 2003.70.30
Token Z.2992
Pin-back button Z.2786b
Pin-back button INV.1838
Ring 2003.98.1
Pin-back button Z.2920
Embossing Seal 2003.100.1
Printing plate 2003.100.2
Printing plate 2003.100.3
Printing plate 2003.100.4
Gavel 2003.100.6
Dust mask 2003.27
Pin-back button INV.6760f
Pin-back button Z.1539
Button Z.2142
Campaign medal: Major General W. H. Harrison Z.2996
Pin-back button Z.2074
Badge and ribbon Z.2097
Soup plate 2003.46.1b
Salad plate 2003.46.1c
Pin-back button Z.2070
Button: Smith INV.2470
Pin-back button Z.2069
Button INV.3906B
Campaign ribbon INV.3081
Campaign ribbon INV.6634.3
Wm. H. Taft for President INV.6985
The Safets Z.2537
Pin-back button Z.2650[dup]
Ribbon Z.2080
Lapel stud INV.7158
Protection Sound Money INV.7171
Personal Banking Services INV.6640
For Freedom 4 FDR Four Freedome Re-elect Roosevelt INV.6643
The Only Pebble on the Beach INV.7163.1
Shell INV.7163.2
Ribbon INV.6715
Ribbon INV.6708
Shirt stud INV.4057.2
Pin-back button INV.6757.1
Pin-back button INV.6757.2
Button Z.2847
Button Z.2289
Pin 1940.496
Americanism Roosevelt INV.5186.1
Youth wants Roosevelt INV.6654
Pin-back button Z.2246
Badge INV.4812C
Eisenhower Nixon INV.6625
Don't let this happen to YOU! Vote for Ike! INV.6628
Campaign button INV.6876
Vote for Ike INV.6439
Ike in '56 INV.6880
Pin INV.6859
Button Z.2192
Button INV.7052
Pin-back button Z.2624
Roosevelt ILGWU INV.7149.5
Go 4th to Win the War INV.7377
We Want F.D.R. Again Z.2648
Roosevelt Can Win All American INV.5181.2
The Friends of Franklin Roosevelt Z.2723[dup]
Halley "100" INV.4270.1
Button Z.2911.25
Barkley INV.6789.1
Stick pin 407
Button Z.2849
Button Z.2630[dup]
Pin with photograph of McClellan Z.2586[dup]
Campaign pin 470
Campaign pin 463
Campaign pin 464
Coin INV.13710.1
For President Thomas E. Dewey INV.7137.2
Volunteer Dewey Warren I'm on the team INV.7383
Button 651
Truman Barkley Z.2196
Buttons Z.2644
Button Z.2647
Smith for President Z.2349.2
Smith of President Z.2641
Dig in for Willkie INV.4274.1
Badge 1940.652
Button INV.2201.2
Willkie 1940.639
INV.13710.2 INV.13710.2
INV.13710.3 INV.13710.3
INV.13710.4 INV.13710.4
INV.13710.6 INV.13710.6
INV.13710.7 INV.13710.7
Vote for President Richard Nixon INV.6889
President Nixon Z.2325
Nixon Z.2194
Nixon/Lodge INV.7057
Nixon Agnew Z.2193
Willkie Second Million Z.2704
Willkie First Voter Z.2660
Button Z.3390
My Day when I vote for Willkie Z.3391
Button Z.2653
Perhaps Roosevelt is all you deserve 1940.557
All I Have Left Is A Vote for Willkie 1940.701
Which Means Me Votee for Willkie Too 1940.795
Button Z.2744
Button Z.2742
Button Z.2805
Button Z.2749
Button Z.2712
Rotten eggs with Roosevelt Omlettes with Willkie Z.2815
Roosevelt would rather be Presidnent than right Z.2811
Button Z.2687
Worst Public Administration Z.2803
Ribbon Z.3393
Portrait Ribbon Z.3227
Ribbon INV.6906
Pin 2472
Stevenson/Kefauver 2001.88
Campaign pin 2473
Bryan and Silver INV.7152
16 to One Z.2680
Pin-back button Z.2730.180
Button Z.2669
Win with Wilson INV.6975
Lapel button INV.7248
Button INV.8944[dup]
Chester A. Arthur 1881-1885 INV.7379
Button Z.2413.1
Button Z.2901
Pin-back button Z.2912
Pin-back button Z.2914
Pin-back button INV.7219.2
Button INV.7233
Charm Z.2596
Lapel button 1941.535
Token 11.14
Win With Taft INV.6783
Hair of John James Audubon (1785-1851) INV.61
Note from Mrs. John James Audubon (1787-1874) INV.62
Brothel token 1941.541
Button Z.3423
Badge INV.4283.6
Textile: A novel project 2002.1.4840
Button 1941.494b
Badge Z.3457
Advertisement for Oriental Mixture Tobacco PR.031.FF.TOBSMK.ORIE
Laurens Cigarettes advertisement PR.031.111.CIGMAN.LAUR
Half Pounds tobacco advertisement PR.031.112.TOB.MISC.HALF
Buchanan & Lyall tobacco advertisement PR.031.112.MFRAL.BUCH
Fonda La Paloma 2007.6.77ab
Windows on the World 2007.6.78ab
Save Grand Central: No more bited out of the Big Apple! Z.3599.1
Save the Theatres Z.3599.2
I am a friend of Cast Iron Architecture Z.3599.3
Gold Clam Shell inv.10475
ribbon Z.3578
Rosette with a portrait of Lincoln Z.3583
Rice Krispy Treat Elves Cut Outs 1955.840b
G.B. McClellan pin Z.3605
Parker-Davis button Z.3606
Pin Z.3608
American flag Z.3611
Long May It Wave American Flag pin-back button Z.3613
Navy badge Z.3615
Badge Z.3617
Purple Heart Badges Z.3618ab
Pin-back button Z.3619
Silver star badge Z.3620
Pin-back button Z.3621
American flag pin Z.3622
Campaign button Z.3623
Medal Z.3626
Fields Borough President button Z.3627
Landon/Knox political button Z.3631
Identification Token Z.3633
Pin-back button Z.3635
Avis Rent a Car button Z.3637
Pin-back button Z.3638
Pin-back button Z.3639
Pin-back button Z.3640
Pin-back button Z.3641
Two Garden pins and box Z.3643abc
Rain bonnet 2009.13.8ab
Political button 2008.39.7
Political button 2008.39.8
Political button 2008.39.9
Political button 2008.39.10
Political button 2008.39.11
Political button 2008.39.12
Political button 2008.39.13
Political button 2008.39.15
Political button 2008.39.16
Political button 2008.39.17
Political button 2008.39.18
Political button 2008.39.19
Political button 2008.39.20
Political button 2008.39.23
Political button 2008.39.24
Political button 2008.39.25
Political button 2008.39.26
Political button 2008.39.28
Political button 2008.39.29
Political button 2008.39.30
Political button 2008.39.31
Political button 2008.39.32
Political button 2008.39.33
Political button 2008.39.34
political/cultural button Z.3648
poitical button Z.3649
cultural button Z.3650
Keith Haring button 2008.13.4a-f
Keith Haring button 2008.13.5a, b
Keith Haring 2008.13.6a-c
Keith Haring button 2008.13.8
Barbie button 2008.13.9a, b
Seal press Z.3664ab
Seal press Z.3665
Button 1997.6.150
Longchamps Matchbook Z.3667
Pin-back button Z.3671
Postage Cent Z.3673
Postage Cent Z.3674
Napkin Z.3676
"Harry's New York Bar" 2009.25.2
La Cote Basque 2008.47.4
Clos Normand 2008.47.5
L'Aiglon 2008.47.6
Chez Vito 2008.47.7
Chez Vito 2008.47.8
The Magic Pan Creperie 2008.47.9
Quo Vadis 2008.47.10
Le Moal 2008.47.11
L'Etoile 2008.47.12
Copain Restaurant 2008.47.13
Faisan D'or 2008.47.14
Le Vert-galant 2008.47.15
Le Madrigal 2008.47.16
Maud "Chez Elle" 2008.47.17
La Toque Blanche 2008.47.18
Voisin 2008.47.19
Brasserie 2008.47.20
Le Pavillon 2008.47.21
Versailles 2008.47.22
La Cocotte 2008.47.23
Divan Parisien 2008.47.24
Au Canari D'Or 2008.47.25
La Bourgogne 2008.47.26
Le Marmiton 2008.47.27
Le Veau d'or 2008.47.28
Le Bistro 2008.47.29
La Grande Cuisine de France Restaurants 2008.47.30
La Fonda Del Sol 2008.47.31
El Toro Marisqueria 2008.47.32
Trattoria 2008.47.33
Delsomma 2008.47.34
Mario's Villa d'este 2008.47.35
Puccini Restaurant 2008.47.36
Bianchi and Margherita 2008.47.37
Mediterranee 2008.47.38
Sardi's 2008.47.39
Sardi's East 2008.47.40
Italian Pavilion 2008.47.41
Mamma Leone's 2008.47.42
Alfredo 2008.47.43
Sea-Fare of the Aegean 2008.47.44
Verdi 2008.47.45
The Rainbow Grill 2008.47.46
Luchow's Restaurant 2008.47.47
Luchow's 2008.47.48
Al and Dick 2008.47.49
Peter's Backyard Restaurant 2008.47.50
Danny's Hide-A-Way 2008.47.51
Gallagher's Steak House 2008.47.52
Old Homestead Steak House 2008.47.53
Chandler's Restaurant 2008.47.54
Hickory House 2008.47.55
Scoop 2008.47.56
Downing Square 2008.47.57
Pen & Pencil 2008.47.58
FRANKIE and JOHNNIE'S Restaurant 2008.47.59
Envoy 2008.47.60
Gilmore's Steak House 2008.47.61
Manny Wolf's Chop House 2008.47.62
Assembly Restaurant 2008.47.63
The Russian Tea Room 2008.47.64
Act II 2008.47.65
Candy Striped Barberry Room 2008.47.66
The Cortile 2008.47.67
Lindy's 2008.47.68
The Ground Floor 2008.47.69
Reubens, That's All 2008.47.70
SHERRY'S 1890 2008.47.71
King Henri IV 2008.47.72
Harvey's Chelsea Restaurant 2008.47.73
Tête-à-tête 2008.47.75
L'Armorique 2008.47.76
The White Turkeys 2008.47.77
MERCURIO 2008.47.78
Restaurant Drury Lane 2008.47.79
Janssen's 2008.47.80
Top of the Sixes 2008.47.81
The Sign of the Dove 2008.47.82
The Toast 2008.47.83
Press Box 2008.47.85
Louise Jr. 2008.47.86
Fred's 2008.47.87
Parsley's Restaurant 2008.47.88
Village Barn 2008.47.89
Cavanagh's 2008.47.90
Asti 2008.47.91
The Nip 2008.47.92
Zucca's 2008.47.93
Spindletop Restaurant 2008.47.94
Chandler's Restaurant 2008.47.95
THE STOCK YARDS 2008.47.96
THE COFFEE MILL 2008.47.97
THE CATTLEMAN 2008.47.99
Game Cock 2008.47.100
One fifth avenue 2008.47.101
Promenade Cafe 2008.47.102
Hamburg Heaven 2008.47.103
El borracho 2008.47.104
The Baroque 2008.47.106
THE GINGER MAN 2008.47.107
Ernie's 2008.47.108
Restaurant Nippon 2008.47.109
KABUKI Restaurant 2008.47.110
BARBETTA 2008.47.111
ORSO 2008.47.112
"EL MOROCCO" 2008.47.113
PAPA LOU'S 2008.47.114
Leone's 2008.47.115
Gaucho Room 2008.47.116
Stockholm Restaurant 2008.47.118
INN OF THE CLOCK 2008.47.119
Finland House 2008.47.120
Max Loew's Viennese Lantern 2008.47.121
Camelot 2008.47.122
The Golden Door 2008.47.123
The Town House Restaurant 2008.47.124
Peacock Alley, The Waldorf-Astoria 2008.47.125
The Roundtable 2008.47.126
The Left Bank 2008.47.128
Patio 2008.47.129
Cavaliere 2008.47.130
Mandarin House 2008.47.131
United States Lines 2008.47.132
Empress Chinese Cuisine 2008.47.133
50th Anniversary, Belmont Park 2008.47.134
FALA 2008.47.136
Beatrice Inn 2008.47.137
Prince George Hotel 2008.47.138
The Monk's Inn 2008.47.139
Serendipity 3 2008.47.140
Mormando Restaurant 2008.47.141
The Cork Store 2008.47.142
Osteria Del Circo 2008.47.143
The Towers 2008.47.144
Stork Club 2008.47.145
The Princeton Club of New York 2008.47.146
Harmonie Club New York 2008.47.147
The Playboy Club 2008.47.148
4-40 Club 2008.47.149
"21" 2008.47.150
"21" 2008.47.151
Rainbow Room 2008.47.152
Hotel Astor 2008.47.153
Golden Jubilee, Hotel Astor 2008.47.154
The Maisonette 2008.47.155
Hotel St. Regis 2008.47.156
King Cole Bar 2008.47.157
Park Lane New York 2008.47.158
The Barclay 2008.47.159
The Town House 2008.47.160
Cafe de la Paix 2008.47.161
Hicks 2008.47.162
Rue Des Gourmets 2008.47.163
Shepheard's at The Drake 2008.47.164
Blue Angel Supper Club 2008.47.165
The Biltmore New York 2008.47.166
Candlelight Room 2008.47.167
The University Club New York 2008.47.168
The Park Lane Hotel 2008.47.169
Cafe Pierre 2008.47.170
Marco Polo Club 2008.47.171
The Rendez-vous of the Plaza 2008.47.172
The Harwyn 2008.47.173
Eden Roc Club 2008.47.174
'Copter Club 2008.47.175
The Gotham 2008.47.176
Trader Vic's 2008.47.177
Hotel Roosevelt 2008.47.178
Persian Room 2008.47.179
Bull and Bear 2008.47.180
The Four Seasons 2008.47.181
The Tower Suite 2008.47.182
The Tower Suite 2008.47.183
Coiffures Americana 2008.47.184
Chateau Madrid 2008.47.185
Chateau Madrid 2008.47.186
Chateau Madrid 2008.47.187
Hotel Pierre 2008.47.188
Cotillion Room 2008.47.189
Cocktail stirrers (2) 2009.57.1ab
Spoon 2010.23.1
Knife 2010.23.2
Commemorative cane 2010.24.149
Cane 2010.24.150
Cane 2010.24.151
Oyster shucking knife 2010.26.49
Advertising blotter paper 2012.16.10
Advertising blotter paper 2012.16.11
Advertising blotter paper 2012.16.12
Coffee grinder INV.627
Hay fork 1938.283
Coffee mill 1951.479
Pair of men's shoes with shoe bags 2003.14.4a-d
Button INV.3293
INV.7400 INV.7400
Bar pin INV.2069
Badge INV.4981
Mason jar 2017.22.5
Mason jar 2017.22.6
Shopping bag 2017.60.1
Shopping bag 2017.60.3
Shopping bag 2017.60.4
Shopping bag 2017.60.5
Shopping bag 2017.60.6
Shopping bag 2017.60.7
Shopping bag 2017.60.8
Shopping bag 2017.60.10
Shopping bag 2017.60.11
Shopping bag 2017.60.12
Shopping bag 2017.60.13
Shopping bag 2017.60.14
Shopping bag 2017.60.15
Shopping bag 2017.60.17
Shopping bag 2017.60.19
Flamingo 2017.24.3
The Club Baths 2017.24.4
Bond International 2017.24.5
Aerial camera with magazine 2017.68.1
Aerial camera 2017.68.2
Aerial camera 2017.68.3
Aerial camera 2017.68.4
Aerial camera lens 2017.68.5
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.6
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.7
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.8


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