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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort ascending Object Number
Badge INV.4142
Badge INV.4148B
Badge INV.4148D
Ribbon INV.4149B
Campaign button: Nixon INV.6611
Campaign button: ...Humphrey INV.6615
Campaign button: Stevenson INV.6614
Campaign button: Humphrey - Muskie INV.6617
Collection of campaign lepal pins: IKE INV.6619
Campaign button: Adalai E. Stevenson for President INV.6622
Campaign button: I like Ike INV.6627
Campaign button:... Stevenson INV.6629
Campaign button: Adlai INV.6630
Pin: George Washington Bicentennial... INV.6764
Button: Ike and Dick INV.6754
Button: ...Kefauver... INV.6755
Button INV.6756
Button: Stevenson INV.6760
Buttons (3): Stevenson INV.6762
Buttons (6): Stevenson INV.6763
Button: Vote for Ike INV.6765
Badge INV.7342
Badge INV.7341
Badge INV.7343
Badge INV.7344
Badge INV.7345
Badge INV.7348
Badge INV.7352
Badge INV.7353
Medal INV.7356
Badge INV.7358
Badge INV.7359
USMS braids INV.1933B
Pin: eagle semder vigilins INV.1941
4 ribbons INV.4364.1-.4
Badge 1935.142
Badge 1935.143
Pin: St. Andrew's Golf club 1935.141
Badge 1935.144
Badges INV.4369
Badges INV.4374
Badge INV.4377
Badge INV.4383
Medal 1943.266
Button w/ribbon:...Seth Low 1903 INV.4909
Badge in case INV.4904
Badge INV.4910
Box top INV.4915
Badge INV.4920B
Badge INV.4920D
Ribbon INV.4149F
Letter INV.4161A
Ribbon INV.4165b
Badge in envelope 1946.382
Badge in envelope INV.4166AB
Badge INV.4165c
Envelope w/docu INV.4165D
Ribbon w/pin & photograph: of Grant INV.4169
Medal INV.4167
Badge 1941.514
Badge w/ medal INV.4579
Badge 1940.213
Badge 1947.459
Badge w/ medal INV.4575
Badge w/ medal INV.4577
Buttons (6): Ike INV.6767
Buttons: Ike & Nixon INV.6768
Button INV.6770
Pin INV.6771
Button: Dewey INV.6772
I like Ike INV.6776
Pin INV.6780
Button: Registrar and Vote INV.6781
Pin INV.6784
Buttons (2): Taft INV.6785
Let's back Ike INV.6788
Collection of buttons: Barkley INV.6789
I Like Ike INV.6790
Button: Ike & Dick INV.6791
More than Ever I Like Ike INV.6794
Button: Vote Adlai INV.6796
Button on card: Roosevelt - Wilkie 1940 INV.6719
Pin: Hero of Manila, Dewey INV.4635
Button: ...Seth Low INV.1943
Button INV.1944
Button INV.1945
Button: ...B.B. Odell INV.1947
Button INV.2059
Button INV.2060
Button w/ribbon INV.2061
Religious medal w/ribbon INV.2066
Lapel clip INV.2067
Lapel clip INV.2068
Bar pin INV.2069
Badge INV.2073
Badge INV.2074
Badge INV.2076
Badge w/portrait INV.2079
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 9 0234d
Badge on block in envelope: Volunteer Fireman's Assoc.... 234.l
Badge: ARRGMT. Protection No.2 INV.10390
grain or straw fork 1938.283
Badge: delegate Alexandria Bay NY August 1926 INV.10502
Badge: delegate Flushing L.I. August 1917 INV.10512
Badge: delegate Glens Falls, NY August 1920 INV.10439
Badge: delegate Mt. Vernon, NY June 1922 INV.10500
Invitation:8th. annual ball... NY fire dept....1836 INV.9259
Badge on block in envelope: F.8.D. INV.9248
Button 1997.6.78
Badge: Delegate, 39th Annual Conv., Aug.15-18, 1911., N.Y... INV.10742
Badge: Delegate, 53rd Annual Conv., Fireman's Assn., N.Y. INV.10741
Badge: delegate...Binghamton NY...August 1921 INV.10431
Badge: Delegate...Vol. F.A. 16th Annual Conv., Oct. 3-5, '11 INV.10459
Badge: Fireman's Souvenir Oct.1886 INV.12055
Coin: Lion dollar X.206
N-137ab N-137ab
Badge: Floor Protection Engine Co. No. 2 INV.10392
Badge: guest, New Rochelle, N.Y...1910, Fire Companies... INV.10746
coffee mill 1951.479
Badge: New York exempt Peter J. Hickey INV.10575
Badge: Syracuse lake delegate, August 1929 INV.10444
Badge: Syracuse...August 1919 INV.10429
Badge: Tarrytown fire department INV.12068
Sawfish bill plaque: Exempt Fireman's Benevolent Assoc. INV.8985
Sculpture base INV.220
Section of fireman's belt INV.9232
Badge: w/firemen's emblem only INV.10627
Badge:delegate, 44th annual convention...firemens ass'n 1916 INV.10865
Badge:delegate, 28th annual convention...F.A.S.N.Y...1900 INV.10866
Badge:Souvenir,35th.Annual Convention...Aug.21-23,1907 INV.10863
Bowl 1937.1749[dup]
Bicycle INV.422ab
Carriage backrest INV.1324
Carriage jack INV.112
Ballot: Robert S. York for Second Vice President INV.10535
Sleigh bells and fragments of harness INV.60
Can w/attached belt loop: "6", w/3 badges inside INV.12133a
Wooden ornament INV.116
Pin: w/photograph of Grant INV.3147
Medal w/ribbon:...Lucky Lindy Coin... INV.1851
Button campaign in envelope INV.2771
Badge INV.5008
Button INV.3851
Envelope INV.5103
Badge INV.5119
Medal: seal of North Carolina INV.5129
Badge in Box INV.3795
Campaign button: Here's Your Hat FRANK, What's Your Hurry 1940.720
Button: McGovern/Shriver INV.7069
Badge w/pin INV.4754
Campaign button: Our Next President Wendell Lewis Willkie 1940.608
Campaign button: Our Next President Wendell Lewis Willkie 1940.647
Campaign button: Our Next President Wendell Lewis Willkie 1940.654
Campaign button:No 3rd Internationale, 3rd Reich, 3rd Term 1940.803
Ribbon INV.8282
Badge INV.2082
Campaign button w/photo: Alton B. Parker INV.6940
Button w/photo: no identification 638
Lantern 1941.1052
Harness fragment INV.1006.FR.1
Double barrel Damascus Steel percussion shotgun, floral design, repair at breech 1953.118
Fly crop 1950.315a
Lattice fragment: one end cut at 45 degree INV.13951
Spool container INV.7924
Harness fitting INV.1325
Harness fitting INV.1328
Harness fitting INV.1326
Harness piece INV.1006
ceremonial ribbon INV.5769
Snuffbox 1941.28
Pin 1997.5.19
Carved bird INV.8204
Assorted bandages INV.8036D
Lantern 1941.756
Photographs INV.1331AB
Rocking Chair INV.5230
Frame print: Jenny Lind INV.13816
Framed photograph INV.716
Early Enfield 1899 with counter mark 1909 rifle 1953.113
Doll furniture: desk w/key 1937.1391
Horse INV.4523
Horse INV.4524
Navy line Gun, brass: inscribed 1953.105
1791 1 cent INV.3175
Model '98 Mauser Spandau 1916, breech loading rifle: inscribed 1953.115
Winchester '22 lever action rifle, missing side site: inscribed 1953.110
Medal: Columbus Celebration, 1892 1941.471
Medallion: Peace of Versailles 1940.239
Tourniquet in case INV.8036E
Flair pistol w/rope: inscribed 1953.129
Flare pistol 1952.435
Pair of suspenders INV.8036B
Shaft Horse 1962.52
Gold sovereign w/chain: Georgius lll, De: Gratia INV.13789
.22 Winchester single action rifle: inscribed 1953.111
Buckle collection 1947.290
Sulphur in bottle w/cork INV.8036F
Button 1997.5.14
Pin 1997.5.15
Button 1997.5.16
Flagstaff finial from the Hudson River steamboat "Mary Powell" 943
NY fire alarm telegraph station 1943.394
Belt and buckle INV.8044
Medal with ribbon flag INV.7
Button 1997.5.21
Pin 1997.5.22
Button 1997.5.23
Coll. of 2 coins: Silver dollar, Liberty, 1799 & 1800 INV.13895ab
Matchbox 1920.69
Button 1997.5.24
Button 1997.5.25
Medal w/ribbon: Hudson /Fulton Celebration... INV.12203
Coin: Vermont Auctori, Immune Columbia, 1785 INV.13873
Collec. of 6 coins: Massachusetts, Common Wealth INV.13882
Coll. of 3 coins: Nova Caesarea, 1788 (New Jersey) INV.13888
Coll. of 3 coins: US. half cent, 1807, 1809, 1828 INV.13900
Collection of campaigne material in case INV.14749
Button 1997.5.27
Button 1997.5.28
Sword belt fragment INV.8427.FR.1
Belt, buckle and clips 1953.195h-i
Leather fragments INV.8435
Medallion: George Clemenceau 11 Nov 1918 1947.338
Coin: Caroline Queen Consort of England 32
Bullet mould INV.7874
Medal: Mem. to Lafayette, Brooklyn May 10, 1917 INV.2924
Medallion with ribbon: God and our country INV.3237AB
Letter:from Stack's Aug. 9, 1939 to Dr. Paulson Cur. of ... INV.3249B
Medal w/pin and document in box, docu: re: pin INV.2278A-D
Medal: 7/26/1866 Congressional medal to the Rescuers of ... INV.1811
Medal w/ ribbon: N.Y.-Brooklyn, the 8th Wonder 1941.548
Medallion in case: Adam J. Slemmer 1861... INV.3605
Envelope w/ seal: George A. Marie, Esq. Librarian NYHS INV.4594A
Medal w/ribbon: Centennial Abraham Lincoln MCMlX INV.3756
Medallion w/ribbon: General U.S Grant INV.3858
Medal: Newburgh, Services Rendered in W.W 1917-1918... INV.4935
Medal: Robert A. Van Luyck ... 1898 INV.5064
Medal church war cross INV.5349
Medal: Port Smith, R.I. 1638-1938 INV.3346
Medallion: Joseph Pancoast...1805 INV.3351
Medal in Box: Pan American Expo 1901 ... 807
Medal: Centennial Inauguration ...Washington INV.3413
Medal w/ribbon &Pin:James G.Harbourd,Rep.Nat'l Conv.1932 INV.3445
Medal: Southern Railway System Centennial... INV.3561
Medal w/ribbon: Anniv. Dinner Sons of St. Patty INV.3485
Medal w/ribbon: Unveiling of John of Arc INV.3488
New Jersey Civil War Veteran Medal 1946.230
Medal w/ribbon: Commorate 13th Reg. to Yorktown 1941.737
Medal w/ribbon: Robert A. Van Wyck 1941.488
Medallion: Major General Edmund P.Gaines INV.3884
Medal:1853 Le 15 Auot Anniversaire Fe'te de Emperuer INV.4869B
Medal:Victoire De Magenta Gagnee Le 4 Juin 1859 INV.4869C
Medal: Die Fur Ihre -1813 und 1814 (iron cross) INV.4161D
Medal: 2 lions w/ shield INV.4595
Medal: Hudson Fulton Celebration... INV.4414
Schuyler Colfax INV.6596
Medal w/ribbon: Grant and Colfax INV.6921
Medal: for President Theodore Roosevelt INV.6938
Badge and 2 lapel pins in box INV.10240
Medal: discus thrower INV.10231
Medal in envelope: Africa INV.10690
4 badges: Lincoln Memorial INV.1720A-D
Badge w/pin & button: Closing Day INV.1726
Medal w/ribbon and pin: Sons of the Revolution, 1883 INV.3550
Medallion in case: Centennial Celebration 1883 1942.482[dup]
Medal: Pan American Exposition Buffalo, N.Y. ... INV.12838
Token: 1813 Nottingham penny INV.10227
Coin: Georgious Vd. G. Britt. Onr: Rex F. Dl 1931; 1,2,3,4, 1939.203a-d
Token: Temperance ten dollars to King Alcohol.... 1945.154
Collection of 10 coins INV.13710.1-10
Coin: Georgius Dei Gratia Rex, 1723 INV.13720
Collection of 3 coins: English 1/2 pennies George ll INV.13724
Coin: half dollar, Charter of Albany 1686, 1936 1936.619
Coin: half dollar, Charter of Albany 1686, 1936 1936.620
Coin: half dollar, Illinois State Centennial, 1918 1927.121
Coin: half dollar, Missouri Centennial 1821-1921 1924.146b
Coin: half dollar, Missouri Centennial 1821-1921 1924.146a
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.152b
Coin: half dollar, Huguenot-walloon Tercentenary, 1924 1924.150b
Coin: half dollar, State Of Alabama Centennial, 1919 1924.147a
Coin: half dollar, Texas Independ. Centennial, 1934 1935.3b
Coin: half dollar, Fort Van Couver Centennial, 1925 1925.154a
Coin: half dollar, Long Island Tercentennial 1936 1936.533b
Coin: half dollar, Long Island Tercentennial 1936 1936.533a
Coin: Carol lll. D.G. HISP. ETIND. R. 1800 1955.13
Coin: Gold Dutch, 1739, Hollandia 578
Collec. of 2 coins: Autori Connec. Inde et Lib, 1787 INV.13876ab
Col.of 8 coins: Pennies/Centimes INV.13922
Belgian single shot 22 caliber and holster 1952.28ab
Mauser machine pistol with back stock and case 1953.125ab
Badge INV.5134
Badge INV.5135
Badge INV.5150
Badge INV.5151
Badge INV.5158
Button stud INV.5315
Pin on card in box: Journee du Poilu 1915 INV.5369
Badge INV.5383
Badge INV.3369
Badge INV.3374
Badge 1941.470
Badge INV.3674
Badge INV.3675
Badge in Box INV.3797
Collection of Campaign Buttons INV.3906A
Button INV.4103
Button INV.4104
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4120
Badge 1935.140
Badge 1941.32
Badge in case INV.4902
Badge 1906.10
Pin: Americna Legion Auxilary on card INV.13788
Badge INV.4393
Badge INV.4396
Badge INV.4423
Badge: Delegate 59th Annual Conv., Firemen's Assn...1931 INV.10455
Badge INV.4444
Badge INV.4706
Badge INV.4712
Badge INV.4716
Badge INV.4864K
Button 1941.565
Button 1940.739
Button 1940.737
Button 1941.427
Badge INV.4387E
Badge INV.4387F
Badge INV.4387G
Badge INV.4389
Badge: 100% duty medal 1907-1931 INV.4390
Badge: V.F.A. INV.10458
Badge:delegate, N.Y.S.Firemens convention Aug.20,21,22 1918. INV.10864
Book of by-laws:...assoc. of Exempt Firemen...1868 INV.9254
Badge INV.4720
Badge INV.4722
Badge INV.4702[dup]
Badge INV.4129
Badge INV.4130
Badge INV.4131
Badge INV.4133
Badge INV.4136
Button w/ribbon INV.4137
Case INV.4148A
INV.4149A INV.4149A
Ribbon: ...KUV Committee INV.4149E
Badge w/tag INV.4172
Badge 1946.21
1st Annual Convention, Essex County, New Jersey; 1931 INV.4596B
Badge INV.4596C
Ribbon: Coney Island for...1893 INV.10566
Ribbon: Queens INV.10589
Badge INV.4596H
Badge w/medal INV.4653.5
Campaign button: If I were 21 I'd Vote for Willkie 1940.577
Campaign button: No! No! A Thousand Times No! 1940.534
Campaign button: For President - Wendell L. Willkie 1940.602
Campaign button: If I were 21 I'd Vote for Willkie 1940.537
Campaign button: No New Deal, We Want a Square Deal INV.6661
Campaign button: The Constitutionalists, No Third Term INV.6665
Roosevelt, He's Good Enough for My Buck INV.6669
Two Good Terms Deserve a Rest INV.6675
We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.578
Campaign button: There is no Indispensable Man 1940.539
With Willkie We Won't Need Relief 1940.719
Campaign button: Peace! Willkie its Wonderful 1940.758
Campaign button: My Friends But Not My Subjects 1940.561
Collection of buttons: clean house w/ Dewey INV.7129
Collection of buttons: Roosevelt ILGWU INV.7132
Collection of buttons: Dewey Warren INV.7133
Button: Dewey 1940.745
Badge 1940.571
Collection of buttons: Willkie and McNary INV.7257
Button 1997.6.18
Collection of buttons: Willkie Second Million INV.7260
Pins INV.7267
Campaign button: The White House Under New Management 1940.796
Campaign button: Lets Give Franklin Unemployment... 1940.789
Campaign button: Perhaps Roosevelt Is All You Deserve 1940.612
Campaign button: Roosevelt and Relief, Willkie and... INV.7274
Campaign button: Roosevelt Goodbye, Hello Willkie 1940.804
Campaign button: Russias Fishing Boats...Now INV.7276
Campaign clip: La Guardia 1941.1076
Button: Willkie 1940.831
Button: Democrats and Republicans for Willkie 1940.841
Button: Our Next President Wendell L. Willkie 1940.633
Button: McGovern INV.7067
Button: President Nixon INV.7073
Button: McGovern President '72 INV.7074
Button: McG INV.7076
Button: Me and McG INV.7077
Badge in box 1941.525
Badge in box 1941.526
Campaign button: Reelect our President...FDR 1940.492
Campaign button: for President...Roosevelt INV.6447
Campaign button: Willkie for President 1940.497
Campaign button: Elect Justin to congress INV.6449
Campaign button: Willkie for President INV.6604
Campaign button: ...Dick Gregory President... INV.6609
Campaign button: Kefauver the Winning Democrat INV.6623
Campaign button: Harry S. Truman for President INV.6624
Campaign badge: Willkie for President INV.6638
Button: Inauguration ... Eisenhower INV.6792
Button: Kefauver the winning Democrat INV.6793
Button: Lancon/Knox INV.6718
Badge w/ribbon and pin INV.4765
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4770
Badge INV.5477
Campaign button w/pin: photo of McClellan INV.6585
Campaign button: photo of McClellan INV.6586
Campaign button: photo of McClellan INV.6587
Campaign button: photo of McClellan INV.6588
Campaign button w/pin: Union Liberty INV.6589
Campaign button w/pin: Blue border w/stars INV.6590
Ribbon INV.6705
Campaign ibbon INV.6709
Ribbon INV.6712
Ribbon: Clay & Freylunchuysen, The Working Man INV.6716
Campaign button: a profile on the button not identified INV.6691
Badge INV.4731
Force Franklin Out at Third 1940.708
2 Minie Balls & 1 Buckle mounted on Wood: July 1,2,3,1863 INV.3408
Airplane w/photograph: ...Spirit of St.Louis INV.1862
Pin w/Airplane and tag: Capt. A. Lindbergh INV.1861
Button: w/photograph of Grant INV.3146
Campaign button: We don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.579
Campaign button: We Want Roosevelt to Abdirate 1940.800
Campaign button: The Constitutionalists No Third Term 1940.566
Badge: Volunteer Firemens Association N.Y. City INV.12075
Campaign button: Edith Willkie for First Lady 1940.532
Campaign button: I am a Democrat for Willkie 1940.627
Campaign button: No Third Term Constitutionalists 1940.632
Campaign button: No Third Term the Constitutionalists 1940.636
Campaign button: No Third Term the Constitutionalists 1940.669
Campaign button: Republicans and Democrats for Willkie 1940.783
Campaign button: I am a Democrats for Willkie 1940.628
Campaign button: I am a Democrats for Willkie 1940.768
Medallion: Herbert C. Hoover for President 1928 INV.6955
Pin: NY Taft INV.6958
Campaign Button: Roosevelt No more Just Forget it 1940.526
Collection of Campaign Buttons: Hoover (pin) INV.6969
Campaign button: Papa they won't let me resign 1940.794
Campaign button: w/felt flower: Lardon GOP Knox INV.6979
Campaign button: Papa I wont to be a captain too 1940.659
Campaign button: For President Wendell L. Willkie INV.6999
Campaign button: If I were 21 I'd vote for Willkie 1940.653
Chain Link 1943.310b
Badge Commemorating the Centennial of George Washington's Inauguration 1940.292
Collection of campaign buttons: Landon INV.7104
Collection of Campaign buttons: Roosevelt INV.7107
Collection of Campaign buttons/clips: Roosevelt INV.7109
Campaign Button: Out! Stealing Third 1940.711
Campaign Button: Our Next President Roosevelt INV.6984
Badge/Pin 1940.651
Campaign Button: If I where 21 I'd vote for Willkie 1940.655
Campaign Button: Papa I want to be Captain too 1940.751
Sure I'll Vote for Roosevelt ha ha ha ha ha 1940.705
Campaign button: Eleanor Start Packing ... 1940.759
Campaign button: My Friends,But Not My Subjects 1940.594
Campaign button: Roosevelt No More Just Forget It 1940.574
Campaign button: Two Good Terms Deserve Another 1940.693
East Side West Side Wants Willkie 1940.754
Campaign button:For President Wendell L.Wilkie 1940.589
Campaign button: Don't Be a Jackass Follow the Eagle 1940.563
Campaign button: Wendell Will ... For Prosterity 1940.584
Collection of campaign buttons: Wilkie INV.6397
Collection of campaign buttons: Wilkie Worker INV.6399
Document INV.7424
Chain Link 1943.310a
Badge medal: India 1857-1858 INV.7351
Button: Labor's Candidate...Edward J. Gavegan INV.2055
Button: Labor's Candidate...Edward J. Gavegan INV.2057
Badge INV.2072
Pin: Van Wick INV.2084
Badge INV.2088
Badge INV.6696
Ribbon w/photo: Grover Cleveland (?) INV.6699
Pin w/photo INV.6901
Campaign button: Blaine and Logan INV.6902
Campaign button: Cleveland and Hendricks INV.6903
Ribbon: red, white and blue stripes INV.6908
Pin: for President, Horatio Seymour 1868 481
Pin w/photo: Grant INV.6917
Pin w/photo: U.S. Grant INV.6919
Pin w/photo: photo of Grant INV.6930
Badge INV.2441
Pins INV.2444
Button: Grant monument inaugeral April 27, 1897 INV.2447
Ribbon Museum Accession
Ribbon: Old Timer's, Bronx INV.2818
Ribbon: We Mourn our Loss, Engine Co. 5 INV.2833
Pin on card in box: Rocky Mountain Club INV.2208A-C
Badge INV.5312
Badge INV.5313
Button INV.6931
Pin w/photo: Grant INV.6932
Button w/photo: no identification 648
Lapel INV.6934
Campaign button w/photo of T. Roosevelt INV.6936


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