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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort descending Object Number
Medal w/ribbon: Lincoln INV.3479
Pin-back button 2002.6.9
Pin-back button 2002.6.15
Badge w/button and ribbon: Maj. Wm. McKinley 1034
Medal: George Washington Bi-centennial 1732-1932 INV.3421
2 medals in envelope: INV.10669
Medal w/ribbon: Scottich/Irish Society INV.3482
Badge INV.1914
Badge 1939.516
Badge INV.2957
Ribbon INV.3068
Pin:Eagle INV.1984
Pin-back button 2002.7.1
Badge Z.2379j
Badge INV.5111
Badge INV.5131
Badge INV.5140
Badge in box INV.3594
Badge INV.3665
Pin with bird INV.3935
Badge INV.4056
Badge INV.5526
Badge INV.5148
Badge on cardboard in box INV.5371
Badge INV.4713
Badge INV.3280
Pin-back button 1997.6.49
Pit 2001.123
Scrabble 2001.122
Pin-back button 2001.207
Tab Button 2001.208
Press ID collage with World Trade Center images 2002.26
Transportation token 2001.224
Pin-back button 2001.231
Pin-back button 2001.232
Pin-back button Z.2582
Pin-back button 2001.243
Pin-back button 2001.246
Pin-back button 2001.253
Pin-back button 2001.256
Pin-back button 2001.258
Pin-back button 2001.260
Z.3159 Z.3159
Z.3271 Z.3271
Z.3272 Z.3272
Z.3273 Z.3273
Z.3274 Z.3274
Z.3275 Z.3275
Work shirt 2002.27
God Bless America 2002.23.2
Commemorative t-shirt 2002.23.5
Pin-back button 2001.265
Pin-back button 2001.266
Pin-back button 2001.268
Pin-back button 2001.271
Pin-back button 2001.272
Tab button 2001.276
Pin-back button 2001.254
I Love USA 2002.23.6
"In Memory" We will Prevail 2002.25ab
Pin-back button 2002.30.9
Pin-back button 2002.30.16
Pin-back button 2002.30.17
Pin-back button 2002.30.18
Pin-back button 2002.30.21
Paperweight 2002.1.57
Pin-back button 2002.30.4
Pin-back button 2002.30.26
Pin-back button 2002.30.25
Pin-back button 2002.30.15
Pin-back button 2002.30.14
Damaged front door of Rescue Copmany #2 rig 2002.50.2
Side light unit 2002.50.5
Air tank rack 2002.50.7
Paperweight 2002.1.19
Pin-back button 2002.60.1
Pin-back button 2002.60.6
Pin-back button 2002.6.12
2002.74.1 2002.74.1
Plate 2003.46.1a
Cup 2003.46.1d
Chair 2003.46.2
Tom Thumb Token Z.3349
Paperweight 2002.58.2
Pin-back button 2002.6.19
Ribbon Z.3550
Pin-back button 2002.6.11
Button INV.7381
Pair of men's shoes with shoe bags 2003.14.4a-d
Employee identification badge for Paul R. Wysocki 2003.14.3
Business card 2003.14.1
Business card 2003.14.2
Alarm box 2002.50.10
Length of charred fire hose 2002.50.9
Leather tool belt 2002.50.12
Door panel 2002.50.13
Edge piece from unidentified fire vehicle 2002.50.14
Flashing light unit 2002.50.18
We Unite for a Greater Measure of Justice 2002.74. 47
Box/ Food 2002.1.1034
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1035
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1036
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1037
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1038
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1039
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1040
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1041
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1042
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1043
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1044
Box/ Candy 2002.1.1045
Wrapper/ Candy 2002.1.1046
Spring 2002.1.2092
Saucer 2003.46.1e
Intercom 2003.18.2
Intercom 2003.18.3
Intercom 2003.18.4
Box/ Candy 2002.1.2427
Cue stick 2002.82.2
Cue stick 2002.82.3
Cue stick 2002.82.4
Cue stick 2002.82.5
Cue stick 2002.82.6
Cue stick 2002.82.7
Cue stick 2002.82.8
Cue stick 2002.82.9
Cue stick 2002.82.10
Cue stick 2002.82.11
Cue stick 2002.82.12
Cue stick 2002.82.13
Cue stick 2002.82.14
Cue stick 2002.82.15
Cue stick 2002.82.16
Cue stick 2002.82.17
Cue stick 2002.82.18
Cue stick 2002.82.19
Stop the Arms Race 2003.97.20
Truck door of Rescue Company #2 rig 2002.50.1
Surface Transportation System Badge from the Metropolitan Transit Authority 2003.97.8
Subway sign: 96 2003.97.9
Subway sign: South Ferry 2003.97.10
Subway sign: Spring 2003.97.11
Subway sign: Push 2003.97.12
Dr. Jos. A. Klein Dentist 2003.97.13
Chesterfield cigarettes thermometer/advertisement 2003.97.14
United University Professions /NYSUT AFT AFL CIO 2003.48
Pin back button 2003.97.28
Tassel 2003.39.2
Memorial card 2003.39.3
Air horn 2002.50.6
Badge INV.5040
Rear doors of Rescue Company #2 rig 2002.50.3ab
Side panel 2002.50.8
Envelope INV.4276A
Badge INV.3938H
Plastic box 2002.50.16
Pressure gauge 2002.50.17
Pin on Card w/tag: Spirit of St.Louis...1927 INV.1797
Sheet of shattered safety glass 2002.50.15
Badge INV.4445
Badge INV.7299
2000.40 2000.40
3 Ribbons INV.2885
Pin: V.S. INV.2496
Button INV.2541
Badge INV.5423
Badge INV.2589
Third Liberty Loan 1940.246
Button 1942.121
Badge INV.3116
Button INV.2646
Button w/ribbon INV.3388
Souv: Charter Day New York 1898 INV.3492
Badge in case 881
Badge w/pin INV.7179
Badge INV.4381
Badge INV.5025
Badge INV.7399
Button INV.10344
Badge INV.5012
Pin: Deputy Sheriff, 1898-1899 INV.5035
Clips INV.7250
Badge w/ribbon 1946.73
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 658
Button: McGovern INV.7070
Button 2003.70.24
Button 2003.70.2
Button 2003.70.3
Button 2003.70.4
Button 2003.70.5
Pin-back button 2003.70.7
Button 2003.70.8
Button 2003.70.13
Women For Clinton Gore Light The Way For Change 2003.70.14
Button 2003.70.19
Thanks for not smoking 2003.70.20
Button 2003.70.26
RYAN 2003.70.27
Button 2003.70.33
Button 2003.70.35
Button 2003.70.36
Lapel clips INV.6778
Button 2003.70.34
watch bobs INV.5173
Button INV.2479
Lapel clip INV.2515
Badge in box INV.5360
Ribbon INV.5039
Badge 1936.502
Pin: Merry Ship INV.5441
Button INV.2150
Badge w/pin & ribbon in case 1952.38
Badge INV.5001
Place setting 2003.46.1a-e
Civil War token Z.3018
Hard Times token Z.3106d
Button 2001.109
Women For Clinton Gore Light The Way For Change 2003.70.12
Button 2003.70.16
Button 2003.70.30
Token Z.2992
Pin-back button Z.2705
Pin-back button Z.2658
Pin-back button Z.2786b
Pin-back button Z.2661
Pin-back button INV.1827
Pin-back button INV.1838
Ring 2003.98.1
Pin-back button Z.1516
Pin-back button Z.1753b
Pin-back button Z.1755
Pin-back button Z.1761a
Pin-back button 1941.1090
Pin-back button Z.1760g
Pin-back button 1940.597
Pin-back button Z.1751b
Pin-back button Z.1760a
Pin-back button Z.2720[dup2]
Pin-back medal and ribbon Z.2195
INV.3384b INV.3384b
Pin-back button Z.2920
Medal Z.2216
Badge in case 1936.498
Embossing Seal 2003.100.1
Printing plate 2003.100.2
Printing plate 2003.100.3
Printing plate 2003.100.4
Gavel 2003.100.6
Dust mask 2003.27
Pin-back button INV.6760f
Pin-back button Z.1539
Button Z.2142
Button Z.2950
Vote for Women's Suffrage Nov. 6th Z.2769
Campaign medal: Major General W. H. Harrison Z.2996
Pin-back button Z.2074
Badge and ribbon Z.2097
Soup plate 2003.46.1b
Salad plate 2003.46.1c
Pin-back button Z.2070
Pin-back button INV.2051[dup]
Button: Smith INV.2470
Pin-back button INV.2936
Pin-back button Z.2072
Pin-back button Z.2069
Pin-back button INV.4668b[dup]
Button INV.3906B
Pin-back button 1941.511
Pin-back button Z.2614[dup]
1940.779 1940.779
Pin-back button Z.2674
Pin-back button Z.2675
Pin-back button Z.2694
Pin-back button Z.2795
Pin-back button Z.2804
Pin-back button Z.2821
Pin-back button Z.2801
Pin-back button Z.2667
Campaign ribbon INV.3081
Campaign ribbon INV.6634.3
Wm. H. Taft for President INV.6985
The Safets Z.2537
Pin-back button Z.2650[dup]
Ribbon Z.2080
Lapel stud INV.7158
Protection Sound Money INV.7171
Button: Wm. McKinley INV.7029
Personal Banking Services INV.6640
For Freedom 4 FDR Four Freedome Re-elect Roosevelt INV.6643
The Only Pebble on the Beach INV.7163.1
Shell INV.7163.2
Ribbon INV.6715
Ribbon INV.6708
Button 1997.6.29
Button 1997.6.38
Button 1997.6.48
Button 1997.6.60
Button 1997.6.95
Button 1997.6.104
Button 1997.6.110
Shirt stud INV.4057.2
Pin-back button INV.6757.1
Pin-back button INV.6757.2
INV.1942a-p INV.1942a-p
Button Z.2847
Button Z.2289
Captain Charles Stewart Naval Medal 1942.31
Pin 1940.496
Americanism Roosevelt INV.5186.1
Youth wants Roosevelt INV.6654
Win with Taft INV.6775
Pin-back button INV.1214f
Pin-back button Z.2246
Pin-back button Z.2326
Pin-back button Z.2189
Pin-back button Z.2184
Pin-back button Z.2186
Pin-back button INV.7079c
Badge INV.4812C
Eisenhower Nixon INV.6625
Don't let this happen to YOU! Vote for Ike! INV.6628
Campaign button INV.6876
Vote for Ike INV.6439
Ike in '56 INV.6880
Pin INV.6859
Button Z.2192
Button INV.7052
Pin-back button Z.2624
Roosevelt ILGWU INV.7149.5
Go 4th to Win the War INV.7377
We Want F.D.R. Again Z.2648
Roosevelt Can Win All American INV.5181.2
The Friends of Franklin Roosevelt Z.2723[dup]
Halley "100" INV.4270.1
Button Z.2911.25
Barkley INV.6789.1
Franklin D. Roosevelt INV.4194.1
Stick pin 407
Button Z.2849
Button Z.2630[dup]
Pin with photograph of McClellan Z.2586[dup]
Campaign pin 470
Campaign pin 463
Campaign pin 464
Coin INV.13710.1
For President Thomas E. Dewey INV.7137.2
Volunteer Dewey Warren I'm on the team INV.7383
Button Z.2967
Button 651
Truman Barkley Z.2196
Buttons Z.2644
Button Z.2647
Smith for President Z.2349.2
Smith of President Z.2641
Dig in for Willkie INV.4274.1
Badge 1940.652
Button INV.2201.2
Willkie 1940.639
INV.13710.2 INV.13710.2
INV.13710.3 INV.13710.3
INV.13710.4 INV.13710.4
INV.13710.6 INV.13710.6
INV.13710.7 INV.13710.7
INV.13710.8 INV.13710.8
INV.13710.9 INV.13710.9
INV.13710.10 INV.13710.10
Vote for President Richard Nixon INV.6889
Pin-back buttons Z.2324.1-.7
President Nixon Z.2325
President Nixon Z.2324.1
Nixon Z.2194
Nixon/Lodge INV.7057
Nixon Agnew Z.2193
Willkie Second Million Z.2704
Willkie First Voter Z.2660
Button Z.3390
My Day when I vote for Willkie Z.3391
Button Z.2653
Perhaps Roosevelt is all you deserve 1940.557
All I Have Left Is A Vote for Willkie 1940.701
Which Means Me Votee for Willkie Too 1940.795
Button Z.2744
Button Z.2742
Button Z.2805
Button Z.2749
Button Z.2712
Rotten eggs with Roosevelt Omlettes with Willkie Z.2815
Roosevelt would rather be Presidnent than right Z.2811
Button Z.2687
Worst Public Administration Z.2803
Ribbon Z.3393
Portrait Ribbon Z.3227
Ribbon INV.6906
Pin 2472
Stevenson/Kefauver 2001.88
Campaign pin 2473
Bryan and Silver INV.7152
16 to One Z.2680
Pin-back button Z.2730.180
Button Z.2669
Win with Wilson INV.6975
Lapel button INV.7248
Button INV.8944[dup]
Chester A. Arthur 1881-1885 INV.7379
Button Z.2413.1
Button Z.2901
Pin-back button Z.2912
Pin-back button Z.2914
Flax wheel 1928.984
Canteen INV.5606
Cup INV.5607
Pin-back button INV.7219.2
Button INV.7233
Charm Z.2596
Lapel button 1941.535
Pin-back button INV.6921[dup]
Cardboard case with lining INV.4840c
Hat stretcher 1951.34
Token 11.14
11.2 11.2
Franklin Medal 1935.19b
Button 1940.244
Cross 1914 1917 1940.241
Win With Taft INV.6783
Hair of John James Audubon (1785-1851) INV.61
Note from Mrs. John James Audubon (1787-1874) INV.62
Brothel token 1941.541
Button INV.2201.4
Button INV.2201.5
Button INV.2201.6
Button INV.2201.7
Button INV.2201.8
Button INV.2201.9
Button INV.2201.10
Button INV.2201.11
Child's sleigh Z.983
Wool wheel Z.566
Wool wheel Z.964b
Badge INV.2010
Independent Democratic and Greenback-Labor Nomination! Z.3440
Badge 1940.205
Ribbons INV.4365.1-.10
Ribbon pertaining to Cyrus Field INV.2871.1
Ribbon INV.2871.2
Button Z.3423
INV.4289.4 INV.4289.4
INV.4289.5 INV.4289.5
Ribbon INV.2888.4
Cigarette ribbon INV.2898.4
Cigarette ribbon INV.1732.2
Badge INV.4365.1
Ribbon INV.2791.1
Badge INV.4283.6
Trade sign 2003.101
Sign 2002.1.4837
Sign 2002.1.4838
Textile: A novel project 2002.1.4840
Yardage 2002.1.4844
Yardage 2002.1.4845
Souvenir pillow cover 2002.1.4847
Souvenir pillow cover 2002.1.4848
Tablecloth or cover 2002.1.4849
Tablecloth or cover 2002.1.4850
Pin-back buttons (qty. 137): various social causes 2006.5.1-137
ERA YES: We must ratify by 6/30/82, N.O.W.-N.Y. Button 2006.5.1
I Will Survive button 2006.5.4
It's not Kosher to be a male chauvinist pig button 2006.5.5
Equal Rights Amendment: Vote Yes button 2006.5.2
Equal partnership in marriage button 2006.5.6
Beauty without cruelty button 2006.5.7
Fur: Death in Agony button 2006.5.8
Hunter: Destroyer of Wildlife button 2006.5.9
Boycott fur-bearing people button 2006.5.10
Save the Humans button 2006.5.11
friends of animals, inc. n.y.c. button 2006.5.12
Let's clear the air! button 2006.5.13
environment! button 2006.5.14
make peace with nature button 2006.5.15
Environmental issues button 2006.5.16
Survival button 2006.5.17
Overpopulation is everybody's problem button 2006.5.18
Conserve Earth: Colonize Space button 2006.5.19
Pollution Kills! button 2006.5.20
Help! button 2006.5.21
Stop at two button 2006.5.22
Environment (Save it) button 2006.5.23
Earth control button 2006.5.24
North Atlantic Network button 2006.5.25
unloved unusual unknown button 2006.5.26
March on Pollution: April 4 button 2006.5.27
Recycle Button 2006.5.28
Defeat the Fetus Fetishists button 2006.5.3
Kiss me: I'm German button 2006.5.29
Kiss Me: I'm Italian button 2006.5.30
Blood is life: pass it on button 2006.5.31
German Power button 2006.5.32
British Power button 2006.5.33
Kiss me: I'm Swedish button 2006.5.34
Erin go Bragh button 2006.5.35


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