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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort ascending Object Number
Shopping bag 2017.60.7
Shopping bag 2017.60.8
Shopping bag 2017.60.10
Shopping bag 2017.60.11
Shopping bag 2017.60.12
Shopping bag 2017.60.13
Shopping bag 2017.60.14
Shopping bag 2017.60.15
Shopping bag 2017.60.17
Shopping bag 2017.60.19
Black Lives Matter 2017.67.10
Respeta Mi Existencia O Espera Resistencia 2017.67.11
Tea Rex 2017.47
Aerial camera with magazine 2017.68.1
Aerial camera 2017.68.2
Aerial camera 2017.68.3
Aerial camera 2017.68.4
Aerial camera lens 2017.68.5
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.6
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.7
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.8
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.9
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.10
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.11
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.12
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.13
Aerial camera equipment 2017.68.14
Aerial camera equipment case 2017.68.15
Aerial camera equipment case 2017.68.16
Doll coat 2017.69.1c.1
Doll hat 2017.69.1c.2
Doll handbag 2017.69.1c.3
Doll dress 2017.69.1d
Doll dress 2017.69.1e
Doll robe 2017.69.1f
Doll jacket 2017.69.1g
Doll dress 2017.69.1h
Doll handbag 2017.69.1i
Doll ice skate 2017.69.1j
Doll mittens (pair) 2017.69.1k.1-2
Doll mittens (pair) 2017.69.1L.1-2
Doll ear muffs 2017.69.1m.1-2
Doll handbag 2017.69.1n
Doll shoes (pair) 2017.69.1o.1-2
Doll shoes (pair) 2017.69.1p.1-2
Doll shoes (pair) 2017.69.1q.1-2
Doll shoes (pair) 2017.69.1r.1-2
Doll shoes (pair) 2017.69.1s.1-2
Doll handbag 2017.69.1t
Doll skirt 2017.69.1u
Doll box 2017.69.1v
Doll panty hose 2017.69.1w
Doll panty hose 2017.69.1x
Doll stockings 2017.69.1y
Doll top 2017.69.2c
Doll dress 2017.69.2d
Doll jacket 2017.69.2e.1
Doll body suit 2017.69.2e.2
Doll skirt 2017.69.2e.3
Doll dress 2017.69.2f
Doll dress 2017.69.2g.1
Doll hat 2017.69.2g.2
Doll body suit 2017.69.2h
Doll dress 2017.69.2i
Doll apron 2017.69.2j
Doll pot holder 2017.69.2k
Doll hat 2017.69.2L
Doll bathing suit 2017.69.2m
Doll top 2017.69.2n
Doll shorts 2017.69.2o
Doll top 2017.69.2p.1
Doll skirt 2017.69.2p.2
Doll sunglasses 2017.69.2q
Toy trucks (set of six) 2017.70.9a-f
Pullman car 2017.71.1
Pullman car 2017.71.2
Locomotive 2017.71.5
Locomotive 2017.71.6
Locomotive 2017.71.7
Pullman car 2017.71.8
Pullman car 2017.71.9
Pullman car 2017.71.10
Pullman car 2017.71.11
Pullman car 2017.71.12
Pullman car 2017.71.13
Motorcycle 2017.71.17
Motorcycle 2017.71.18
Motorbike 2017.71.20
Motorbike 2017.71.21
Motorbike crash car 2017.71.23
Motorbike 2017.71.24
Motorbike 2017.71.25
Figurine 2017.71.26
Motorbike 2017.71.30
Motorbike 2017.71.31
Eagle 2017.71.33
Eagle 2017.71.34
Dionne Quintuplet dolls 2017.71.35a-e
Set of paper dolls 2017.71.36a-I
Set of toy signs and truck 2017.71.41a-g
Locomotive and tender 2017.71.44a-b
Model airplane 2017.71.46
Toy airplane 2017.71.47
Toy airplane 2017.71.48
Toy airplane 2017.71.49
Toy helicopter 2017.71.52
Toy airplane 2017.71.53
Toy airplane 2017.71.56
Wind-up bomber 2017.71.57
Toy airplane 2017.71.59
Candy container airplane 2017.71.60
Candy container airplane 2017.71.61
Toy airplane 2017.71.62
Toy airplane 2017.71.64
Toy airplane 2017.71.65
Toy car 2017.71.68
Wind-up toy car 2017.71.74
Toy car 2017.71.75
Toy car 2017.71.76
Toy car 2017.71.78
Toy car 2017.71.79
Figurines (set of eight) 2017.71.82a-h
Pullman car 2017.71.83
Pullman car 2017.71.84
Toy train car 2017.71.86
Pullman car 2017.71.88
Toy train car 2017.71.89
Pullman car 2017.71.90
Pullman car 2017.71.91
Pullman car 2017.71.92
Pullman car 2017.71.94
Pullman car 2017.71. 95
Pullman car 2017.71.97
Caboose 2017.71.100
Train set 2017.71.101a-e
Model tanks (set of 21) 2017.71.102a-y
Toy airplane 2017.71.103
Toy airplane 2017.71.104
Toy airplane 2017.71.105
Toy airplane 2017.71.106
Toy helicopter 2017.71.107
Pencil sharpener 2017.71.108
Toy airplane 2017.71.110
Toy airplane 2017.71.111
Toy airplane 2017.71.112
Early Insulin
I Am a Diabetic card
Medal: eagle INV.2498
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.152a
Coin: half dollar, Daniel Boone bicentennial, 1934 1934.69a
Button stud: Medical Society, State of New York 1943.268
Coin: half dollar, Sesquicentenneal, 1776-1926 1926.86
Medal w/ribbon in box:Industry of all Nations 1853 INV.4800
Pin: July 1936.10189 Bathing Belmar Beach INV.4698C
Pin: Belmar Bathing, 1933.14384 INV.4698G
Coin in envelope: Cistophorus-silver coin of Augustus INV.10782
2 tokens: N.Y.C. Transit Authority Tokens INV.4257
Pin: Deputy Sheriff, 1900-1901 INV.5022
Badge INV.5027
Badge INV.4945
Badge INV.3090
Badge INV.4449
Badge 1945.5503
Medal INV.5115
Badge INV.5121
Button INV.2739
Medallion: Intl. livestock expo 1949.137
Buttons: Rockefeller INV.2287
Medallion 1942.293
Buttons INV.2289
Button INV.2377
Button INV.2381
Buttons INV.2465
Ribbon: In Memorium INV.2440
Badge w/medal 1941.409
Flag patch INV.2650
Button INV.2494
Pin: Winchester INV.2512
Button INV.2536
2 buttons INV.2605
Button INV.2631
Bar pin INV.2635
Ribbon: Lafayette INV.2792
Button INV.1978F
Badge INV.1982B
Badge INV.2017
Badge INV.3076
Button INV.4977
Button INV.4990
Badge INV.5006
Pin: Eagle w/Anchor INV.1916
Campaign button: Roosevelt for Ex President 1940.548
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.764
Campaign button: Willkie and McNasy 1940.816
Campaign button: Willkie and McNasy 1940.821
Campaign button: Every 1940.517
Campaign button: Roosevelt No More... 1940.661
Campaign button: No Crown For Franklin 1940.541
Campaign button: Nov. 5 Franklin Gets His... 1940.807
Button 1944.340
Pin: Corporation Seal ...Yonkers INV.3410
Badge INV.3420
Button: Democrats and Republicans for Willkie 1940.643
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.820
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.826
Shell Fragment in Envelope 1836.588
Campaign Button: Roosevelt Hide at Hyde 1940.713
Badge INV.3664
Badge INV.3671
Badge 1941.254
Badge 1941.259
Button: Willkie 1940.638
Button: We The People Need Willkie 1940.642
Button: Willkie for President 1940.621
Button: No Third Term 1940.757
Collection of two campaign buttons: Thanksgiving Day Nov.5 1940.552
Campaign buttons collection: Wilkie Second Million INV.6391
Campaign button: Willkie For President 1940.640
Campaign button: Willkie Worker 1940.682
Campaign button: We Want Wilkie 1940.516
Button INV.4105
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4112
Campaign button: Willkie For Prosperity 1940.614
Campaign button: Wilkie INV.6651
Campaign button w/ribbon:Sovenir of Democratic Convent. 1936 INV.6653
Badge INV.4420
Button INV.1949
Button INV.2056
Badge 1941.261
Button 1997.5.51
Button 1997.5.52
iron 471
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.194a
Ribbon: Grover Cleveland for President 1892 1940.373
Medal INV.6
Medallion INV.9
Medallion INV.10
Copy belt buckle: Royal Newfoundland Regiment INV.5968
Badge: 213 ACTA... INV.5990
Badge: Queens Rangers... INV.5988
Belt buckle: 23 INV.5887
Badge: Shropshire Regiment INV.5984
Badge: The Queens INV.5982
Badge: Cornwall INV.5983
Badge: York and Lancaster INV.5989
Badge: Queens Rangers... INV.5987
Badge: 45 INV.5991
Badge: 45 INV.5993
Badge: G.R. 100 INV.5994
Badge: 45 INV.5992
Badge: Lincolnshire Regiment Egypt INV.5954
Badge: KL81 INV.5960
Tablet:...Kings INV.5895
Badge: 53 Honi Soit... INV.6051
Belt buckle: w/cannon-crown image INV.5997
Badge: The Welsh Regiment... INV.5996
Badge: GR 49 INV.5995
Belt buckle: R.E. INV.5893
Belt buckle: Royal Americans LX INV.5892
Belt buckle: xx INV.5888
Belt buckle: New Brunswick Regiment 104 INV.5890
Badge:...Dieu et Mon Droit INV.5958
Badge: The Kings Own INV.5981
Badge: Cheshire INV.5959
Belt buckle: 1785 INV.5998
Badge: Tria Suncta Im Uno INV.5953
Parts of shoe buckles INV.6179
Coll. of 3 coins: Nova Caesarea, 1787 (New Jersey) INV.13889
Snuff box in box 1942.604
Badge: S. Lancashire...Vols INV.5985
Badge: West Yorkshire INV.5979
Badge INV.3391D
Badge INV.4392
Badge INV.4442
Medal INV.4
Badge INV.5516
Badge INV.5109
Badge INV.4920I
Button: Opposed to Woman Suffrage INV.2478
Badge INV.5091
Badge INV.5122
Badge INV.3322
Badge INV.3281
Pin: Member Liberty Loan Committee INV.4864E
Clips INV.7148
Ribbon: ...Cin. Henry Clay 1844... INV.6713
Pin fragment (?): Harrison INV.6922
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7023
Arm band INV.11722
Badge: Jellalabad INV.5978
Medal Honoring Washington, Kosciusko and Lafayette 1947.313
Badge INV.4717
Badge INV.4426
Pin: Pro Patria Armanus INV.4973
Button 1997.5.9
Button 1997.6.86
Badge:...Princess of Wales Own... INV.5957
Badge: Royal Army Medical Corp INV.5956
Belt buckle: G.C. INV.5885
Buckle INV.5884
Badge INV.5138a
Coin: half dollar, Oregon Trail Memorial 1926 1927.125
Coin: 1619 X.208
Token: Hallock & Bates, Wholesale Dry Goods INV.13792
Token: Not Repeal, July 4, 1855, N.Y. INV.13796
Coll.of 3 coins: Immunis Columbia, 1787 INV.13870
Campaign button: Don't Be a Jackass Follow the Eagle 1940.564
Badge: Egypt North Gloucestershire 28 INV.5952
Tablet: Regiment INV.5898
Pin-back button 2001.261
Button 2003.70.22
Badge INV.4239
Pagent of Cape Cod 1940.235
Button 1997.5.56
Button 1997.5.57
Button 1997.5.58
Medal w/Ribbon: Columbian World's Fair INV.3680
Medal: Injuriis Coacta ... 1947.342
Medallion in case w/docu in Box: Columbus...World 's...Expo. INV.3606
Badge: Society of Colonial Wars, 1607-1775 804
1848 Centenaire Municipal Centenary Ribbon with Medal 1943.120
Medallion: The N.Y. Regiment of Volunteers in Mexico 1935.125
Medallion: Grand Lodge of State of NY...1889 INV.5401[dup]
1951.387c 1951.387c
Medallion in box w/docu 1942.330[dup]
Medal in case w/docu: Reward of Merit INV.5400
Medallion: John Pintard...1804 1929.121[dup]
Medal: Sound money means a dollar worth 100 cents 1941.564
Peso coin: Medal, Maximiliano Emporador...1866 1947.344b
Medallion: Masachusetts Charitable Mechanic Assoc....1881 INV.5404[dup]
Badge INV.4864P
Coin INV.105
Coin INV.106
Coin INV.107
Coin INV.757
Silver Dollar, 1891 INV.289
Coin: Washinton inde?... 1 cent INV.3168
Washington 1 cent INV.3172
Coin: Jamaica currency INV.4952
Medal INV.1284
Medal: Hesper Club INV.2417
Empty envelope for a medal, with document INV.2922
Letter:to Mr. Stack's Aug. 15,1939 from Victor H. Paltsits INV.3249C
Colin Kelley 1942.343
Badge w/medal 1939.288
Badge w/medal 1940.290
Badge w/medal 1941.412
Pin w/medal: G. Washington, ap. 30, 1789 INV.3214
Pin w/medal 1952.19b
Pin w/medal: G. Washington, 1789 INV.3215
Medal 1952.19a
Medal: G. Washington relief INV.3187
Badge w/medal 1941.532
Badge w/medal: G. Washington 1789 INV.3207
Badge witrh ribbon: "Washington-Harrison..." 1940.223
Lapel button: U.S. Marine INV.2500
Lapel clasp: White Cross INV.2502
Lapel button: R.A.F. INV.2508
Medal: Victoria & Albert, Prince of Wales Honi...Pense/Stat. INV.2400
Medallion w/ribbon 1941.516
Medallion w/ribbon 1941.411
Medallion w/ribbon 1941.413
Medal Commemorating the Centennial of George Washington's Inauguration 1940.295
Medal in box: Hudson Robert Fulton ... 1909 INV.1802
(8) medals in box w/document INV.1803
Coin X.213
Medal in box:The State of NY Cent. opening of the Erie Canal INV.1805
Medal in box: Cent. celebration of the battle of Lexington INV.1808
Medal: int'l exhibition Philadelphia INV.1810
Medal: World War INV.1816
Medal: eagle INV.2719
Medal w/ribbon: 1776 INV.2720
Medal in box INV.2772
Medal, 1 w/ribbon INV.2364
Medal 1940.211
Medal 1940.214
Medal 1940.215
Medal 1940.217
Medal: Delegate INV.2405
Collection of Empty Medal Cases INV.2583
Collection of Medals in Box INV.2581
Button 1997.5.53
Button 1997.5.54
Button 1997.5.55
National Navy Club Medal INV.4972
Medal: Masonic Charity Ball, 1913 INV.4799
Medal w/ribbon: Declaration of Independence, 1876 INV.4962
Medallion: bas relief of a man INV.5020
Medal: N.Y. World's Fair... 1941.462
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1923 1924.149
Coin: half dollar, Texas Independ. Centennial, 1934 1935.3a
Medal: World's Fair, 1939 INV.4820
Coin: half dollar, York County...Maine 1636-1936 1936.534
Coin in box: half dollar: Bridgeport Conn.Centennial, 1936 1936.536
Coin in box: hald dollar: New Rochelle 250th Birthday, 1938 1937.91
Coin: half dollar, Sesquicentenneal, 1776-1926 1927.124
3 pairs of socks INV.8036C
Campaign button: ...21 I would vote for Willkie 1940.576
Coin in box: half dollar: Bridgeport Conn.Centennial, 1936 1936.597
Coin in box: half dollar: New Rochelle 250th Birthday, 1938 1937.90
Token: City Hall; New York, 1856 INV.13790
Coin in box: half dollar, California Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.155
Coin in box: half dollar: Long Island Tercentenary 1936 1936.503
Coin : half dollar, Columbian Expos. Chicago 1893 1924.139b
Coin : half dollar, Columbian Expos. Chicago 1893 1924.139a
Coin : half dollar, Stone Mountain Memorial 1925 1925.150
Coin : half dollar, Stone Mountain Memorial 1925 1925.151
Coin : half dollar, Gen. Lafayette, Paris 1900 1924.141
Coin: half dollar, Gen. Lafayette, Paris 1900 1927.119
Coin: quar.dollar, Columbian Board of Lady Managers, 1893 1927.118
Coin: quar.dollar, Columbian Board of Lady Managers, 1893 1924.140
Coin: half dollar, Ulysses Grant, 1822-1922 1924.148b
Coin: half dollar, Ulysses Grant, 1822-1922 1924.148a
Coin: half dollar, Maine Centennial, 1820-1920 1924.144
Coin: half dollar, Maine Centenneal, 1820-1920 1927.122
Coin: half dollar, Illinois State Centennial 1924.143
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.153
Coin: half dollar, Panama-Pacific Expos. 1915 1927.120
Coin: half dollar, Panama-Pacific Expos. 1915 1924.142
Rope w/tasseled ends: orange INV.11278
Bridle INV.11282
Medal w/ribbon & Pin in Box: Roosevelt, June 18, 1910 INV.3552
Medal in box: Paul Revere 1735-1818 0218
Medal: Brig.:General Elazer W.Ripley INV.3555
2 Medals in Box:Roosevelt Reception...June 18,1910 INV.3557AB
Ribbon fragment and envelope INV.3451[dup]
Medal 1959.264
Medal w/card in Box: NY Day 1607-1907 INV.3453
Medallion: Maj.Gen. Andrew Jackson M 1205
Collection of medallions of historic persons in case INV.10726
Button w/flag: Mount Vernon 1st Methodist Episcop INV.1598
Coin: half dollar, Monroe Doctrine Centennial, 1923 1926.85b
Coin: half dollar, Monroe Doctrine Centennial, 1923 1926.85a
Coin: half dollar, Huguenot-walloon Tercentenary, 1924 1924.150a
Coin: half dollar, Pilgrim Tercentenary, 1620-1920 1924.145b
Coin: half dollar, Pilgrim Tercentenary, 1620-1920 1924.145a
Coin: half dollar, Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial, 1925 1925.149
Token: Am I Not A Woman & Sister, 1838 INV.13794
Coin: half dollar, California-Pacific Intl. Expo. 1935 1935.116b
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1935 1935.116a
Coin: half dollar, Daniel Boone bicentennial, 1934 1934.69b
Coin: half dollar, Fort Van Couver Centennial, 1925 1925.154b
Coin: half dollar, Arkansas Centennial 1935 1935.114b
Coin: half dollar, Arkansas Centennial 1935 1935.114a
Coin: half dollar, Wisconsin Terr. Centennial, 1936 1936.532
Coin: half dollar, Rhode Island 1636-1936 1936.421
Coin: half dollar, Rhode Island 1636-1936 1936.420
Coin: half dollar, Rhode Island 1636-1936 1936.419
Token: Scobills Daguerreotype Materials INV.13795
Pair of epaulets in box: P.D. on epaulets INV.11261AB
Badge INV.2415
Belt w/buttons INV.11291
Button INV.2421
Medallion: Peace INV.3458
Medal: Andrew Jackson INV.3462
Medallion: Millard Filmore M 899
Medal: Federal Hall INV.3481
Medal w/ribbon: S. S. Clermont INV.3483
Medal: N.Y. Brooklyn INV.3484
Medal w/ribbon: Albany INV.3486
Medal: R.E.Fisk... June 25, 1884... 1953.195r
Medal w/ribbon: Centennial Celebration 1941.521
Medal w/ribbon: Champlain 1609-1909 INV.3599
Badge: New-York Historical Society Harlem Plains INV.1715
Ribbon INV.1718
Badge w/pin: Liberty Pole Dedication N-YHS, 1921 1941.110a-d
Badge: Cold Water Army ... Providence 1843 INV.1728
George Washington medallion INV.1101
Coin: half dollar, Connecticut, 1635-1935 1935.115a
Coin: half dollar, Connecticut, 1635-1935 1935.115b
Coin: half dollar, Great Lakes Expos. 1936 1936.535b
Coin: half dollar, Great Lakes Expos. 1936 1936.535a
Token: Marine & Fire 1852, Metropolitain Ins. 1393d
Token: Weighed in the Balance and Found...1840 1393g
Collect. of 26 coins and medals from Buckingham Smith in box INV.13779a-z
Collection of 57 ancient misc. coins INV.13780
Collection of 9 colonial coins in tin INV.13783
Collection of 25 early U.S. coins from Mrs. Gordon Whitman INV.13784.1-25
Collection of 5 ancient Silver coins from India in tin box INV.13785
Coin: Gold; Par.Cres. Tra. Concordia, 1802 INV.13786
Token: Wilson's medal 1, 1863 INV.13851
Token: Telegraph Line Tyson & Co., transfer INV.13791
Coin: Georgius lll Rex INV.13793
Token: Virgo, Lucky Numbers 7-8-4-3 INV.13797
Token: General Tom Thumb, 151 lbs INV.13799
Coin: Georgius lll Rex INV.13798
Coin: I Shilling 1896 INV.13850
Pins INV.3559
Souv: Architectural Thrumph 1941.553
Badge: Lt. A.P. Haring... 1953.195p
Medal: Pageant of Cape Cod INV.3596
Medal: Columbus 1492-1892 1941.425
Medal: UVA 1861-1865 INV.3495
Medal: Veteran 1861-1866 INV.3497
Badge: Gettysburg Veteran 1863 INV.3499
Medal w/tag: Verdun 1916 1941.1
Medallion: ...America INV.3581
Pin: Special Deputy Sheriff 1941.741
Coin: New Brunswick Half Penny Currency 1854 603
Token: I Take the Responsibility.... 592


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