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Historical Artifacts


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Titlesort ascending Date Object Number
Badge and bar pin in box INV.5046AB
Badge and 2 lapel pins in box INV.10240
Badge (in case) w/docu INV.4033
Badge (in case) INV.4032
Badge (2) INV.4346
Badge & ribbon, pin 1890 INV.4604
Badge & ribbon in box 1948.582
Badge & plaque in case 885
Badge & plaque in case 893
Badge INV.5027
Badge INV.4945
Badge INV.3090
Badge INV.4449
Badge 1945.5503
Badge INV.5121
Badge INV.1982B
Badge INV.2017
Badge INV.3076
Badge INV.5006
Badge INV.3420
Badge INV.3664
Badge INV.3671
Badge 1941.254
Badge 1941.259
Badge INV.4420
Badge 1941.261
Badge INV.3391D
Badge INV.4392
Badge INV.4442
Badge INV.5516
Badge INV.5109
Badge INV.4920I
Badge INV.5091
Badge INV.5122
Badge INV.3322
Badge INV.3281
Badge INV.4717
Badge INV.4426
Badge INV.5138a
Badge INV.4239
Badge INV.4864P
Badge 1889 INV.4989
Badge INV.2415
Badge 1913 1940.218
Badge INV.4431
Badge ca. 1882 INV.3415
Badge INV.2015
Badge INV.1857
Badge INV.1858
Badge INV.1850
Badge INV.5021
Badge INV.5024
Badge INV.5017
Badge INV.5016
Badge INV.5028
Badge 1941.274
Badge INV.3676
Badge INV.3683
Badge INV.3091
Badge 1940.919
Badge INV.1870
Badge 1914-1918 INV.1925
Badge INV.1909
Badge INV.1904
Badge INV.1930
Badge INV.3143
Badge INV.2990
Badge INV.2991
Badge 1933.138
Badge INV.5414
Badge INV.5120
Badge INV.2999
Badge INV.3053
Badge 1953.195n
Badge INV.3684
Badge 1861 1942.313
Badge INV.3691
Badge INV.5427
Badge INV.5402
Badge INV.5403
Badge INV.5402[dup]
Badge 1945.53[dup]
Badge 1945.506
Badge 1945.439
Badge 1941.33
Badge 586
Badge 1941.531
Badge INV.5051
Badge INV.5052
Badge INV.5055
Badge INV.5056
Badge 1941.533
Badge INV.5063
Badge INV.5069
Badge INV.3056
Badge INV.3058
Badge INV.3060
Badge INV.3061
Badge INV.3062
Badge INV.3071
Badge INV.3072
Badge INV.3088B
Badge INV.5511
Badge INV.5529
Badge INV.5084
Badge INV.5090
Badge INV.5092
Badge INV.5093
Badge INV.5094
Badge INV.5116
Badge INV.5117
Badge INV.5110
Badge INV.5114
Badge INV.3077
Badge 1044
Badge INV.3145AB
Badge INV.3154
Badge INV.3156
Badge INV.2001
Badge INV.2000
Badge INV.2004
Badge INV.2008
Badge INV.2005
Badge INV.5527
Badge INV.5531
Badge INV.5532
Badge INV.3608
Badge 1941.469
Badge 1946.227
Badge INV.3616
Badge 1886 INV.3617
Badge INV.3635B
Badge INV.2014
Badge INV.2009
Badge INV.2011
Badge INV.2012
Badge INV.2013
Badge INV.2726
Badge INV.2757
Badge INV.3635D
Badge INV.3635E
Badge INV.2416
Badge INV.2589B
Badge INV.2590A
Badge INV.2590B
Badge INV.2591A
Badge INV.2591B
Badge INV.2592A
Badge INV.2592B
Badge INV.1997
Badge INV.2652
Badge INV.2134
Badge INV.2135
Badge INV.2843
Badge INV.3007
Badge INV.2316
Badge INV.2305
Badge INV.3015
Badge INV.3018
Badge INV.3019
Badge INV.3023
Badge INV.3025
Badge INV.3030
Badge INV.3035
Badge INV.3038
Badge INV.5183
Badge INV.5187
Badge INV.5184
Badge INV.5188
Badge INV.2332
Badge INV.3048
Badge INV.3049
Badge INV.3140
Badge INV.3141
Badge INV.3142
Badge INV.2024
Badge INV.1982A
Badge 1907 INV.5310
Badge INV.5311
Badge INV.5320
Badge INV.5325
Badge INV.5329
Badge INV.5344
Badge INV.2138
Badge INV.2147
Badge INV.2169
Badge INV.2170
Badge INV.2557
Badge INV.2558
Badge INV.2016
Badge INV.3079
Badge INV.2573
Badge INV.2574
Badge INV.2576A
Badge INV.2585
Badge INV.4994
Badge INV.5004
Badge INV.1969
Badge INV.1956
Badge INV.1965
Badge INV.2253
Badge ca. 1893 INV.2260
Badge INV.2956
Badge INV.4993
Badge INV.1968
Badge INV.1975
Badge INV.2019
Badge INV.2022
Badge INV.2958
Badge INV.2959
Badge INV.2961
Badge INV.2962
Badge INV.2963
Badge INV.3075
Badge 1949.322
Badge INV.2968
Badge 1940.34
Badge INV.4982
Badge INV.5005
Badge INV.2023
Badge ca. 1929 INV.1697
Badge INV.1698
Badge INV.1754
Badge 1935 INV.1757
Badge 1968.5
Badge INV.4920F
Badge INV.4920G
Badge INV.4920J
Badge 1943.143
Badge 1946.15
Badge 1946.17
Badge 1946.19
Badge 1946.20
Badge 1946.16
Badge INV.4584
Badge INV.4596D
Badge INV.4596E
Badge INV.4596F
Badge INV.4616
Badge 951
Badge INV.1903
Badge INV.4596G
Badge INV.4596I
Badge INV.4652B
Badge INV.4652C
Badge INV.4652D
Badge INV.4652F
Badge INV.4652G
Badge INV.4109
Badge INV.4654D
Badge INV.4753
Badge 1913 INV.4668b
Badge INV.4723
Badge 1947.739
Badge INV.4724
Badge INV.4726
Badge INV.4727
Badge INV.5127
Badge INV.5128
Badge INV.5132
Badge INV.5133
Badge INV.5144
Badge INV.5136
Badge INV.5137
Badge INV.5138
Badge INV.5139
Badge INV.5142
Badge INV.5143
Badge INV.5145
Badge INV.5149
Badge INV.5153
Badge INV.5159
Badge INV.4729
Badge INV.4387H
Badge 1944.124
Badge 1941.257
Badge 1932.1310
Badge INV.4029
Badge INV.7337
Badge INV.7304
Badge INV.3490
Badge INV.7312
Badge INV.7313
Badge ca. 1985 INV.5166
Badge ca.1990 INV.5167
Badge ca.1990 INV.5168
Badge INV.5175
Badge INV.5182
Badge INV.3371
Badge INV.3366
Badge INV.3368
Badge 1942.295
Badge INV.3370
Badge 806
Badge 2025
Badge 1941.428
Badge INV.3377
Badge 1941.478
Badge INV.4027
Badge INV.3672
Badge INV.3673
Badge INV.4026
Badge 1941.258
Badge 1941.255
Badge INV.3384
Badge INV.3386
Badge INV.3324
Badge INV.3332
Badge INV.3335
Badge INV.3278
Badge INV.3275
Badge INV.3276
Badge 1949.14
Badge 1941.252
Badge 1941.262
Badge INV.10403
Badge INV.10242
Badge ca. 1990 INV.10234
Badge 1941.540
Badge 1945.499
Badge INV.3287
Badge 1941.545
Badge 1946.231
Badge 1939.256
Badge 1939.266
Badge 1939.255
Badge 1939.260
Badge 1939.259
Badge 1939.268
Badge INV.11821
Badge 1939.261
Badge 1939.257
Badge 1939.258
Badge 1939.262
Badge 1939.267
Badge 1941.468
Badge 1942.296
Badge INV.3668
Badge 1939.493
Badge 568b
Badge INV.1912
Badge INV.3930
Badge INV.3938G
Badge 1932.131n
Badge 1941.253
Badge INV.3915
Badge 1889 1942.253e
Badge 1889 1942.253l
Badge INV.4087
Badge INV.4088
Badge INV.4126
Badge 1945.90[dup]
Badge INV.4864G
Badge INV.4883I
Badge INV.4883J
Badge INV.4238
Badge INV.4231
Badge 1889 1942.253o
Badge 1889 1942.253t
Badge 1889 1942.253u
Badge 891
Badge INV.4264
Badge 1940.208
Badge INV.4652E
Badge INV.4241
Badge INV.4323
Badge INV.4343
Badge INV.4345
Badge INV.4348
Badge INV.4349
Badge 586[dup]
Badge INV.4276C
Badge late 19th century 1935.24
Badge 1941.5
Badge 1941.8
Badge 1941.4
Badge 1935.22
Badge 1941.2
Badge 1941.3
Badge 1940.931
Badge 739
Badge INV.4283.9
Badge INV.4920C
Badge INV.4397
Badge INV.4398
Badge INV.4422
Badge INV.4435
Badge INV.4436
Badge INV.4429
Badge INV.4437
Badge INV.4443
Badge INV.5015
Badge 1942.547
Badge INV.4409
Badge 1941.1011
Badge INV.4416
Badge INV.4418
Badge INV.4419
Badge INV.8292
Badge INV.8280
Badge 1889 INV.7438
Badge INV.7338
Badge INV.4709
Badge INV.4700
Badge INV.4702
Badge INV.4705
Badge INV.4718
Badge INV.4703
Badge INV.4427
Badge INV.4715
Badge INV.4719
Badge INV.4142
Badge INV.4148B
Badge INV.4148D
Badge 1866 INV.7339
Badge INV.7342
Badge INV.7341
Badge INV.7343
Badge INV.7344
Badge INV.7345
Badge INV.7348
Badge INV.7352
Badge INV.7353
Badge 1880-1919 INV.7355
Badge INV.7358
Badge INV.7359
Badge 1935.142
Badge 1935.143
Badge 1935.144
Badge INV.4377
Badge INV.4383
Badge INV.4910
Badge INV.4920B
Badge INV.4920D
Badge INV.4165c
Badge 1941.514
Badge 1940.213
Badge 1947.459
Badge INV.2073
Badge INV.2074
Badge INV.2076
Badge INV.5008
Badge INV.5119
Badge 1889 1942.253s
Badge INV.2082
Badge 1880-1920 INV.10520
Badge 1889 1942.253b
Badge 1870-1920 Z.2339
Badge INV.5134
Badge INV.5135
Badge INV.5150
Badge INV.5151
Badge INV.5158
Badge ca. 1990 INV.5164
Badge INV.5383
Badge INV.3369
Badge INV.3374
Badge 1941.470
Badge INV.3674
Badge INV.3675
Badge 1935.140
Badge 1941.32
Badge 1906.10
Badge INV.4393
Badge INV.4396
Badge INV.4423
Badge INV.4444
Badge INV.4706
Badge INV.4712
Badge INV.4716
Badge INV.4864K
Badge INV.4387E
Badge INV.4387F
Badge INV.4387G
Badge INV.4389
Badge INV.4720
Badge INV.4722
Badge INV.4702[dup]
Badge INV.4129
Badge INV.4130
Badge INV.4131
Badge INV.4133
Badge INV.4136
Badge 1946.21
Badge INV.4596C
Badge INV.4596H
Badge 1940.571
Badge INV.5477
Badge INV.4731
Badge INV.2072
Badge INV.2088
Badge INV.6696
Badge INV.2441
Badge INV.5312
Badge INV.5313
Badge INV.7011
Badge ca. 1883 INV.2250
Badge INV.2006
Badge INV.2007
Badge INV.2568


Creative: Tronvig Group