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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort descending Object Number
Honor America button 2006.5.36
Beef with Honor button 2006.5.37
Share the road safely button 2006.5.38
I am a Zionist button 2006.5.39
I am a Capitalist button 2006.5.40
Love it or leave it button 2006.5.41
Jesus is Alive button 2006.5.42
Religious button 2006.5.43
Happy Birthday: He careth for you button 2006.5.44
Eagle button 2006.5.45
A Happy 150th Birthday: Edison button 2006.5.46
Combat Liberalism pin 2006.5.47
Away with all pests pin 2006.5.48
The Royal Wedding, 29 July 1981 button 2006.5.49
No sex please: We're British button 2006.5.50
Star shaped pin 2006.5.51
The Great Diamond Giveaway button 2006.5.52
Laissez Faire: Don't tread on me button 2006.5.53
Think soup: La Potagerie button 2006.5.54
E.T. button 2006.5.55
Spock Button 2006.5.56
Come home America button 2006.5.57
Man of La Mancha button 2006.5.58
WABC $25,000 button 2006.5.59
WABC $25,000 button 2006.5.60
Clearwater Crew button 2006.5.61
Hunger Project button 2006.5.62
Backside Historical Society button 2006.5.63
The Castle: Bayside Historical Society button 2006.5.64
Municipal Art Society: New York Walks button 2006.5.65
South Street Seaport Museum button 2006.5.66
Support Your Local Police button 2006.5.67
U.S.S. Constitution button 2006.5.68
I am a Volunteer: NYC Health Department ribbon 2006.5.69
Starve a Rat Today button 2006.5.70
Operation Block Power: Better Block button 2006.5.71
We Like This Block button 2006.5.72
Teddy's Bearthday button 2006.5.73
I love New York button 2006.5.74
Hudson River Sloop Restoration Inc. Button 2006.5.75
New York, New York button 2006.5.76
New York Shakespeare Festival: Usher button 2006.5.77
Comicart Convention pin 2006.5.78
DD [heart] MoMA button 2006.5.79
Give Peace a Chance button 2006.5.80
The Future in Our Hand button 2006.5.81
Life of Earth, Stop Spending on Death button 2006.5.82
We want to live: Diasarm now button 2006.5.83
Flower of the anti-nuclear movement: Spiderwort button 2006.5.84
Peace button 2006.5.85
Dove button 2006.5.86
Shut Them DOwn: Mobilization for Survival button 2006.5.87
Work for Peace Ribbon 2006.5.88
Mobilization for survival button 2006.5.89
Students for Peace button 2006.5.90
Jobs with Peace button 2006.5.91
War is not healthy for children and other living things Button 2006.5.92
Peace with Honor button 2006.5.93
Continental Walk for Disarmament & Social Justice button 2006.5.94
Disarm Button 2006.5.95
Bread not Bombs Button 2006.5.96
Turn America Around Button 2006.5.97
Peace and Music Button 2006.5.98
Peace Button 2006.5.99
Ban the Bombers button 2006.5.100
Don't Pay War Taxes 2006.5.101
ABM is an EDSEL 2006.5.102
No Nukes Button 2006.5.103
Gulag Archipelago button 2006.5.104
Patchwork Majority button 2006.5.105
No Way: FDA Button 2006.5.106
No Confidence button 2006.5.107
An American Tragedy Button 2006.5.108
Chile Si, Junta No button 2006.5.109
March on: New York & L.A. button 2006.5.110
Free the Watergate 500 button 2006.5.111
MIA: MIssing or prisoner button 2006.5.112
Free Irish Political Prisoners Button 2006.5.113
P.O.W.'s never have a nice day button 2006.5.114
Silent no Longer button 2006.5.115
Peace for Biafra button 2006.5.116
Free own POW'S button 2006.5.117
No More! Witch Hunts we Resist button 2006.5.118
Stop 1984 in 1976 button 2006.5.119
NORML Button 2006.5.120
Emergency Aid to El Salvador button 2006.5.121
Free Hugo Blanco button 2006.5.122
Impeachment with Honor button 2006.5.123
El Salvador: Democratic Revolutionary Front Button 2006.5.124
Civil disobedience is Civil Defense button 2006.5.125
Freeze Nuclear Weapons button 2006.5.126
People's Peace Treaty 2006.5.127
Up Against the Wall, Commies button 2006.5.128
Silent Majority buttons 2006.5.129
Clenched fist button 2006.5.130
SOS button 2006.5.131
Women's power button 2006.5.132
Flag button 2006.5.133
Hands breaking rifle button 2006.5.134
Ladybug button 2006.5.135
Throw the buggers out button 2006.5.136
National Security Uber Alles button 2006.5.137
Pin-back buttons (qty. 91): various political campaigns 2006.14.1-91
Pin-back buttons (qty. 91): various political campaigns temp2006.14.1-91
Wallace '72 Button 2006.14.1
Wallace/LeMay Button 2006.14.2
Italian Americans for Ford Button 2006.14.3
Greek Americans for Ford button 2006.14.4
Czechoslovakians for Ford button 2006.14.5
German Americans for Ford Button 2006.14.6
Lithuanians for Ford 2006.14.7
Youth for Ford Button 2006.14.8
Taxi Drivers for Ford Button 2006.14.9
Yes Nixon: no jelly button 2006.14.10
Jackson Button 2006.14.11
Goldberg/Paterson Button 2006.14.12
udall button 2006.14.13
Drafted Button 2006.14.14
I love Pat button 2006.14.15
Labor for Nixon 2006.14.16
I am a Ford/Dole senior citizen button 2006.14.17
McGovern/Shriver button 2006.14.18
18/21 My first vote: McGovern 2006.14.20
Urban Professionals for MccGovern/Shriver button 2006.14.21
McGovern/Shriver button 2006.14.23
Vote Socialist Workers button 2006.14.24
Capitalism fouls things up button 2006.14.25
We the people want ... Jobs, Equality and Detente button 2006.14.26
Archie Bunker for President button 2006.14.27
Bunker in '72 button 2006.14.28
Howdy Doody for President Button 2006.14.29
I go Pogo Button 2006.14.30
Liz Holtzman for Senator Button 2006.14.31
Brooke: United States Senator button 2006.14.32
Buckley button 2006.14.33
Senator Buckley button 2006.14.34
Moynihan Button 2006.14.35
Moynihan Button 2006.14.36
Jim Buckley: The Senator Button 2006.14.37
Javits works for me button 2006.14.38
Javits button 20006.14.39
JVL button 2006.14.40
Ottinger for Senator button 2006.14.41
Senator Goodell Button 2006.14.42
Koch Button 2006.14.43
Dinkins button 2006.14.44
Beame Button 2006.14.45
Javits Button 2006.14.39
Marchi Battista Kelly Button 2006.14.46
Ed Koch Button 2006.14.47
Mario Cuomo for Mayor Button 2006.14.48
O'Dwyer Button 2006.14.49
Rudy Button 2006.14.50
Rudy Giuliani Button 2006.14.51
Hebrew Guiliani Button 2006.14.52
Korean Guiliani Button 2006.14.53
Biaggi for Mayor button 2006.14.54
Biaggi for Mayor Button 2006.14.55
Vote Biaggi for New York Button 2006.14.56
Mike for Mayor Button 2006.14.57
Mike button 2006.14.58
McCall/Mehiel Button 2006.14.59
Mary Anne Krupsak Button 2006.14.60
I'm for Malcolm Wilson Button 2006.14.61
Rockefeller button 2006.14.62
I'm a democrat from Rocky 2006.14.63
Samuels Button 2006.14.64
Governor Samuels button 2006.14.65
Ed Samuels button 2006.14.66
Elect Carey Governor Button 2006.14.67
Elect Nadjari button 2006.14.68
Conservative Keating Button 2006.14.69
Mario Cuomo Button 2006.14.70
Re-Elect McCall button 2006.14.71
Re-elect Goodman button 2006.14.72
Abrams Attorney General button 2006.14.74
Blumenthal/Clingan button 2006.14.73
Peter Lane pin 2006.14.75
Re-elect Frank Padavan Button 2006.14.76
Yes yes Nanette Dembitz button 2006.14.77
Cliff Wilson Cares Button 2006.14.78
Nolan button 2006.14.79
Susan Alter button 2006.14.80
David Weprin Button 2006.14.81
Re-elect Flack Button 2006.14.82
Re-elect Gunning Button 2006.14.83
Elect Pitaro button 2006.14.84
Re-elect Murphy button 2006.14.85
Di Falco button 2006.14.86
Sansivieri Button 2006.14.87
Re-elect Councilman Clingan 2006.14.88
Elect Robert Sikorski button 2006.14.89
Elect All Stabile Button 2006.14.90
Elect Peter Chanhales 2006.14.91
Medallion w/ ribbon 1940.288
Washington Centennial Souvenier 1940.294
Pin INV.6264
Medal: War with Spain 1845.51
Medal: Washington Hunt to Brig Gen J. Watts de Peyster 3391c.4
We want F.D.R. again 1940.698[dup]
Badge 1941.415[dup]
Pin w/ photo of McKinley 1941.496[dup]
Button 1941.494a
Button 1941.494b
Button Z.2190[dup]
Button 1940.526[dup]
Button 1940.533[dup]
Button 1940.707a
Button 1940.707b
Ike in '56 INV.6880[dup]
The 2d. N.Y. Fire Zouaves, 1862 LIB.SY-B.1862.265
The Crows that Met Me on the Boardwalk, Coney Island, N.Y. PR.054.57.CI.CROWD
"All Roads Lead to the Café Martin" PR.031.73SBK.3.MARTIN
Hangover Breakfast PR.031.73SBK.3.BIRD
Untitled (Mutt and Jeff) PR.031.104.THTR-VAU.MUTT
Untitled (Direct to Barnum's Circus) PR.031.98.BARNUM.DIR
Program PR.031.104.VEN-HIPPO.ELC
In Central Park PR.031.9MUS.139.LUCE
Sheet music PR.031.2MUS.20.STE
Lights and Shadows of Horse Racing PR.031.90.HVS.LIGHT
Untitled (ad for boxing matches) PR.031.137SBK.2.WWC
Marquis of Queensberry Rules PR.031.90.BOX.RULES
Samuel Maverick Copper-Plate-Printer PR.031.79.PR.MAV.73
Jar with lid S-247.1ab
Three-Piece Ceramic Candle Holder S-247.2a-c
Decorative Jar S-247.6
Ceramic Jar with Lid S-247.9ab
Plate S-247.11
Decorative Bowl S-247.15
Plate S-247.19
Jar with Lid S-247.25ab
Ceramic Jar S-247.26
Badge Z.3457
I am an Advocate for Women: NCJW 2007.11
Blame Clinton: It's Easier than Thinking 2007.12.1
Kerry Edwards 2004: Because, Let's do things right for a Change 2007.12.2
Kerry Edwards: A Stronger America 2007.12.3
Kerry Edwards 2004 2007.12.4
Advertisement for Oriental Mixture Tobacco PR.031.FF.TOBSMK.ORIE
Advertisement for Murad Turkish Cigarettes PR.031.FF.CIGMAN.MUR
Murad Turkish Cigarettes advertisement PR.031.111.ANAR.HOF
Laurens Cigarettes advertisement PR.031.111.CIGMAN.LAUR
Half Pounds tobacco advertisement PR.031.112.TOB.MISC.HALF
Buchanan & Lyall tobacco advertisement PR.031.112.MFRAL.BUCH
Fonda La Paloma 2007.6.77ab
Windows on the World 2007.6.78ab
Windows on the World 2007.6.79
Bull on wheeled platform 2007.18.1.28
Radiant Baby 2008.24
Seal 2008.28.2
Wax seal impression 2008.28.3
Seal 2008.28.4
Seal 2008.28.5
Save Grand Central: No more bited out of the Big Apple! Z.3599.1
Save the Theatres Z.3599.2
I am a friend of Cast Iron Architecture Z.3599.3
Ludovicus XIIII Rex Christianissimus medal Z.3555
Gustavus III and Oscar II Memorial Medal 1945.251
Gold Clam Shell inv.10475
Decorative Helmet Z.3560
Musket Ball Z.3563
Firefighter Pin INV.1770
Centennial International Exhibition Art Gallery 1876.3
Gore 2000 Z.3566
rooster pin with Our Heroes portraits Z2730.113
Prize Essay Contest Medal 1916.39
Annual Encampment Saratoga Springs/Solomon W. Russell Commander Z3246
WWI Commemorative War Medal for Albert Flood Z.3567
WWI Commemorative Medal Z.3568
WWI Commemorative Medal Z.3570
For Honorable Service in the Second Division Regular AEF, James G. Harboro Z.3571
Commemorative Representative Elias R. Monfort Commander in Chief G.A.R. Z.3231
World War I Medal Z.3568a
World War II Commemorative Medal Z.3573
David J. Palmer, 49th National Encamptment Commemorative Medal Z.3245
NYAC Track and Field Award Z.3574
Souvenir Ribbon with Grover Cleveland medal Z.3575
Inauguration of Wilson and Marshall Medal 1913.26
George Washington Inauguration Medal inv.15556b
George Washington Inauguration Medal inv.15555
George Washington Inauguration Medal inv.15555b
ribbon Z.3578
Rosette with a portrait of Lincoln Z.3583
Municipal Grant Monument Committee inv.3098A
Cyrus W. Field Z.3585
Rice Krispy Treat Elves Cut Outs 1955.840b
Duryear for Governor 2004.52
Tom Evans 2004.61
I'm for Beame 2004.60
Lewisohn 2004.57
Senator Javits 2004.55
Ike/Nixon 2004.59
O!Dwyer 2004.65
The Carey Krupsak Team 2004.63
Moynihan 2004.56
Re-Elect Regan 2004.62
Rockefeller: He's done a lot. He'll do more. 2004.64
Buckley 2004.67
Garelik! Council President 2004.54
Koch for Governor 2004.53
August 11-14, 1980, NY 80, Citizens Committee for the Democratic National Convention, Inc. 2004.66
Ike 2004.68
Senator Buckley! 2004.58
George Washington Inaugural Medal and Ribbon Z.3597
fireman's pin 234.c
fireman's badge/pin 234.d
Parking pass 2004.5
Medal Naval History Society donation
Medal 2008.42.4
Medal 2008.42.5
Medal 2008.42.6
Medal 2008.42.31
Medal 2008.42.162ab
Medal 2008.42.166
Medal 2008.42.167
Medal 2008.42.172
Medal 2008.42.180
Medal 2008.42.185
Medal 2008.42.191
Medal 2008.42.199
Medal 2008.42.200
Medal 2008.42.208
Medal 2008.42.212
Medal 2008.42.353
Medal 2008.42.355
Medal 2008.42.356
Medal 2008.42.378
Medal 2008.42.384
Medal 2008.42.388
Medal 2008.42.361b
Box and note describing Sloat donation 2008.42.400
Envelope 2008.42.401
Wood fragment from U.S.S. Congress 2008.42.402
Wood fragment from ship Cumberland 2008.42.403
G.B. McClellan pin Z.3605
Parker-Davis button Z.3606
Pin Z.3608
Re-Elect Roosevelt Z.3610
American flag Z.3611
Long May It Wave American Flag pin-back button Z.3613
American flag Z.3614
Navy badge Z.3615
Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege button Z.3616
Badge Z.3617
Purple Heart Badges Z.3618ab
Pin-back button Z.3619
Silver star badge Z.3620
Pin-back button Z.3621
American flag pin Z.3622
Campaign button Z.3623
Medal Z.3626
Fields Borough President button Z.3627
shoe pin Z.3630
Landon/Knox political button Z.3631
Identification Token Z.3633
Pin-back button Z.3635
Avis Rent a Car button Z.3637
Pin-back button Z.3638
Pin-back button Z.3639
Pin-back button Z.3640
Pin-back button Z.3641
button Z.3642
Two Garden pins and box Z.3643abc
Pin-back button 2009.12.1
Tab button 2009.12.2
Pin-back button 2009.12.4
Pin-back button 2009.13.4
Pin-back button 2009.13.5
Pin-back button 2009.13.6
Button 2009.13.7
Rain bonnet 2009.13.8ab
Political button 2008.39.6
Political button 2008.39.7
Political button 2008.39.8
Political button 2008.39.9
Political button 2008.39.10
Political button 2008.39.11
Political button 2008.39.12
Political button 2008.39.13
Political button 2008.39.14
Political button 2008.39.15
Political button 2008.39.16
Political button 2008.39.17
Political button 2008.39.18
Political button 2008.39.19
Political button 2008.39.20
Political button 2008.39.21
Political button 2008.39.22
Political button 2008.39.23
Political button 2008.39.24
Political button 2008.39.25
Political button 2008.39.26
Political button 2008.39.27
Political button 2008.39.28
Political button 2008.39.29
Political button 2008.39.30
Political button 2008.39.31
Political button 2008.39.32
Political button 2008.39.33
Political button 2008.39.34
political/cultural button Z.3648
poitical button Z.3649
cultural button Z.3650
Keith Haring button 2008.13.4a-f
Keith Haring button 2008.13.5a, b
Keith Haring 2008.13.6a-c
Keith Haring button 2008.13.7a-e
Keith Haring button 2008.13.8
Barbie button 2008.13.9a, b
Seal press Z.3664ab
Seal press Z.3665
Button 1997.6.138
Button 1997.6.139
Button 1997.6.140
Button 1997.6.141
Button 1997.6.142
Button 1997.6.143
Button 1997.6.144
Button 1997.6.145
Button 1997.6.146
Button 1997.6.147
Button 1997.6.148
Button 1997.6.149
Button 1997.6.150
Button 1997.6.151
Button 1997.6.153
Button 1997.6.154
Button 1997.6.155
Button 1997.6.156
Button 1997.6.157
Button 1997.6.158
Button 1997.6.159
Button 1997.6.160
Button 1997.6.161
Button 1997.6.162
Button 1997.6.163
Button 1997.6.164
Mayor Lindsay Z.3666
Longchamps Matchbook Z.3667
Pin-back button Z.3671
Pin-back button Z.3672
Postage Cent Z.3673
Postage Cent Z.3674
Matchbox Z.3675
Napkin Z.3676
"Harry's New York Bar" 2009.25.2
"Stevenson Kefauver" 2009.25.4
"The Great Match Ruffian" 2009.25.6
2009.33.38 2009.33.38
2009.33.39 2009.33.39
2009.33.40 2009.33.40
2009.33.41 2009.33.41
2009.33.42 2009.33.42
Pin-back button 2009.33.43
2009.33.44 2009.33.44
2009.33.45 2009.33.45
2009.33.46 2009.33.46
"Pro Child, Pro Choice" 2009.41.1
B. Altman's Williamsburg Christmas 2008.47.1
Altman's 2008.47.2
Altman's 2008.47.3
La Cote Basque 2008.47.4
Clos Normand 2008.47.5
L'Aiglon 2008.47.6
Chez Vito 2008.47.7
Chez Vito 2008.47.8
The Magic Pan Creperie 2008.47.9
Quo Vadis 2008.47.10
Le Moal 2008.47.11
L'Etoile 2008.47.12
Copain Restaurant 2008.47.13
Faisan D'or 2008.47.14
Le Vert-galant 2008.47.15
Le Madrigal 2008.47.16
Maud "Chez Elle" 2008.47.17
La Toque Blanche 2008.47.18
Voisin 2008.47.19
Brasserie 2008.47.20
Le Pavillon 2008.47.21
Versailles 2008.47.22
La Cocotte 2008.47.23
Divan Parisien 2008.47.24
Au Canari D'Or 2008.47.25
La Bourgogne 2008.47.26
Le Marmiton 2008.47.27
Le Veau d'or 2008.47.28
Le Bistro 2008.47.29
La Grande Cuisine de France Restaurants 2008.47.30
La Fonda Del Sol 2008.47.31
El Toro Marisqueria 2008.47.32


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