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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort ascending Object Number
Button INV.1978A
Button INV.1978B
Button INV.1978C
Button INV.1978D
Button INV.1978E
Badge INV.2019
Badge banner INV.2020
Badge INV.2022
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.189c
Buttons INV. 13827
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.196b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.198b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.195b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.189a
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.189b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.200
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.194b
Badge INV.2958
Badge INV.2959
Badge INV.2961
Badge INV.2962
Badge INV.2963
Button INV.2965
Pin w/medallion 1941.410
Badge INV.3075
Badge 1949.322
Badge INV.2968
Badge 1940.34
Button INV.4956
Button: We want Wilkie INV.4958
Button INV.4957
Insignia INV.4959
Button INV.4960
Button INV.4963
Button INV.4964
Button INV.4965
Button INV.4967
Button INV.4968
Button INV.4969
Pin: F(?) A.W. INV.4970
Badge INV.4982
Lapel clip INV.4975
Badge INV.5005
Badge INV.2023
Badge w/document INV.1761
Buttons INV.2174A-G
Badge INV.1698
Badge INV.1754
Badge w/document INV.1759
Badge 1968.5
Button INV.1866
Pin: American Protective League... 1950.287b
Pin: Special Deputy Sheriff 1936.426
Pin: Crossed Cannons INV.1915
Pin: Special Provost Marshall... INV.1773
Pin: Winchester INV.2511
Pin: Columbian Celeb. 10/21/92 INV.2081
Button on card INV.2083
Ribbon: red, white, blue INV.2089
2 pin badge backs INV.2093
Campaign button: profile on button not identified INV.6693
Lapel button 1941.37
Medal: Mancock INV.6909
Button w/photo: Seymour INV.6912
Pin w/photo: photo not identified 483
Pin w/photo and tag: photo not identified INV.6911
Ribbon fragment INV.6913
Label INV.6914
Badge INV.4920F
Badge INV.4920G
Badge INV.4920J
Badge in case INV.5396
Sash: champagne colored w/star & fringe INV.12228
Sash: Business Men's parade...1900... INV.12227
Pin: Bundles for American...1941, in box INV.12389
Badge & ribbon in box 1948.582
Badge in box 1948.580
Badge in box 1943.119
Badge 1943.143
Ribn w/butn attad: trench confort pockets commttee;button tr INV.13961
Button w/pin INV.13962
Button: Willkie for President 1940.774
Button: We Want Willkie 1940.952
Badge 1946.15
Badge 1946.17
Badge w/ medal 1946.18
Badge w/medal INV.4578
Pin: Lieut. G.J., USNR w/ photo 3064 1946.24
Badge 1946.19
Badge 1946.20
Badge 1946.16
Badge INV.4584
Ribbon: United War Work Campaign INV.4587
Campaign button: Dictator? Not for Us INV.6655
American Labor Party INV.6659
Envelope INV.4596A
Badge INV.4596D
Badge INV.4596E
Badge INV.4596F
Collection of buttons: Stevenson INV.6729
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4600
Ribbon and medal: INV.4601
Envelope INV.4604A
Button INV.4607
Badge INV.4616
Badge w/pin INV.4617
Collection of campaign buttons: Wilkie For President INV.6398
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.825
Campaign button: Roosevelt For Ex-President 1940.617
Badge w/ribbon & pin 1943.235
Badge docu. 1331
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4629
Button INV.4633
Pin w/cardboard: American flag INV.4634
Campaign pin 462
Pin w/photo 458
Button w/o pin: photo U.S. Grant; reverse side: S. Colfax 459
U.S. Grant INV.6918
Button w/photo: no identification INV.6920
Pin w/photo: Grant INV.6923
Campaign button: Willkie Contributor 1940.671
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.637
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.951
Campaign button: Willkie Minuteman 1940.840
For Good Roads INV.7004
Button 635
Button INV.6933
Coll. of 5 campaign buttons: photo of T. Roosevelt on each INV.6935
Button w/photo: The People's Choice, Roosevelt 659
Button w/photo: photo of Roosevelt and Fairbanks INV.6941
Pin w/photo: no identification; on back: 1904 INV.6942
Button w/photo: photo of Roosevelt and Fairbanks 657
Button: Harrison and Reid INV.7207
Button: McKinley League, State of New York INV.6948
Collection of 5 campaign buttons: ea. has photo of 2 men INV.6949
Button w/photo: photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 641
Button w/photo: photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 640
Badge 951
Collection of three lapel buttons: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt INV.7002
Lapel button: w/photo of McKinley INV.7003
Pin: Watch-shape; Duber Watches..... INV.13964
Badge on card INV.12146
Pin: N.Y.P.R. 1942.76b
Sash: red, white, blue 1932.66
Sash w/Rosettes:Centennial July 4 1876 Aid to Grand Marshall 1937.212[dup]
Buttons INV.14750
Collection of campaign buttons INV.14751
Badge INV.1903
Pin: Reserve, City of NY 1942.78
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.830
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.622
Badge INV.4596G
Badge INV.4596I
Envelope INV.4598A
Campaign button: Willkie for President INV.6666
Envelope INV.4599A
Ribbon on cardboard: Fulton...Lafayette, 1809 INV.4651.4
Envelope INV.4652A
Badge INV.4652B
Badge INV.4652C
Badge INV.4652D
Badge INV.4652F
Badge INV.4652G
Campaign button: Willkie for President INV.6667
Button INV.4107
Button INV.4108
Badge INV.4109
Badge INV.4654D
Medal: (Holy Ghost...on us...) Royal Oak Mich INV.4654B
Medal: (Holy Ghost...on us...) Royal Oak Mich INV.4654C
Stud (button) INV.4677
Campaign button: No New Deal- We Want a Square Deal 1940.725
Badge INV.4753
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4762
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4763
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4767
Badge w/ribbon and pin INV.4768
Badge w/pin INV.4771
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4773
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4778ab
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7013
Badge w/ribbon and medal INV.7005
Badge w/pin, ribbon and medal INV.7006
Badge w/pin and ribbon INV.7007
Badge w/pin, ribbon and medal INV.7008
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.692
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.519
Campaign button: Willkie and McNasy 1940.828
Badge w/pin, ribbon and medal INV.7009
Badge w/ribbon and medal INV.7010
Lapel button: McKinley, Hobart INV.7017
Button w/photo: wholesale dry goods, Republican Club INV.7016
Pins INV.7022
Pin INV.7033
Badge w/ribbon INV.7030
Pin: w/photo of McKinley; pin is eagle INV.7031
Pin INV.7034
Photo off a button: photo of McKinley INV.7036
Button w/ribbons: ribbon-PENNA; button-Wm. McKinley INV.7038
Document: campaign souvenirs...1920 Harding-Coolidge INV.7097
Pin shaped like insect w/photos 1941.431
Lapel button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt INV.7042
Lapel button w/photo: McKinley and Hobart INV.7044
Button INV.7045
Lapel button: McKinley, Hobart w/impression of elephant INV.7046
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.775
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4115
Badge w/ medal and pin INV.4668C
Badges and buttons INV.4668D
Campaign button: Win with Willkie 1940.948
Campaign button: Roosevelt Goodbye 1940.721
Campaign button: I Told You So! It's Willkie 1940.703
Campaign button: Dictators Don't Debate 1940.791
Campaign button: My Friends Goodbye 1940.660
Campaign button: No More Fireside Chats 1940.559
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.544
Campaign button: I'm a Willkie Democrat 1940.605
Campaign button: We Want Willkie 1940.645
Campaign button: Willkie for President 1940.690
Eleanor? No Soap! 1940.664
Campaign button: Our Next President - Wendell Lewis Willkie 1940.949
Campaign button: Eleanor? No Soap! 1940.556
No Man is Good Three Times 1940.531
Campaign button: The American way with Willkie INV.6656
Campaign buttons: collection: Willkie and McNary INV.6657
Campaign buttons: collection: Willkie Second Million INV.6658
Campaign button: My Friends Goodbye INV.6660
Campaign button: A. Lincoln for President 1864 INV.6581
Campaign button: G.B. McClellan for President 1864 INV.6582
Badge INV.4723
Campaign button w/pin and ribbon: photo of McClellan INV.6591
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.776
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.568
Campaign button: Vote Willkie Prosperity 1940.613
Collection of campaign buttons: Wilkie and McNary INV.6650
Campaign button w/photo INV.6690
Badge 1947.739
Badge INV.4724
Badges INV.4725
Badge INV.4726
Badge INV.4727
Campaign button: Thanksgiving Day Nov 5 1940.514
Campaign button: F.D.R. A Costly Lesson 1940.723
Campaign button: Two Good Terms Deserve... 1940.802
Pins (6) INV.7150
Campaign button: McKinley and Hobart w/likeness of each INV.7173
Collection of three campaign buttons: McKinley; w/likeness of McKinley INV.7174
Campaign button: w/likeness of McKinley INV.7175
Campaign button: McKinley; w/likeness of McKinley INV.7176
Campaign button: likeness of McKinley (in color) INV.7177
Campaign button: USA...sound money (likeness of McKinley) INV.7178
Pin: w/photo of McKinley; eagle on top of pin INV.7181
Pin: eagle w/shield INV.7182
Pin: w/photo of McKinley; pin shaped like whiskbroom INV.7183
Campaign button: Wm. J. Bryan; w/likeness of Bryan INV.7187
Ribbon INV.5161
Badge INV.5127
Badge INV.5128
Civilian War Workers INV.5130
Badge INV.5132
Badge INV.5133
Badge INV.5144
Badge INV.5136
Badge INV.5137
Badge INV.5138
Badge INV.5139
Badge INV.5142
Badge INV.5143
Campaign button: We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.546
Badge INV.5145
Badge INV.5149
World War I Medals INV.5154
Badge INV.5153
Badge INV.5159
Campaign button: We Want Willkie INV.6662
Campaign button: Roosevelt INV.6663
Campaign button: Willkie INV.6664
Campaign button: Liberal Party Vote Row F INV.6668
Campaign button: Roosevelt, Labor's Choice INV.6671
Campaign button: Roosevelt INV.6670
Campaign button: No Third Term INV.6672
Campaign button: No Fourth Term Either INV.6676
Campaign button: 8 Years is Enough 1940.524
Campaign button: No More Fireside Chats 1940.560
Campaign button: Dr. Jekyl or Hyde Park 1940.714
Campaign button: photo of Willkie 1940.588
Campaign button: My Friends Good Bye 1940.535
Campaign button: photo of Willkie 1940.538
Campaign button: No Third Term-ites 1940.699
Campaign button: Willkie: 48, Roosevelt: 0 1940.801
Campaign button: No Fourth Term Either 1940.587
No Third Term 1940.543
Campaign button: For President Thomas E. Dewey INV.7124
Token:...Dewey...Warren INV.7125
Campaign button: Democrat for Dewey INV.7127
Clip: Roosevelt INV.7128
Button: Dewey 1940.748
Button: Dewey 1940.746
Clip: Roosevelt 1940.680
Badge INV.4729
Badge INV.4387H
Document INV.4732
Document INV.4733
Badge 1944.124
Pin: George Washinton Ass'n of Brooklyn INV.3411
Pin: Rev. Memorial Society,1776-1896 INV.3427
Hoover Lucky Pocket Piece INV.6954
Badge 1941.257
Badge 1932.1310
Envelope INV.4028
Badge INV.4029
Badge INV.7337
Badge (in case) INV.4032
Badge (in case) w/docu INV.4033
Campaign button: Every 1940.689
Campaign button: FDR Carry on 1940.780
F.D.R for Civil Service 1940.762a
Campaign button: FDR for Silver Service 1940.762
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.512
Campaign button: Roosevelt for Ex President 1940.619
Medallion: Colorado's Quarto/Centennial Jubilee 1876-1901 INV.3567
Pin: 1776-1876 INV.3417
Pin: image of Harrison INV.7303
Pin: cut out image of Harrison INV.7306
Plates (2) INV.7223
Ribbon fragment INV.7228
Campaign ribbon 2028
Badge INV.7304
Pin: hat INV.7305
Badge/ bow INV.7311
Badge/bow INV.7308
Badge/ flag INV.7310
Badge INV.3490
Collection of campaign buttons:Wilkie and McNary INV.6652
Badge INV.7312
Badge INV.7313
Campaign pin in envelope: William Henry Harrison ... 1946.54
Ribbon INV.5162
Badge INV.5175
Pin: Mr. Wainwright New York INV.5179
Button collection: Roosevelt Can Win INV.5181
Button 1940.567
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.813
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.814
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.819
Badge INV.5182
Pin INV.5340
Badge fragment INV.5321
Badge on card w/barpin in box INV.5366
Badge on card w/barpin in box INV.5367
Badge on card w/barpin in box INV.5368
Badge INV.3371
Envelope INV.5375
For President Dewey INV.7134
Button: For President Dewey INV.7135
Collection of buttons: For President Thomas E. Dewey INV.7137
Collection of buttons: Roosevelt ILGWU INV.7149
Button: Truman Barkley INV.7138
Button: F.D.R. INV.7139
Button: Roosevelt INV.7140
Button: image of F.D.R. INV.7141
Button: image of F.D.R. INV.7142
Button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.833
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.824
Liberal Party Vote Row F INV.7144
I am a Willkie Democrat 1940.530
Button w/key: For President Will- 1940.644
Button INV.7253
Button: No Third Term INV.7256
Button: Willkie INV.7258
Collection of buttons: For Willkie President INV.7259
Collection of buttons: I am a Democrat for Willkie INV.7261
Button INV.7263
Button: Willkie Worker INV.7264
Button: Willkie Third Million INV.7265
Campaign button w/photo: Re-elect Roosevelt 1940.697
Campaign button: Willkie first million 1940.646
Campaign button: I am a Demorat for Willkie 1940.569
Campaign button: Willkie and McNasy 1940.767
Campaign button: Willkie for President 1940.626
Campaign button: Roosevelt for Ex President 1940.590
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.520
Collection of Campaign buttons on docu.: Smith for President INV.6952
Collection of Campaign Buttons: Photo of Taft INV.6959
Campaign button w/ribbon & photo: William L.Marcy Truman ... INV.7199
Ribbon w/photo:Jewelers for Protection, McKinley & Hobart... INV.7200
Badge w/pin INV.7206
Pin: Protection H M INV.7204
Pin fragment: eagle (top of pin) INV.7205
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.823
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.817
Badges 1941.627a-g
Campaign button: Win with Wilson 1941.509
Alton B. Parker INV.7370
Campaign button: w/ FDR 's image 1940.610
Image of Alton Parker INV.7374
Hughes and Bruce INV.7376
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.688
Campaign button: Roosevelt & Wallace 1940.832
Badge in envelope INV.5376
Badge in envelope INV.5377
Badge in envelope INV.5378
Badge in envelope INV.5379
Medal INV.4812F
Button INV.4812G
Badge in envelope INV.5380
Badge in envelope INV.5381
Document INV.5382
Badge on card INV.5387
Badge on Card in envelope INV.5391
Button: w/portrait of Dewey 1941.430
Badge INV.3366
Stick Pin w/ Flag and Bullet INV.3367
Badge INV.3368
Badge 1942.295
Badge INV.3370
Badge: Admiral Geo. Dewey...Olympia 1941.476
Badge 806
Badge 2025
Badge 1941.428
Badge INV.3377
Badge w/ medal: relief of Admiral Dewey 1941.474
Badge 1941.478
Pin INV.3378
Badge INV.4027
Campaign button: We Millionaires Want Willkie 1940.722
Roosevelt 1940.511
Campaign button: No Franklin the First 1940.523
Campaign button: De-thronement Day Nov 5. 1940.805
Campaign button: My Friends - Goodbye 1940.583
Campaign button: You Lose Franklin 1940.808
Campaign button: No No a Thousand Times No 1940.596
Campaign button: Heres Your Hat Frank... 1940.756
Campaign button: New Deal a Missing Deal 1940.704
Campaign button: He Will...Now 1940.666
Campaign button: There Is No Indispensible Man 1940.700
"Roosevelt" Hide at Hyde! INV.7269
Two Times Is Enough For Any Man 1940.709
Campaign button: Third Term Grab?... 1940.790
Campaign button: My Friends But Not My Subjects 1940.562
Campaign button: Third term Taboo 23 Skiddo 1940.806
Campaign button: Lets Swap Riders... 1940.716
Campaign button: Dictator? Not For Us INV.7270
No Fourth Term Either 1940.540
Campaign button: No More Fireside Chats... 1940.665
Campaign button: Roosevelt Gone with the Wind 1940.792
Campaign pin on document INV.6962
Campaign Button: The Friends of Franklin Roosevelt INV.6965
Campaign Button: Roosevelt INV.6966
Campaign Button: Roosevelt INV.6967
Collection of Campaign Button: for President F. D. Roosevelt INV.6968
Campaign Button/pin: Roosevelt INV.6970
Campaign Button: Win with Wilson INV.6972
Collection of Campaign Buttons: Win with Wilson INV.6974
Button stud INV.6977
Badge INV.3672
Badge INV.3673
Badge INV.4026
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.696
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.513
Campaign button: Americanism Roosevelt 647
Campaign button: Every 1940.675
Campaign button: Willkie second million 1940.683
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.592
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.947
Campaign button: Thanksgiving Day Nov. 5 1940.551
Campaign button w/flower trim design: Carry On Roosevelt INV.7384
Collection of political buttons on card INV.4057
For President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1940.752
Dewey & Bricker INV.7367
Campaign button: Re-elect Bill Green INV.7368
Ribbon 473
Badge 1941.258
Badge 1941.255
Ribbon: Democratic Candidates ... Tilden, Hendricks INV.7298
Shell w/photo: The Only Pebble on the Beach;photo: McKinley INV.7191
Badge w/ pin,ribbon & photo INV.7192
Photo from button/badge: McKinley INV.7193
Pin INV.3379
Badge INV.3384
Badge on card 1941.477
Badge INV.3386
Ribbon with Pin: Admiral Dewey,Hero of Manilla INV.3387
Badge w/chain in case 1948.579ab
Badges INV.3391B
Badges INV.3391C
Clip pin INV.3343
Badge INV.3324
Badge on card w/tag INV.3326C
Badge INV.3332
Badge INV.3335
Pin: airplane prop INV.3339
Pin: U.S. INV.3340
Pin: NAFWA INV.3341
Pin: purple INV.3342
Badge INV.3278
Badge INV.3275
Badge INV.3276
Badge 1949.14
Campaign button: No Royal Family 1940.572


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