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Historical Artifacts


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Titlesort descending Date Object Number
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631m
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631p
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631n
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631q
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631r
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631t
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631u
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631v
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631y
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631w
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631x
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631z
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631bb
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631cc
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631dd
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631ee
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631ff
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631gg
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631hh
Button hook 1890-1930 2002.1.2631ii
Button hook 1896-1920 2002.1.3949
Button on card INV.2083
Button on card: Roosevelt - Wilkie 1940 INV.6719
Button or stud 1898 2002.1.3724
Button or stud 1898 2002.1.3725
Button or stud 1898 2002.1.3726
Button or stud 1898-1900 2002.1.3727
Button or stud 1890? 2002.1.3734
Button stud INV.5324
Button stud INV.5319
Button stud INV.5351
Button stud INV.6977
Button stud INV.5315
Button stud: Medical Society, State of New York 1943.268
Button w/bullet INV.1999
Button w/envelope 1970.52
Button w/flag: Mount Vernon 1st Methodist Episcop INV.1598
Button w/key: For President Will- 1940.644
Button w/o pin: photo U.S. Grant; reverse side: S. Colfax 459
Button w/photo: Maj. Wm. McKinley INV.7015
Button w/photo: no identification INV.6920
Button w/photo: no identification 638
Button w/photo: no identification 648
Button w/photo: photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 641
Button w/photo: photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 640
Button w/photo: photo of Roosevelt and Fairbanks INV.6941
Button w/photo: photo of Roosevelt and Fairbanks 657
Button w/photo: Seymour INV.6912
Button w/photo: The People's Choice, Roosevelt 659
Button w/photo: wholesale dry goods, Republican Club INV.7016
Button w/pin INV.13962
Button w/ribbon 1940.741
Button w/ribbon INV.1739
Button w/ribbon 1901 1940.909
Button w/ribbon INV.5189
Button w/ribbon 1936 1940.381
Button w/ribbon INV.4081
Button w/ribbon INV.2061
Button w/ribbon INV.4137
Button w/ribbon INV.4055
Button w/ribbon INV.4060
Button w/ribbon INV.3929
Button w/ribbon 1896 1941.429
Button w/ribbon INV.3388
Button w/ribbon: Col. Theodore Roosevelt INV.2418
Button w/ribbon: Floor Comm./Republician Club INV.2302
Button w/ribbon: Lemuel E. Quigg INV.2835
Button w/ribbon: Lemuel E. Quigg for Congress INV.2836
Button w/ribbon: V.V.F.A. Hartford Ct. 1880-1920 INV.10579
Button w/ribbon: Vol. Firemen's Assn., City of N.Y... 1880-1920 INV.10466
Button w/ribbon:...Seth Low 1903 INV.4909
Button w/ribbon:...Vol. Firemen's Assn., April 18, 1912 1912 INV.10497
Button w/ribbons: Delegate 7th Ann. Conv...F.A.,... 1902 INV.10469
Button w/ribbons: ribbon-PENNA; button-Wm. McKinley INV.7038
Button w/string: black ca. 1855-1886 INV.6829
Button with ribbon: Gen. Eisenhower INV.4267
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3367
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3368
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3369
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3370
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3371
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3372
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3373
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3374
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3375
Button/ clothing 1910-1920 2002.1.3376
Button: ...B.B. Odell INV.1947
Button: ...Kefauver... INV.6755
Button: ...Seth Low INV.1943
Button: All the way with Adlai INV.6795
Button: B.B.Odell Jr. INV.1980
Button: Barton for US Senator 1940.786
Button: black ca. 1855-1886 INV.6834
Button: black 1820-1880 INV.6827
Button: black 1800-1825 INV.6824
Button: black 1850-1900 INV.6837
Button: black 1850-1900 INV.6830
Button: black and silver 1875-1925 INV.6814
Button: blue 1875-1925 INV.6833
Button: Boy! Do We Need A Change 1940.772
Button: brown 1855-1886 INV.6838
Button: brown 1830-1890 INV.6836
Button: brown 1910-1930 INV.6821
Button: brown and white 1800-1850 INV.6832
Button: brown w/flower pattern 1800-1840 INV.6822
Button: Case INV.2735
Button: Case INV.2625
Button: Cherrelyn INV.2472
Button: Citizen for Rockefeller Keating INV.4297
Button: clear and green 1800-1840 INV.6831
Button: clear and green 1900-1930 INV.6828
Button: Democrats and Republicans for Willkie 1940.643
Button: Democrats and Republicans for Willkie 1940.841
Button: Dewey 1940.748
Button: Dewey 1940.746
Button: Dewey INV.6772
Button: Dewey 1940.745
Button: Dewey and Warren INV.4190
Button: Dewey/Hanley INV.2397
Button: Dictator? Not For Us 1940.549
Button: disk shape 1840-1900 1936.485
Button: disk shape 1840-1900 1936.484
Button: Dr. Jekyll of Hyde Park INV.7254
Button: Eleanor Start Packing... 1940.706
Button: Elect Morris INV.3924
Button: F D R 1940.641
Button: F.D.R. INV.7139
Button: for governor B.B.Odell jr. INV.1977A
Button: for governor B.B.Odell jr. INV.1977B
Button: For Governor...Augustus Van Wick INV.4067
Button: For President Dewey INV.7135
Button: For President Wendell L. Willkie 1940.634
Button: Gen.Douglas MacArthur INV.7452
Button: General Dwight D.Eisenhower INV.7454
Button: Geo.B McClellan for Mayor 1941.510
Button: Grant monument inaugeral April 27, 1897 INV.2447
Button: Grant Monument...April 27, 1897 INV.4054
Button: Harriman INV.2370
Button: Harriman, Roosevelt INV.2372
Button: Harrison and Reid INV.7207
Button: I like Ike INV.6842
Button: I like Ike 1957.10a
Button: I Like Ike INV.4191
Button: Ike & Dick INV.6791
Button: Ike and Dick INV.6863
Button: Ike and Dick INV.6754
Button: Ike in '56 INV.6865
Button: Ike/Dick INV.6870
Button: image of F.D.R. INV.7141
Button: image of F.D.R. INV.7142
Button: Inauguration ... Eisenhower INV.6792
Button: J'aime Ike INV.6886
Button: Javits... INV.6873
Button: Javits... INV.6874
Button: Keating INV.2387
Button: Kefauver the winning Democrat INV.6793
Button: Kendll for Congressman 1940.784
Button: Labor's Candidate...Edward J. Gavegan INV.2055
Button: Labor's Candidate...Edward J. Gavegan INV.2057
Button: Lancon/Knox INV.6718
Button: Learn to say 1940.527
Button: Lefkowitz INV.2627
Button: Lehaman for Senator INV.3934
Button: Leibell INV.2376
Button: Lyons INV.2390
Button: Mac Arthur INV.2620
Button: MacArthur INV.2734
Button: Mamie for First Lady INV.6888
Button: May Day 1900 1940.903
Button: McCall INV.2459
Button: McG INV.7076
Button: McGovern INV.7067
Button: McGovern INV.7075
Button: McGovern INV.7070
Button: McGovern President '72 INV.7074
Button: McGovern/Shriver INV.7069
Button: McKinley League, State of New York INV.6948
Button: McKinley/Homestead INV.2964
Button: Me and McG INV.7077
Button: Meyner INV.2378
Button: Morris INV.2391
Button: My Son Is Not A Captain 1940.702
Button: N.A.A.P.A. Assoc. Against the Prohibition Amendment INV.4278
Button: N.Y. State...Rockefeller for Governor INV.4183
Button: No Crown For Franklin 1940.601
Button: No Royal Family 1940.573
Button: No Royal Family 1940.554
Button: No Third Term 1940.757
Button: No Third Term INV.7256
Button: No Third Term 1940.838
Button: No Third Term 1940.635
Button: No Third Term 1940.691
Button: No Third Term 1940.765a
Button: No Third Term 1940.491
Button: No Third Term... 1940.631
Button: O'Brian/Prial/Salomon INV.2097
Button: O'Dwyer INV.2467
Button: Opposed to Woman Suffrage INV.2478
Button: Our Next President Wendell L. Willkie 1940.633
Button: Our Next President...Willkie 1940.494
Button: Palmer and Buckner INV.2481
Button: Palmer and Buckner 1941.556
Button: photo of Franklin D.Roosevelt INV.7456
Button: photo of Roosevelt w/red,white & blue trim INV.7457
Button: photo: Our Next President... 1940.715
Button: President Nixon INV.7073
Button: Registrar and Vote INV.6781
Button: Republicans and Democrats for Willkie 1940.953
Button: Riegelman INV.2375
Button: Rockefeller INV.2624
Button: Rockefeller Keating INV.4182
Button: Roosevelt INV.7140
Button: Roosevelt For Ex... 1940.490
Button: Roosevelt No More... 1940.575
Button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.833
Button: Roosevelt... INV.4816
Button: Roosevelt? No No 1000 Times No 1940.615
Button: Roosevelt? No No 1000 Times No 1940.616
Button: Seth Lowe INV.2053
Button: Shepard INV.2471
Button: Simpson to Congress 1940.782
Button: Smith INV.2470
Button: Stevenson INV.6760
Button: Stevenson 1960 INV.6864
Button: Stevenson, Kefauver INV.6867
Button: Stevenson, Kefauver, Wagner INV.6862
Button: Sullivan INV.2374
Button: Teamsters Support Roosevelt... INV.7143
Button: Think Wallace Might Be President INV.7255
Button: Together w/McGovern INV.7065
Button: Truman Barkley INV.7138
Button: U.S. Grant w/photo INV.6928
Button: United Behind the President INV.4066
Button: Viva McGovern/Shriver ca. 1972 INV.7078
Button: Vote Adlai INV.6796
Button: Vote for Ike INV.6765
Button: Vote for Philip Morris 1940.843
Button: Vote La Guardia 1941.1079
Button: Vote Slate INV.2618
Button: W.C. Loomis INV.2547
Button: w/flag ribbon Grant Monument Inaugural Apr. 27, 1897 INV.3149
Button: w/photo of McKinley INV.7019
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 645
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 633
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 660
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 658
Button: w/photograghs of Pres.Mckinley and his cabinet 1900 INV.2046
Button: w/photograph of Grant INV.3146
Button: w/portrait of Dewey 1941.430
Button: Wagner INV.2371
Button: Wagner, U.S. Senate INV.6871
Button: We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.493
Button: We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.662
Button: We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.545
Button: We The People Need Willkie 1940.642
Button: We The People Need Willkie 1940.839
Button: We want Wilkie INV.4958
Button: We Want Willkie 1940.952
Button: We Want Willkie 1940.770
Button: We Women Want Willkie 1940.607
Button: We Women Want Willkie 1940.604
Button: We...McKinley Roosevelt INV.7018
Button: whigs of '76 and '34 INV.2717
Button: white and brown 1800-1840 INV.6816
Button: Widnall INV.2373
Button: Willkie 1940.638
Button: Willkie INV.7258
Button: Willkie 1940.829
Button: Willkie 1940.773
Button: Willkie 1940.950
Button: Willkie 1940.498
Button: Willkie 1940.831
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.820
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.826
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.813
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.814
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.819
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.824
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.823
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.817
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.694
Button: Willkie for President 1940.621
Button: Willkie for President 1940.774
Button: Willkie for President 1940.861
Button: Willkie for President 1940.625
Button: Willkie for President 1940.668
Button: Willkie Third Million INV.7265
Button: Willkie Worker INV.7264
Button: Wm. McKinley INV.7029
Button: Wm. Sulzer INV.2622
Button:...F.D Roosevelt INV.4934
Button:...Seth Low INV.4822
Button:Bleakley INV.1990
Buttonhole maker ca. 1930 2002.61.1
Buttonhole ornament 1936 INV.7110
Buttons INV.2289
Buttons 1922 INV.2292
Buttons INV.2465
Buttons 1760-1783 INV.5716.62-68
Buttons 1860-1865 X.389a-f
Buttons 1860-1865 1930.66ab
Buttons 1860-1865 1926.66a-c
Buttons 1860-1865 1920.129r.1-7
Buttons 1830-1880 INV.6819a-m
Buttons 1860-1865 1942.614a-d
Buttons INV.2288
Buttons INV.5099
Buttons INV.5100
Buttons INV.2290
Buttons INV.2291
Buttons INV.2761
Buttons INV.2297
Buttons INV.2298
Buttons INV.2299
Buttons INV.2351
Buttons INV.2355
Buttons INV.2365
Buttons INV.2366
Buttons INV.2450
Buttons INV.2463
Buttons INV.2464
Buttons INV.2779
Buttons INV.2277ABC
Buttons INV. 13827
Buttons INV.2174A-G
Buttons INV.14750
Buttons INV.6891
Buttons INV.4195A
Buttons 1830-1880 INV.6820a-h
Buttons 1850-1900 INV.6825ab
Buttons 1840-1880 INV.6835a-h
Buttons 1850-1900 INV.6811ab
Buttons 1845-1850 1942.700a-n
Buttons 1880-1892 1935.99a-d
Buttons 1893-1898 1935.99e-p
Buttons 1890-1898 1935.99t-u
Buttons INV.1766
Buttons INV.2780
Buttons 1850-1865 1942.611a-tt
Buttons 1860-1865 1934.162a-o
Buttons 1860-1865 1934.162p-xx
Buttons INV.5097
Buttons INV.5098
Buttons 1850-1900 Z.2568
Buttons 1860-1865 1934.162qqq-rrr
Buttons 1860-1865 1934.162sss-ttt
Buttons 1860-1865 1934.162hhh-kkk
Buttons 1860-1865 1934.162aaa-ggg
Buttons 1860-1865 1934.162lll-ppp
Buttons 1860-1870 1926.96a-g
Buttons 1860-1870 1926.96h-s
Buttons 1865-1875 X.390a-e
Buttons 1860-1880 X.390f-p
Buttons 1850-1860 1943.492a-c
Buttons 1860-1880 1943.492d-e
Buttons 1860-1880 1943.492f-k
Buttons 1860-1865 1943.492l-kk
Buttons 1880-1900 INV.11453bb-gg
Buttons 1850-1900 INV.6839a-m
Buttons 1825-1875 INV.10826.2ab
Buttons 1840-1880 INV.6813a-c
Buttons 1840-1880 INV.6818a-j
Buttons 1830-1880 INV.6815ab
Buttons 1840-1870 INV.6823a-e
Buttons 1800-1900 INV.12391a-f
Buttons 1760-1783 INV.5716.33-35
Buttons 1760-1783 INV.5716.41-44
Buttons 1760-1783 INV.5716.45-46
Buttons 1775-1783 INV.5716.47-50
Buttons 1860-1870 INV.10346.1-7
Buttons 1900-1950 INV.6314ab
Buttons 1900-1950 INV.6314c-g
Buttons 1860-1865 INV.11453a-j
Buttons 1880-1898 1935.99z-aa
Buttons 1880-1898 1935.99bb-ee
Buttons 1880-1898 1935.99ff-gg
Buttons 1880-1898 1935.99ll-nn
Buttons 1880-1898 1935.99hh-kk
Buttons 1800-1815 INV.5776hi
Buttons 1870-1880 INV.1756a-o
Buttons 1880-1893 INV.4863a-d
Buttons 1760-1783 INV.1379ab
Buttons 1860-1865 INV.12691.4a-c
Buttons 1880-1898 INV.307a-g
Buttons 1880-1893 INV.307h-k
Buttons 1880-1893 INV.307l-q
Buttons 1860-1865 INV.14321ab
Buttons 1860-1865 X.389g-aa
Buttons 1941-1945 INV.7434m-o
Buttons 1941-1945 INV.7435e-g
Buttons 1940-1945 INV.7433fg
Buttons 1940-1945 INV.7433hi
Buttons 1952-1956 Z.2896
Buttons 1952-1956 INV.6633
Buttons Z.2644
Buttons Early 20th century 2009.10.1a-j
Buttons (11) 1850-1950 INV.6684a-k
Buttons (11) excavated at Fort Ticonderoga 1750-1783 INV.5778.29-39
Buttons (12) 1770-1783 INV.6318.52-63
Buttons (14) 1850-1950 INV.6680a-n
Buttons (16) excavated at West Point 1760-1783 INV.5925.205-220
Buttons (17) 1850-1950 INV.6678a-q
Buttons (17) 1850-1950 INV.6683a-q
Buttons (19) 1850-1950 INV.6682a-s
Buttons (2) INV.2360
Buttons (2) 1941.494
Buttons (2) 1866-1900 X.394
Buttons (2) 1700-1750 INV.5597.1-2
Buttons (2) 1760-1783 INV.6318.228-229
Buttons (2) excavated at a British Revolutionary War camp 1760-1783 INV.5924.427-428
Buttons (2) excavated at a Revolutionary War military hut 1760-1783 INV.6100.396-397
Buttons (2) excavated at Fort Haldimand 1760-1783 INV.5940.37-38
Buttons (2) excavated at Fort Ticonderoga 1750-1783 INV.5778.3-4
Buttons (2) excavated at Fort Washington 1760-1783 INV.6200.110-111
Buttons (2) excavated at Fort Washington 1770-1783 INV.6200.349-350
Buttons (2) excavated at Revolutionary War barracks 1776-1783 INV.6100.11-12
Buttons (2): Taft INV.6785
Buttons (24) 1850-1950 INV.6679a-x
Buttons (25) excavated at West Point 1790-1820 INV.5925.327-351
Buttons (27) 1850-1950 INV.6677a-aa
Buttons (28) 1760-1783 INV.6318.261-288
Buttons (3) 1800-1850 INV.6288.13-15
Buttons (3) excavated at a Revolutionary War military hut 1760-1783 INV.6100.356-358
Buttons (3) excavated at a Revolutionary War military hut 1760-1810 INV.6100.398-400
Buttons (3) excavated at Revolutionary War barracks 1760-1783 INV.6100.200-202
Buttons (3) excavated at West Point 1790-1820 INV.5925.352-354
Buttons (3): Stevenson INV.6762
Buttons (30) 1850-1950 INV.6748a-dd
Buttons (31) 1760-1783 INV.6318.230-260
Buttons (4) 1840-1865 INV.13827a-d
Buttons (4) excavated at Revolutionary War barracks 1760-1783 INV.6100.107-110
Buttons (48) excavated at West Point 1760-1783 INV.5925.271-318
Buttons (5) excavated at a Revolutionary War military camp 1760-1783 INV.5941.4-8
Buttons (50) ca. 1940 INV.6302
Buttons (6) excavated at Revolutionary War sites 1760-1783 INV.6075.239-244
Buttons (6): Ike INV.6767
Buttons (6): Stevenson INV.6763
Buttons (8) 1850-1950 INV.6681a-h
Buttons (8) excavated at West Point 1770-1783 INV.5925.195-202
Buttons (9) excavated at West Point 1760-1783 INV.5925.245-253
Buttons (94) 1760-1783 INV.6318.133-226
Buttons (pair) 1850-1900 INV.4961ab
Buttons (selection of six) ca. 1910-1930 2012.16.21a-f
Buttons and badges INV.4193
Buttons and button fragments (33) excavated at a pre-Revolutionary War camp 1750-1760 INV.5779.3-35
Buttons and charms (190) 1850-1950 INV.6744a-iiiiiiii
Buttons and charms (190) 1850-1950 INV.6744
Buttons and pins INV.5053
Buttons and pins INV.4052
Buttons and pins (23) INV.4288
Buttons collection 1850-1950 INV.6748
Buttons in case 1861-1865 1955.301a-y
Buttons mounted on board 1910-1918 INV.11103a-bbb
Buttons mounted on card 1860-1865 1951.501a-m
Buttons mounted on cards 1830-1870 1942.613a-d
Buttons mounted on frame 1860-1898 1951.500a-y
Buttons w/Pin & Button INV.3102A-C
Buttons w/ribbon INV.2307A-D
buttons, badges, souvenir 1942.490
Buttons, pins, souvenirs 1951.438
Buttons: Corsi INV.2295
Buttons: Ike & Nixon INV.6768
Buttons: McClellan INV.2359
Buttons: Rockefeller INV.2287
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2293
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2361
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2362
Buttons: Wagner INV.2286
Buttons: Walker INV.2285
Buttons: Wilkie INV.2294
Buttplate and screws from musket 1840-1865 INV.11851a-c
Buy Star Soap ca. 1920 2009.52.108
Cab-over streamlined dump truck ca. 1920's 2007.18.1.24
Cabin Bank ca. 1883 1937.1238
Cabinet - 1860 Mint and Treasury Medal 1860 1123
Cabinet - 1860 Treasury and Mint Medal 1860 1124
Cable section INV.4743
Caboose ca. 1902 INV.7621
Caboose 2017.71.100
Cadillac Bar ca. 1986-1999 2007.6.243
Cadillac Bar ca. 1986-1999 2007.6.268
Cafe de la Paix 2008.47.161
Cafe Iguana ca. 1960-1980 2007.6.3
Cafe Iguana ca. 1960-1980 2007.6.4
Cafe Pierre 2008.47.170
Cafe Seiyoken ca. 1982-1987 2007.6.281
Cafe Un Deux Trois ca. 1960-1980 2007.6.311
Caffe Roma ca. 1960-1980 2007.6.237
Caffe Roma ca. 1960-1980 2007.6.242
Cage W/2 lions; 1 cub; tiger; tiger cub; bear 1900-1930 1953.58
Caissons (2) and wagon 1870-1910 Z.370
Cake board 1800-1830 INV.1009
Cake board 1825-1835 1937.592
Cake board 1825-1835 1937.591
Cake board 1825-1835 1937.1562
Cake board ca. 1790 1937.1353
Cake board 1780-1830 INV.1010
Cake board 1750-1850 Z.1888
Cake board ca. 1780-1830 INV.1007


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