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Historical Artifacts


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Titlesort descending Date Object Number
Badge 1880-1919 INV.7355
Badge INV.7358
Badge INV.7359
Badge 1935.142
Badge 1935.143
Badge 1935.144
Badge INV.4377
Badge INV.4383
Badge INV.4910
Badge INV.4920B
Badge INV.4920D
Badge INV.4165c
Badge 1941.514
Badge 1940.213
Badge 1947.459
Badge INV.2073
Badge INV.2074
Badge INV.2076
Badge INV.5008
Badge INV.5119
Badge 1889 1942.253s
Badge INV.2082
Badge 1880-1920 INV.10520
Badge 1889 1942.253b
Badge 1870-1920 Z.2339
Badge INV.5134
Badge INV.5135
Badge INV.5150
Badge INV.5151
Badge INV.5158
Badge ca. 1990 INV.5164
Badge INV.5383
Badge INV.3369
Badge INV.3374
Badge 1941.470
Badge INV.3674
Badge INV.3675
Badge 1935.140
Badge 1941.32
Badge 1906.10
Badge INV.4393
Badge INV.4396
Badge INV.4423
Badge INV.4444
Badge INV.4706
Badge INV.4712
Badge INV.4716
Badge INV.4864K
Badge INV.4387E
Badge INV.4387F
Badge INV.4387G
Badge INV.4389
Badge INV.4720
Badge INV.4722
Badge INV.4702[dup]
Badge INV.4129
Badge INV.4130
Badge INV.4131
Badge INV.4133
Badge INV.4136
Badge 1946.21
Badge INV.4596C
Badge INV.4596H
Badge 1940.571
Badge INV.5477
Badge INV.4731
Badge INV.2072
Badge INV.2088
Badge INV.6696
Badge INV.2441
Badge INV.5312
Badge INV.5313
Badge INV.7011
Badge ca. 1883 INV.2250
Badge INV.2006
Badge INV.2007
Badge INV.2568
Badge INV.2575
Badge INV.2576B
Badge 1940.212
Badge INV.4995
Badge INV.4998
Badge INV.5014
Badge 1914 INV.10410
Badge INV.10243
Badge INV.10233
Badge INV.5019
Badge INV.5023
Badge INV.5036
Badge INV.4829
Badge 1941.549
Badge 587
Badge 1953.195q
Badge INV.3609
Badge 1941.472
Badge INV.3615
Badge 2364
Badge 1898 INV.3506
Badge 568a
Badge INV.3938C
Badge INV.3938D
Badge INV.3938I
Badge INV.4083
Badge INV.3012
Badge INV.3016
Badge INV.3017
Badge INV.3027
Badge INV.2033
Badge INV.4157
Badge INV.4283.5
Badge INV.4283.8
Badge INV.4310
Badge INV.5125
Badge INV.1922
Badge INV.4937
Badge INV.4939
Badge INV.4942
Badge 1943.263
Badge INV.5108
Badge INV.4268
Badge INV.4920E
Badge INV.4920H
Badge INV.1865
Badge INV.1856
Badge INV.2203
Badge INV.5327
Badge INV.2960
Badge INV.2988
Badge INV.2002
Badge INV.2749
Badge INV.2331
Badge INV.5095
Badge INV.5123
Badge INV.3372
Badge INV.3323
Badge INV.3348
Badge INV.5002
Badge INV.5007
Badge INV.5010
Badge INV.5018
Badge INV.5026
Badge INV.5403[dup]
Badge INV.5428
Badge INV.5512
Badge INV.3613
Badge INV.3614
Badge INV.3873
Badge INV.2126
Badge INV.3024
Badge INV.3028
Badge INV.2705
Badge INV.1908
Badge INV.1910
Badge INV.1913
Badge INV.5082
Badge INV.5083
Badge INV.3491
Badge INV.3670
Badge INV.4812B
Badge INV.4812D
Badge INV.4391
Badge INV.4395
Badge INV.4424
Badge INV.4430
Badge INV.4434
Badge INV.4441
Badge INV.4447
Badge INV.4448
Badge INV.4701
Badge INV.4714
Badge INV.4165a
Badge INV.4598B
Badge INV.4728
Badge INV.4417
Badge INV.4387I
Badge 1890-1919 INV.7354
Badge INV.10406
Badge INV.3938B
Badge INV.3938F
Badge 1899 INV.3943
Badge 1889 1942.253c
Badge INV.4421
Badge INV.4428
Badge INV.4438
Badge INV.3547
Badge INV.3536
Badge INV.4981
Badge INV.1906
Badge INV.1927
Badge INV.1905
Badge INV.1929
Badge 1914-1918 INV.1924
Badge INV.1911
Badge 1940.915
Badge INV.3078
Badge INV.4704
Badge INV.4721
Badge INV.5096
Badge INV.3663
Badge 1860-1870 INV.764
Badge 1784 INV.763
Badge ca. 1784 1939.527
Badge INV.1855
Badge 1850-1895 2000.18
Badge 1895 INV.2116
Badge 1899 Z.2724
Badge 1910 INV.2123
Badge ca. 1903 Z.3230
Badge 1995 1997.6.128
Badge 1921 INV.10431ab
Badge 1893 1940.880[dup]
Badge ca. 1893 INV.2113
Badge 1914 INV.4598
Badge ca. 1890 INV.4385d
Badge INV.1914
Badge 1939.516
Badge INV.2957
Badge ca. 1870 1943.391
Badge Z.2379j
Badge ca. 1900 INV.1998
Badge INV.5111
Badge INV.5131
Badge INV.5140
Badge INV.3665
Badge INV.4056
Badge INV.5526
Badge INV.5148
Badge INV.4713
Badge INV.3280
Badge 1899 Z.2599
Badge 1899 Z.2594
Badge 1899 Z.3295
Badge ca. 1980 2001.209
Badge 1936 2001.226
Badge 1960 Z.2199
Badge ca.1940 2001.92
Badge 1968 INV.6636.1
Badge 1890 INV.7438X
Badge ca. 1898 Z.3314
Badge 1896 1942.628
Badge 1896 1942.628[dup]
Badge 1896 INV.4362
Badge 1866 1946.381[dup]
Badge 1866 738
Badge 1866 INV.3618
Badge 1866 INV.3618[dup]
Badge 1866 Z.2334
Badge 1866 INV.4170
Badge 1891 INV.7339[dup]
Badge 1866 INV.4132
Badge 1932 2002.1.3879
Badge 1890-1930 2002.1.1651
Badge 1927 2002.1.3313
Badge 1915-1920 2002.1.3320
Badge INV.5040
Badge INV.3938H
Badge 1890-1940 2002.1.4428
Badge 1899 2002.1.4038
Badge INV.4445
Badge INV.7299
Badge INV.5423
Badge INV.2589
Badge INV.3116
Badge INV.4381
Badge INV.5025
Badge INV.7399
Badge INV.5012
Badge 1906 2002.1.4723
Badge 1906 2002.1.4724
Badge 1910 2002.1.4725
Badge 1907 2002.1.4726
Badge 1936.502
Badge INV.5001
Badge 1906 1939.520
Badge 1909 Z.2333
Badge 1900-1920 INV.5003
Badge 1896 INV.7325
Badge INV.4812C
Badge 1940.652
Badge 1917-1970 INV.3296
Badge ca.1904 1940.902
Badge ca. 1872 1935.139
Badge ca. 1935 INV.1696
Badge 20th century INV.2304
Badge 1898 1935.23
Badge 1891 1935.25
Badge 1909 Z.3355
Badge INV.2010
Badge 1889 1942.253p
Badge 1889 1942.253q
Badge 1889 1942.253r
Badge 1889 Z.3445
Badge 1889 Z.3447
Badge 1889 Z.2056
Badge 1889 Z.3446
Badge 1889 Z.3443
Badge 1889 Z.3444
Badge ca. 1916 INV.10580
Badge 1940.205
Badge 1883 INV.10714
Badge ca. 1907 INV.2283
Badge 1852 INV.2667B
Badge ca. 1916 Z.2240
Badge ca. 1927 INV.1702
Badge ca. 1892 INV.1719
Badge ca. 1890 INV.10707
Badge 1889 1952.436
Badge INV.4365.1
Badge INV.4283.6
Badge 1889 1942.253a
Badge 1889 1942.253d
Badge 1889 1942.253f
Badge 1889 1942.253g
Badge 1889 1942.253h
Badge 1889 1942.253i
Badge 1889 1942.253j
Badge 1889 1942.253k
Badge 1889 1942.253m
Badge 1889 1942.253n
Badge 1941.415[dup]
Badge Z.3457
Badge ca.1898 2008.42.237
Badge ca. 1898 2008.42.243
Badge Z.3617
Badge 1760-1783 INV.5631.3
Badge 1940.931
Badge INV.4981
Badge & plaque in case 885
Badge & plaque in case 893
Badge & ribbon in box 1948.582
Badge & ribbon, pin 1890 INV.4604
Badge (2) INV.4346
Badge (in case) INV.4032
Badge (in case) w/docu INV.4033
Badge and 2 lapel pins in box INV.10240
Badge and bar pin in box INV.5046AB
Badge and case 1850-1917 889
Badge and plaque 1833-1900 892
Badge and ribbon 1893 INV.3627
Badge and ribbon Z.2097
Badge docu. 1331
Badge banner INV.2020
Badge case 884
Badge case w/document INV.7422
Badge Commemorating the Centennial of George Washington's Inauguration 1940.292
Badge fragment INV.5316
Badge fragment INV.5321
Badge fragment: silhouette of ladder & book w/#1 1890-1930 INV.10519
Badge in bag 1883 INV.12832
Badge in bag 1886 INV.12831
Badge in box INV.4839
Badge in box INV.3696
Badge in box 1941.738
Badge in box INV.3634
Badge in box INV.5192
Badge in box INV.5193
Badge in box INV.5195
Badge in box INV.5341C
Badge in box INV.5341D
Badge in box 1948.580
Badge in box 1943.119
Badge in box INV.3464
Badge in Box INV.3791
Badge in box INV.4329
Badge in box 1945.438
Badge in box INV.4330
Badge in box 2352
Badge in Box INV.3795
Badge in Box INV.3797
Badge in box 1941.525
Badge in box 1941.526
Badge in box INV.4838
Badge in box INV.1748
Badge in Box INV.4933
Badge in box INV.3500
Badge in Box 1949.139
Badge in box 1872-1873 Z.2176ab
Badge in box INV.3594
Badge in box INV.5360
Badge in case INV.5398
Badge in case 1942.510
Badge in case INV.5354
Badge in case INV.5396
Badge in case INV.10217
Badge in Case 1942.336
Badge in Case INV.3796
Badge in case 878
Badge in case 872
Badge in case 1870-1950 890
Badge in case 1808-1900 883
Badge in case INV.4245
Badge in case 1936.494
Badge in case 1936.493
Badge in case 1850-1930 876
Badge in case 1939.270
Badge in case 888
Badge in case 879
Badge in case 1943.117b
Badge in case 873
Badge in case 832
Badge in case 874
Badge in case 830
Badge in case INV.7425
Badge in case INV.4904
Badge in case INV.4902
Badge in case 1920-1940 1945.500
Badge in case 1850-1930 882
Badge in case INV.4246
Badge in case INV.4311
Badge in case 881
Badge in case 1936.498
Badge in case 1848-1870 886
Badge in case 1868-1930 880
Badge in case 1853-1930 831
Badge in case in box 1909 1968.25
Badge in case w/ docu INV.4846
Badge in case w/ docu INV.4845
Badge in case w/docu INV.5395
Badge in case w/ribbon in envelope 1935.497
Badge in envelope INV.3874
Badge in envelope INV.5376
Badge in envelope INV.5377
Badge in envelope INV.5378
Badge in envelope INV.5379
Badge in envelope INV.5380
Badge in envelope INV.5381
Badge in envelope 1946.382
Badge in envelope INV.4166AB
Badge in original box 1889 Z.3448ab
Badge in original box 1889 INV.3240
Badge medal: India 1857-1858 INV.7351
Badge medal: John Bryan... 1961.14
Badge mounted: 281 M.F.D., 1 1880-1910 INV.10874
Badge mounted: 313 M.F.D.,2 1880-1910 INV.10873
Badge mounted: Exempt Volunteer Firemen's Assn. 1890-1930 INV.10876
Badge mounted: Exempt, L.E. 1880-1920 INV.10875
Badge mounted:N.Y. Fire Dept. 1927 ca. 1927 INV.10871
Badge mounted:Veteran Firemen's Ass'n 1890-1930 INV.10872
Badge of the Society of the Cincinnati ca. 1802 1972.12ab
Badge of the Society of the Cincinnati 1784 1952.30a-d
Badge of the Society of the Cincinnati ca. 1802 1927.105
Badge of the Veterans, Seventh Regiment New York National Guard 1899 2010.5
Badge on bar pin in box INV.5361
Badge on block in envelope: 861 1830-1880 1449
Badge on block in envelope: B.F.D. 474 1890-1940 INV.9244
Badge on block in envelope: F.8.D. INV.9248
Badge on block in envelope: Flatbush Fire Department 1890-1920 INV.9249
Badge on block in envelope: Indian hose 1880-1910 INV.9247
Badge on block in envelope: Metropolitan Fire Commissioner 1870-1910 INV.9250
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 20 1880-1910 1451
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 20 1836-1883 INV.9243
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 25 1839-1865 1447
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 9 0234d
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D., 37 1853-1865 INV.9245
Badge on block in envelope: President... 1870-1910 1943.402
Badge on block in envelope: Tremont 1850-1880 1448
Badge on block in envelope: Veteran Association, 1885 NY ca. 1885 1454
Badge on block in envelope: Volunteer Fireman's Assoc.... 234.l
Badge on card INV.3625B
Badge on card INV.3632B
Badge on card INV.5341B
Badge on card INV.12146
Badge on card INV.5387
Badge on card 1941.477
Badge on card INV.3907A
Badge on card and bar pin in box INV.5353A-C
Badge on card in box INV.5394
Badge on Card in envelope INV.5391
Badge on card w/barpin in box INV.5366
Badge on card w/barpin in box INV.5367
Badge on card w/barpin in box INV.5368
Badge on card w/tag INV.3326C
Badge on cardboard in box INV.5371
Badge on document framed under glass:...Sperry Gyroscope Co. 1900-1950 INV.5374
Badge pin: first assistant 1892-1920 INV.10648
Badge ribbon 1905 1940.904
Badge ribbon 1892 1940.879
Badge ribbon 1905 1940.883
Badge ribbon 1905 1940.891
Badge ribbon ca.1896 1940.881
Badge ribbon: Exempt Engine Co...City of N.Y. Feb. 22, 1892 ca. 1892 INV.10382
Badge w/ medal 1946.18
Badge w/ medal INV.4579
Badge w/ medal INV.4575
Badge w/ medal INV.4577
Badge w/ medal 1912 INV.4653.4
Badge w/ medal and pin INV.4668C
Badge w/ medal: relief of Admiral Dewey 1941.474
Badge w/ pin,ribbon & photo INV.7192
Badge w/ tag 221
Badge w/button & ribbon:...Vol. Firemen's Assn.,...1904 1904 INV.10498
Badge w/button and ribbon: Maj. Wm. McKinley 1034
Badge w/button: N.Y. Exempt Decor. of Wash. Monu...1912... ca. 1911 INV.10486
Badge w/button: N.Y. Exempt Decoration...Feb. 22, 1913... 1913 INV.10470
Badge w/button: N.Y. Exempt...Somerville, N.J...P. Hickey... 1912 INV.10485
Badge w/button: R.H.&L. Co. no.1 corfu, NY...Aug.19-24, 1901 1901 INV.10703
Badge w/button: Somerville Fire Dept...Wallace House... ca. 1907 INV.10499
Badge w/chain in case 1948.579ab
Badge w/compass INV.4276B
Badge w/document INV.2284AB


Creative: Tronvig Group