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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort ascending Object Number
Button INV.6939
Button INV.6943
Ribbon fragment: red, no inscription INV.6946
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 645
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 633
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 660
Lapel button: w/photo of McKinley INV.7001
Badge INV.7011
Button w/photo: Maj. Wm. McKinley INV.7015
Button: We...McKinley Roosevelt INV.7018
Pin: w/photo of McKinley 1941.418
Button: w/photo of McKinley INV.7019
Pin: w/photo of Roosevelt and McKinley INV.7020
Pin: w/photo of McKinley; eagle-shaped INV.7027
Collection of two lapel buttons: w/photo of McKinley INV.7028
Medal 1946.228
Button INV.2259
Pin on document: gift of Mary Louise Waters 1934 INV.2262
Badge w/document 1941.1085
Badge INV.2006
Badge INV.2007
Stick pin w/document in 2 pieces: United Society INV.2750
9 buttons on cardboard INV.2766
Button INV.2408
Button INV.2409
Pin: Helen Chapman NYCity American Library Assn. INV.2327
Lapel button: w/photo of Wm. McKinley 1941.496
Pin: w/photo of McKinley, Roosevelt INV.7032
Pin: delegate INV.7035
Pin shaped like insect inscribed: NYHS INV.7041
Lapel button w/impression of insect INV.7043
Lapel button: w/impression of insect INV.7047
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7180
Pin: w/photo of W.J. Bryan INV.7184
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7185
Pin: the only pebble on the beach INV.7186
Button INV.7208
Lapel button fragment INV.7210
Tint-type photo of George B. McClellan INV.7314
Unattached Document INV.7201
Ribbon INV.2329
Button INV.2330
Button INV.2336
Button INV.2340
Document INV.2559
Badge INV.2568
Badge INV.2575
Badge INV.2576B
3 Ribbons INV.2896
Badge 1940.212
Pin: Princeton Club Ninety Three INV.4778C
Badge w/ribbon and pin INV.4791
Badge INV.4995
Badge INV.4998
Badge INV.5014
Campaign button w/image of unidentified politician 1940.374
Campaign button: Inauguration Herbert Hoover 1929 1940.377
Campaign button: Teddy Roosevelt INV.7375
Ribbon INV.7394
McKinley & Roosevelt New York Press 1941.36
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7190
Pin w/ ribbon and photo INV.7194
Pin: agent NY military census INV.10408
Badge INV.10243
Badge INV.10233
Pin: crossed-cannons insignia INV.10336
Pin: eagle on a wheel INV.10341
Button INV.10342
Badge INV.5019
Badge INV.5023
Badge INV.5036
Badge INV.4829
Badge in box INV.4838
Badge 1941.549
Badge 587
Badge 1953.195q
Badge INV.3609
Badge 1941.472
Badge INV.3615
Box top INV.3632A
Badge 2364
Badge w/ribbon & pin 1942.294
Badge w/pin 1941.420
Badge w/pin INV.3865
Badge w/pin INV.3866
Badge w/pin INV.3869
Badge w/pin INV.3870
Ribbon: Flushing 1906 INV.10617
Badges INV.11447
Badge 568a
Collection of campaign buttons: DULLES INV.3920
Badge INV.3938C
Badge INV.3938D
Medal INV.3938E
Badge INV.3938I
Button w/ribbon INV.4055
Button w/ribbon INV.4060
Badge INV.4083
Button INV.1996
Button w/ribbon: Lemuel E. Quigg for Congress INV.2836
Badge INV.3012
Badge INV.3016
Badge INV.3017
Ribbon w/3 Buttons: For Mayor John Purroy Mitchel INV.3026
Badge INV.3027
Button INV.2616
Badge INV.2033
Florette INV.3132
2 bows w/ribbon and flag INV.3135AB
Badge INV.4157
Button: N.Y. State...Rockefeller for Governor INV.4183
Button: Dewey and Warren INV.4190
Pin: G.A.R. INV.4271
Button: N.A.A.P.A. Assoc. Against the Prohibition Amendment INV.4278
Badge INV.4283.5
Badge INV.4283.8
Veterans lapel button: V.S. Selective Service INV.4195B
Veterans lapel button: Selective Service U.S. INV.4195F
Badge INV.4310
Pin: War Service Shipbuilding INV.5118
Badge INV.5125
Badge in box INV.1748
Button: for governor B.B.Odell jr. INV.1977B
Buttons INV.1766
Pin: American Protective League Secret Service 1950.287a
Pin on Card: ...Spirit of St.Louis INV.1871
Badge INV.1922
Medal 1940.243
Badge in Box INV.4933
Badge INV.4937
Badge INV.4939
Badge INV.4942
Badge 1943.263
Bar pin INV.5065
Pins: U.S. INV.5079
Pins: NY INV.5087
Badge INV.5108
Medal and ribbon in case: reception Prince Phillip...1960 INV.10214
Medallion: N.B.C. 1926-1936 INV.4370
Button: For Governor...Augustus Van Wick INV.4067
Red, white, blue ribbon with pin INV.4082
Badge INV.4268
Button INV.4295
2 buttons on card: Franklin D. Roosevelt; William B. Borah INV.4194
Badge INV.4920E
Badge INV.4920H
Uniform ornament 1957.227k
2 leather fragments: belt loops INV.11451
Badge: Delegate 35th Annual Conv., Firemen's Assn...NY, 1907 INV.10456
Badge: Delegate F.A.s of N.Y. August...1890 INV.10387
Arrowhead-Shaped Medal on Red Ribbon 1937.9
Coat 1946.44e
Bridle INV.11283
Collection of badges: in memorium Exempt Firemen's Ben...NY INV.10478
Belt buckle: Gott Mit Uns INV.5999
Badge: 1...First Australian Infantry REG INV.5986
Badge INV.1865
Badge INV.1856
3 pins in box INV.2774
Clip: Plymouth Rock Gelatin INV.2751
Souvenir pencil INV.1134
Pin on Card: Spirit of St.Louis... INV.1860
Mounted photo w/ star on ribbon and news clipping on back INV.2044
Button INV.2448
Badge INV.2203
WWII Medal/Rank INV.5194
Badge INV.5327
Buttons INV.2780
Ribbons INV.2790.1-2
Badge INV.2960
Button: McKinley/Homestead INV.2964
Pin w/medallion: Harrison and Morton 1889 INV.3188
Badge INV.2988
Badge INV.2002
Badge INV.2749
Button INV.2385
Button INV.2389
Button INV.2461
Button INV.2345
Button INV.2410
Buttons w/ribbon INV.2307A-D
Badge INV.2331
Button INV.2531
Badge on bar pin in box INV.5361
Badge INV.5095
Iron Cross INV.5105
Badge INV.5123
Badge INV.3372
Badge INV.3323
Badge INV.3348
Belt plate 1943.361
Ribbons (7) INV.2197A-G
Button INV.4992
Badge INV.5002
Badge INV.5007
Badge INV.5010
Badge INV.5018
Badge INV.5026
Badge INV.5403[dup]
Badge INV.5428
I.D. tag INV.5429
Badge INV.5512
Button INV.5513
Badge INV.3613
Badge INV.3614
Button: Think Wallace Might Be President INV.7255
Collection of buttons: Wings for Willkie INV.7262
Campaign button: Roosevelt Laborer's Choice INV.7268
Badge INV.3873
Badge w/medal: Platform comm. subtreasury INV.3208
Comercial Powder Can 1949.105
Ribbon INV.2587
Ribbons INV.1732.1-.3
Button: O'Brian/Prial/Salomon INV.2097
Badge INV.2126
Button w/ribbon: Lemuel E. Quigg INV.2835
Badge INV.3024
Badge INV.3028
Ribbons w/Pin:Receptn.to Pres.& Vice Pres. of U.S.,Aug.27'97 INV.3114AB
Button INV.2600
2 buttons INV.2601
Button INV.2634
Pin: Philadelphia City Councils INV.2638
Button INV.2648
Badge INV.2705
Pin: American flag INV.2029
Pin: flag w/tassel INV.2031
Bow w/pin & tassel INV.3129
Bow INV.3134
Bow w/pin & tassel INV.3136
Medal in box: From the State of NY Cent. opening of ... INV.1804
Medal in case 1958.44[dup]
Coat 1958.132b
Medal 1966.87
Button: B.B.Odell Jr. INV.1980
Lapel clip INV.1981
Badge w/tag INV.2025
Document INV.1873
Badge INV.1908
Badge INV.1910
Badge INV.1913
Bar pin INV.5066
Badge INV.5082
Badge INV.5083
Badge INV.3491
Badge INV.3670
Box with badges, braid, and document INV.942A-F
Gar Kepi; 1870's 1948.438[dup]
Pin:IN.T and laurel insignia INV.10334
Badge INV.4812B
Badge INV.4812D
Clothing pin INV.4864D
Badge INV.4391
Badge INV.4395
Badge INV.4424
Badge INV.4430
Badge INV.4434
Lapel button: 74th Regiment INV.4439
Badge INV.4441
Badge INV.4447
Badge INV.4448
Badge INV.4701
Badge INV.4714
Badge INV.4165a
Dog-tags 1941.41
Ribbon: United War Work Campaign, 4717 INV.4588
Badge INV.4598B
Medals, badges INV.4653.1
Campaign button: Willkie Third Million INV.6673
Campaign button: No Crown for Franklin INV.6674
Campaign button: I like Ike and Dick INV.7126
Collection of buttons: Dewey INV.7130
Clips INV.7131
Button: Teamsters Support Roosevelt... INV.7143
Force Franklin Out At Third INV.7271
Campaign button: Roosevelt For Ex President INV.7272
Campaign button: United City La Guardia... INV.7282
Campaign button: Geroso Wagner Stark INV.7284
Lapel pins INV.6845
Mi piace Ike INV.6887
Button: Mamie for First Lady INV.6888
Button: McGovern INV.7075
Badge in case INV.4246
Badge in case INV.4311
Sheriff Jury Medal 1939.263
Badge INV.4728
Badge w/tag INV.4730
Garrison cap 1948.504b
Gavel, casket, key 1947.70a-c
Button: U.S. Grant w/photo INV.6928
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7014
Pin: w/photo of Roosevelt INV.7021
Chevron 1788
Pair of Civil War Chevrons. 1787
Pair of Civil War Chevrons. 1791
Pair of Civil War Chevrons. 1792
Pair of Civil War Chevrons. 1794
Pair of Civil War Chevrons. 1789
Pair of Civil War Chevrons. 1790
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7024
Pin from button INV.7037
Badge INV.4417
Campaign button: I like Ike INV.6605
Campaign button: Wagner US Senate INV.6606
Campaign button: I like Stevenson INV.6612
I'm for Nixon and Lodge INV.6613
Campaign button: Nixon Agnew INV.6616
Campaign button: Think...Ike INV.6626
Adlai and Estes INV.6631
Campaign button: I like IKE INV.6632
Button: All the way with Adlai INV.6795
Campaign button: McClellan INV.6583
Ribbon: Alone but not deserted Texas INV.6710
Badge INV.4387I
Campaign Button: National Hughes Allianic INV.6976
Campaign button: Willkie second million INV.6978
Campaign Button: Image of Teddy Roosevelt INV.6988
Campaign button w/ribbon: Image of Roosevelt & ? INV.6990
Campaign button: Image of Teddy Roosevelt INV.6994
Dr. Jekyll of Hyde Park INV.6998
Campaign button: We Women Want Wilkie INV.6383
Campaign button: I'll Bet My ... On Wilkie INV.6384
Plaque Honoring Washington Irving 1939.397[dup]
Overcoat 1951.502
Nightstick: carved torch top 1941.63a
Nightstick: Police 1941.31[dup]
4 Bar Pins + Docu. INV.1899
Campaign button: No Crown for Franklin INV.6385
Campaign button: I am a Democrat For Wilkie INV.6394
Campaign button: Everybody U.S For Wilkie INV.6396
Button: Gen.Douglas MacArthur INV.7452
Button INV.7453
Badge: star medal INV.7346
Pins INV.1942
Button INV.1946
Button INV.1948
Religious pin w/ribbon INV.2065
Pin w/ribbon INV.2075
Badge w/ribbon INV.2080
Medal: Empire State Gun Club 3rd pistol 1907 INV.3854
Medal: Empire State Gun Club 2nd shotgun 1907 INV.3855
Hatchet w/ribbon: G. Washington Centennial 1789-1889 INV.3234
Badge: circular w/star INV.2028
Top to Box, heart shaped: The Capitol INV.4925
Medal: 1660-1910...Bergen NJ... INV.3277
Medal: 250th Anniversary... INV.3279
Medal: Herkimer County Supervisor,1927 INV.3418
Ornament with likeness of George Washington INV.3422
Pin: Cleveland and Hendricks INV.7209
Truman & Barkley INV.7365
For President Wendell L. Wilke INV.7366
Badge INV.10406
Pin: castle insignia INV.10338
Button INV.10343
Badge in box INV.3500
I.D. shield with key INV.3921
Button w/ribbon INV.3929
Badge INV.3938B
Badge INV.3938F
Pin: J.P.R. 1895 INV.3941
Button INV.4058
Shirt 1942.444c
Medal w/ribbon INV.3478
Medal: Ohio Veteran Volunteer... 1861-1865 INV.3667
Medal: (iron cross), Merenti INV.4161E
Medal w/docu: Admiral Vernon Commodore Brown INV.4696
Medal w/ribbon: Hudson-Fulton INV.4407
Medal: Hudson Fulton Halfmoon... INV.4413
Medal: Ulysses S.Grant INV.1784
Plaque: in memorian USS Maine...Feb. 15, 1898 1943.332
Saddle INV.7436
Spinning wheel INV.43
U.S. Coast Guard Line-Throwing Gun (Flair Gun) 1953.103
Collection of medals in case, 3 medals to Doubleday 1920.129t
German set trigger bolt action needle gun 1918.36
Pin: Armory Marksman INV.4707
Badge INV.4421
Badge INV.4428
Badge INV.4438
Pin: Pro Patria Et Gloria INV.4966
Badge INV.3547
Badge INV.3536
Badge INV.4981
Medal w/Ribbon: James A. Garfield, 1881 INV.5348
Button INV.5352
Badge on card in box INV.5394
Badge in case w/docu INV.5395
Pin: Eagle and Anchor INV.1918
Pin: NY Zoological Park 1942.79
Badge INV.1906
Badge INV.1927
Badge INV.1905
Badge INV.1929
Badge INV.1911
Pin: 1848-1908 INV.1928
Patch INV.1931
Pin: Agent NY Military Census 1917 1943.267
Pin: Official Press Photographer 1942.80
Badge in Box 1949.139
Badge 1940.915
Badge INV.3078
Ribbon INV.3096
Badge INV.4704
Badge INV.4721
Medal:. ..World War Presented by Citizens of Mamaroneck, 191 INV.5113
Pin: Eagle INV.5089
Navy cartridge box INV.7846
Watervilet Arsenal Exporiantal box INV.7826
Badge INV.5096
Buttons INV.5097
Buttons INV.5098
Medal: N.Y.S. Vols INV.3666
Pins on Chain: John H.Rapp C.A.H 1906 INV.3916
Pin on cardboard: Pro Patria et Gloria INV.4619
Medal: The Holland Lodge INV.2708
Medal in box:Municipal Grant Monument Committee...1897 INV.1987
Badge INV.3663
Medal: likeness of George Washington INV.3419
Pin: Wm Sulzer INV.2052
Metal w/ribbon: Shannon-Chesapeake Victoria Regina 1945.4
Collection of buttons on stand 1951.500
Haversack INV.8036A
Gas mask in box 1945.342
Collection of bullets & grape shot: Civil War INV.10266
Pin:crossed cannons insignia INV.10335
Medal: Winfield Scott...1812 INV.1778
Eibar spanish cartridge pistol 1953.123
Blunderbuss: brass box lock 1941.405
Shoulder loops INV.8299
Pocket mirror INV.2759i
INV.1692[dup] INV.1692[dup]
Button 1997.6.1
Button 1997.6.5
Button INV.2404
Pike INV.5737.1
Pike INV.5738.1
Button 1997.5.59
Button 1997.5.60
Badge INV.1855
Button: O'Dwyer INV.2467
Button: Shepard INV.2471
Button INV.2487
Button: Dr. Jekyll of Hyde Park INV.7254
INV.8017[dup] INV.8017[dup]
Button 1997.5.63
1961.57h 1961.57h
Chapeau bras 1962.51e
1941.1023c-e 1941.1023c-e
Button 1997.5.47
Button 1997.5.42
Button 1997.5.43
Button 1997.5.44
Button 1997.5.45
Button 1997.5.29
Button 1997.5.30
Button 1997.5.31
Button 1997.5.38
Button 1997.5.39
Button 1997.5.40
Button 1997.5.41
Button 1997.5.36
Button 1997.5.37
Button 1997.6.12
Button 1997.5.32
Button 1997.5.33
Button 1997.5.34
Button 1997.5.35
Button 1997.5.61
Button 1997.5.62
Button 1997.6.7
Button 1997.6.9
Button 1997.6.10
Bacchus 1858.92.43
Button 1997.5.69
Button 1997.5.66
Button 1997.5.67
Button 1997.5.68
Button 1997.6.21
Expanding wall light 1920.90
Button 1997.6.16
Crimping iron Z.77
INV.8296ab INV.8296ab
Press Z.125
Antlers INV.8801ab
Civil War Carbine box INV.7821
Spencer Cartridge box (very nice) 1936.562
Stick Z.2871
Cavalry cartridge box 1936.561
Pipe bowl INV.8460
Tools (8) INV.287
Button 1997.5.10
Button 1997.5.11
Button 1997.5.12
Button 1997.5.13
Button 1997.5.4
Button 1997.5.7
Button 1997.5.1
Button 1997.5.2
Medal 1943.20[dup]
X.114[dup] X.114[dup]


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