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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort descending Object Number
Jeton in envelope: head of Louis XV INV.10659
Denarius in envelope: Antoninus Pius INV.10662
Dupondius in envelope: of Maximinianus INV.10664
Colonial tetradrachme of Billon in envelope INV.10666
Denarius in envelope: S?? Severus INV.10668
Medal w/ribbon: 1914-1918 INV.5062
Medal w/ribbon: Do Right and Fear no Man 1940.242
Medal: World War Service Delaware INV.5112
ID Tags: Tl. Col. Jim Wainwright, 27 Dv. INV.5081
Medal: American E. F. France... INV.5146
Medal w/ribbon: County of Putnam INV.5147
Box INV.4328
Medal: ship INV.4342
Medal w/ribbon: Hudson-Fulton 1940.227
Medallion: Hudson-Fulton INV.4338
Medal: Battle of Harlem Plains INV.4400
2 denarii in envelope: King Juba of Mauretonia INV.10674
Judean denarius in envelope: Imperial Rome INV.10675
Sesterius in envelope: face w/Caracalla INV.10678
Sestertius in envelope INV.10684
3 denarii of Hadrian in envelope INV.10692
Coin in envelope: Iberian Dupondius- middle? INV.10695
Sestertius in envelope: Trajan on face INV.10696
Sestertius in envelope: Hadrian on face INV.10750
Coin in envelope: Dupondius-middle INV.10751
Jeton in envelope: Louis XV INV.10752
Tetradrachme of Ptolemy in envelope INV.10753
Coin: Africa INV.10776
Coin: Hilus INV.10777
Coin: Rexivba INV.10779
Denarius of Republican Rome in envelope INV.10781
Collection of tokens: Washington Rapid Transit Co. INV.4292C
Grape shot INV.11058
Medal: Benjamin Franklin... INV.1786
Medal w/ tag: Malcolm Dunsmore... 23 May 1885 INV.3373
Medal: John Pintard INV.3314
Medal: ROB Henley Eagle INV.3316
Medal: Stark County Centennial Canton Ohio INV.4606
Medal: Hudson Fulton INV.4415
Department Commander Albert D. Shaw Medal INV.4602
Badge: ...Reception Admiral Dewey sept. 28-9 1899 New York INV.4603
Medal:Catskill Aqueduct begun 1905 1950.49 of saint John the Divine 1940.238[dup]
Medal: Battery L. Artillery ...USA 1945.54
Medal: To Florence N. Levy ... for devoted service 1909-34 INV.4609
Medal w/ribbon: ...anniversery battle of Stoney Point INV.4618
Medal and ribbon of the St. Nicholas Society INV.4627
Collection of tokens: Washington Rapid Transit Co. INV.4293
Coin:...1623 X.209
Coin:...1623 X.212
Coin:...1648 X.207
Coin:...1639 X.211
Coin:...16?? X.215
Coin:...1627 X.210
Coin:...1626 X.214
Coin:...1642 X.216
Coin: Josephus lD.G...1775 x.294
Collection of 6 coins in envelope, 2 medals, 41 medallion INV.13700
Badge w/envelope: For military merrit...Frank V.Mullaney INV.3321
Medal w/ribbon: Birth place of Liberty INV.3344
Medal w/ribbon & paper: 1854 Atlantic City 1904 INV.4630
Campaign medallion: Lincoln & Johnson Union Candidates 1864 INV.6593
Campaign medallion: McClellan & Pendieton Democr. candid. 64 INV.6594
Campaign medallion: Major General G.B. McClellan '864 INV.6595
Coin: USA 1860-lll INV.13702
Coin: lll 1602
Coin: Jefferson Nickel, 1939 INV.13705
Collection of 2 coins: General Washington INV.13721
Coin: Spanish on tag. INV.13709
Collection of 3 coins on card: nickel and pennies- WW ll INV.13711
Collection of 10 coins in envelope INV.13712
Collection of 10 coins (roman) in envelope INV.13714
Collection of 10 coins in envelope INV.13715
Coin: Thames + Seven Canal 1613
Medal in box: Peace 1936 1943.139
Medal w/ribbon INV.1939
Campaign button: McClellan and Liberty, 1864 INV.6695
Medal: Napoleon I Emperor INV.7349
Campaign medal INV.6692
Campaign pin 461
Medal: Centennial of Abraham Lincoln... INV.11111
Medal w/ribbon: Erie Centennial 1795-1895 INV.10409
Coin: L'Union fait La Force 2 cent 1623
Collection of 7 coins in envelope INV.13716
Collection of coins...Richard E.Mount Jr. INV.13717
Tokens: Brookyn Bus tranfer 1940.727
Transportation Tokens: Brookyn & Queens Transit Corp., Transfer 1940.728
Medal in Box: B&O R.R Co. 1827-1927 w/docu INV.3400
Medal in Box: Bartholdi ...presented July 4,1884 1941.539
Medal: Annual Convention Virginia State...Geo.Wash. Bi-cent. INV.3409
Medal w/ribbon: Pennsylvania July 21, 1896 INV.10235
Medallion in case: 50th Anniversary NY Public Library INV.10216
Medallion in box: First National City Bank INV.10220
Collection of 4 coins: English 1/2 pennies George lll INV.13723
Collection of 2 coin Georgius ll Rex INV.13722
Coin: Hugenot Half dollar, Founding of New Netherland 1924 2104
Collection of 2 tokens: Censier de Paris; NY-Phila-Hart & Co INV.13726
Coin: Columbian half dollar, Chicago Expo. 1893 2112
Collection of 2 tokens: My Substitute for the USA Bank 1834 INV.13734
Token: A Plain System Void of Pomp, 1834 INV.13735
Collection of 3 tokens: I Take the Responsibility INV.13743
Collection of various fragments and objects in box:fr.cannon INV.10329
Dowel: painted black INV.11245
2 Civil War shoulder straps in env.: A.H. Gallatin, Asst. Surgeon... INV.10812
Leather fragment INV.11256
Badge INV.2015
Medal in Envelope w/docu:Edward Everette Bartlett INV.3439A
Medallion w/ribbon 2007
Medal w/ribbon: Sons of the Revolution 1883 INV.3450
Medal w/ribbon & Pin:Triennial...meeting, June 1949, Newport 1949.141
Medal w/ribbon & Pin: Illinois Society of...Revolution... INV.3446
Medal w/ribbon: Sons of the Revolution, April 20, 1894 INV.3447
Medal w/ribbon & Pin: Sons of the Revolution INV.3448
Medal w/ribbon: Sons of the Revolution ...Frank Squire... INV.3451
Badge w/envelope & docu: ...Margaret Gilsey Franklin.... 1640
Medal: soldier, 1775 809
Lapel pin: white and blue 810
Pin: red cross 1943.236b
Pin: red cross 1943.236a
Pin: D.A.R. INV.3571
Medal in envelope: America/France INV.10754
Collection of 2 tokens: I Take the Responsibility INV.13744
Collection of 2 tokens: Webster Credit Current 1841 INV.13748
Collection of button studs: Patent 1888 France INV.4863E
Pocket INV.5489
Holster INV.5492
Toaster INV.5594
Leather fragment INV.5598
Sash: J.A.S. McLeer Camp INV.2087
Line-throwing gun (flair gun): inscribed 1953.106
Iron grape shot, lead musket ball ,vise in envelope 1934.157a-c
Razor blade INV.5687
Button 1997.5.17
Button 1997.5.18
Ornament 107th infantry, 1920-41 INV.403
Button w/ribbon: Col. Theodore Roosevelt INV.2418
Button INV.2420
Ribbon w/ metal star INV.2422
Button 1940.742
Handle INV.5758AB
Boot jack INV.11384
Decoration INV.1133
Collection of World War relics in box w/ docu INV.5773
5 metal buttons in env. INV.5775
Collection of lapel buttons: Grand Army of the Republic INV.7363
Canteen in box INV.6173
Coat and trousers 1936.170ab
Front axle and wheels for 1984.56ab 1984.56c
Boot jack INV.11385
Powder horn tip INV.7445
Collection of military buttons in envelopes w/docu INV.6314
Stopper to powder horn INV.7568
Collection of buttons: Civil War 1934.162
Coin:...1622 X.204
Collection of boot hooks INV.11598AB
Strap w/hook fastener INV.11674
Collection of Marine patches INV.7463
Collection of patches in envelope: US Army WW II INV.7430
Collection of uniform buttons & brasser: WW II INV.7433
Collection of 255 US insignias from WW II INV.7450
Collection of patches in envelope: Army sleeve INV.7469
Collection of cartridge loading tools INV.11653
Coll. of buttons, collar letters, chaplain's cross insignia INV.11453
Collection of patches in envelope: Navy INV.7473
Pin: crossed swords; C.C.A. 1934.91
Coin: English 1723-1773 1853.2ab
Banner: Navy INV.3150
Collection of bar pins: Navy & Army INV.7498
Gas mask and pack INV.1181AB
Belt buckle collection 1921.26ab
Army sweater INV.1182
Button INV.4230
Haversack 1923.1406
Medal 1926.71
Medal 1926.72
Medal 1926.73
Medal 1926.70
Iron cross: W.1914 1941.9
Patch INV.1289
Grinder INV.627
Ornament 7th rgt, N.Y. state guard INV.402
Cap insignial INV.4186
Badge: G.A.R insignia INV.4863B
Badge: G.A.R insignia INV.4863C
Collection: 3 stones, 2 INV.10720
Wool wheel N-353
Fireman's pick ax INV.8992
Button INV.11650
Ribbons and cushions INV.4289.1-.5
Campaign Button INV.6448
Elephant figurine INV.6960
Pin: Columbus Souv. 1941.473
Coin shaped Locket w/ photo ...1875 INV.3376
Cable section INV.4743
Airplane Pin w/photograph INV.1864
Token: The Mechanics National Bank ... Trenton N.J. INV.5178
Badge: Inauguration of President Wm. H. Taft 1909... INV.5177
Leather tab INV.5061
Badge INV.1857
Pin INV.1863
Airplane Pin INV.1859
Badge INV.1858
Pin: Lindbergh INV.1854
Coin: Lindy's Goodluck Token... INV.1853
Toy Airplane w/tag: Lindbergh INV.1793
Silver shovel inscribed: Tunnel, March 24,1900 1941.554
Campaign Button 1940.515
Pin in box: Shipping Board INV.2755
Napkin INV.2584
Pin: Fight Infantile INV.2348
Lapel Pin INV.2346
Momento Cuba INV.2525
Tag: Alpacira Coat INV.2524
Tag INV.2521
Lapel clip INV.2506
Bottle foil INV.2504
Pin: INV.2491
Plastic Medallions: Van dorn INV.2363
4 ID cards for bars, 2 bars all in envelope INV.2762
Pin: flag INV.2753
Pin on document: YMCA INV.2748
Flag bow INV.2725
Tag: WCA INV.2723
Ball and chain INV.2718
Button: w/flag ribbon Grant Monument Inaugural Apr. 27, 1897 INV.3149
Hatchet w/ribbon: D.W. Centennial 1789-1889 INV.3179
Hatchet pin: I cannot tell a lie INV.3178
Banner on stick w/chord INV.2252
Souvenir: "Stars and stripes" with flag INV.2212
Pin INV.1185
Wood fragment in envelope INV.827
Presidential Campaign Button 1940.504
Wooden book INV.824
Wood fragment in envelope INV.828
Bookmark on paper, George Washington 1941.245
Tag: Institute for the Crippled INV.2523
Wood with document INV.818
Box with wood fragment and documents INV.843
Coin:...1647 X.205
Pedestal w/docu: cup... INV.5609
Snowball: Blizzard Men of 1888 1942.175[dup]
Lapel pin: Blizzard Men of 1888 INV.1672
Badge INV.1850
Bullet INV.1692
Airplane badge INV.1799
Coin:...1621 X.203
Pin 1949.28
Laurel: Lincoln's state..City Hall...1865 INV.7554
Medal- Souvenir of Washington, D.C. 1966.102[dup]
1951.387d 1951.387d
Badge INV.5021
Badge INV.5024
Pin: Special Deputy Sheriff, New York, 1891-1893 INV.5033
Pin: Brave Rifles 3 INV.5059
Pin: Red Cross 1945.155
Badge INV.5017
Badge INV.5016
Badge INV.5028
Bar pin INV.5029
Button: Roosevelt... INV.4816
Button:...Seth Low INV.4822
Badge 1941.274
Badge in box INV.4839
Badge in case w/ docu INV.4846
Badge in case w/ docu INV.4845
Badge INV.3676
Pin: Chicago 1893 1942.629
Badge INV.3683
Bar pin INV.5043
Pin: ...National Defense 1942.549
Badge INV.3091
Badge 1940.919
Button INV.1867
Medal: Lindbergh INV.1868
Pin on Card: NY to Paris INV.1869
Badge INV.1870
Pin: White Flower w/Black and Orange ribbon INV.1907
Pin w/medal: NY to Paris INV.1872
Pin: Pistol D INV.1923
Pin: US Merchant Marine INV.1920
Badge INV.1909
Badge INV.1904
Pin: Castle INV.1919
Pin: US Merchant Marine INV.1917
Badge INV.1930
USMS Braids INV.1933A
Badge INV.3143
Badge INV.2990
Badge INV.2991
Badge 1933.138
Badge INV.5414
Badge INV.5120
Badge INV.2999
Ribbon INV.3052
Badge INV.3053
Badge 1953.195n
Badge INV.3684
Badge INV.3691
Button 1936.501
Badge in box INV.3696
Badge in box 1941.738
Badge INV.5427
Badge in case w/ribbon in envelope 1935.497
Badge in case INV.5398
Badge INV.5402
Badge INV.5403
Pin: cross w/yellow gem stone 1942.44
Badge INV.5402[dup]
Pin: cross w/ yellow gem stone 1942.44[dup]
Badge 1945.53[dup]
Badge 1945.506
Badge w/ tag 221
Pin: Wm. McKinley... 1941.495
Badge 1945.439
Badge 1941.33
Button:...F.D Roosevelt INV.4934
Badge 586
Badge 1941.531
Badge and bar pin in box INV.5046AB
Badge INV.5051
Badge INV.5052
Buttons and pins INV.5053
Badge INV.5055
Badge INV.5056
Lapel clips INV.5060
Badge 1941.533
Badge INV.5063
Badge INV.5069
Badges INV.5070
Button INV.2740
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3860
Buttons INV.2288
Clothing button w/ ribbon: cadet USMA INV.4673
Badge INV.3056
Badge INV.3058
Badge INV.3060
Badge INV.3061
Badge INV.3062
Ribbon INV.3064
Ribbon INV.3065
Badge INV.3071
Badge INV.3072
Badge INV.3088B
Pin INV.5416
Envelope INV.5422
Envelope: Mexican Campaign, 1846, 1916; INV.5432
Badge INV.5511
Badge INV.5529
Insignia INV.5514
Pin: shape of shield INV.5515
Bar pin INV.5517
Pin: shield shaped INV.5519
Pin: shield shaped INV.5520
Lapel stud INV.5522
Bar pin INV.5523
Pin: shield shaped INV.5524
Badge INV.5084
Pin INV.5085
Badge INV.5090
Pin INV.5086
Badge INV.5092
Badge INV.5093
Badge INV.5094
Ribbon INV.5104
Buttons INV.5099
Buttons INV.5100
Badges INV.5101
Badges INV.5102
Badge INV.5116
Badge INV.5117
Badge INV.5110
Badge INV.5114
Buttons INV.2290
Buttons INV.2291
Badge INV.3077
Badge 1044
Badge INV.3145AB
Badge INV.3154
Badge INV.3156
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2293
Buttons: Wilkie INV.2294
Buttons: Corsi INV.2295
Badge INV.2001
Badge INV.2000
Badge INV.2004
Badge INV.2008
Badge INV.2005
Badge INV.5527
Pin: MB INV.5528
Pin: MB INV.5530
Badge INV.5531
Badge INV.5532
Badge INV.3608
Badge 1941.469
Ribbon: ...GAR Atlantic City, Sept.1910 INV.3612
Badge w/tag INV.3610
Button: Meyner INV.2378
Button INV.2379
Button INV.2380
Badge 1946.227
Badge in case 1942.510
Badge w/ribbon & medal w/other ribbon in case 1939.515
Badge INV.3616
Document INV.3620
Envelope INV.3625A
Badge on card INV.3625B
Badge INV.3635B
Medal: (iron cross),1866 INV.4161C
Button INV.2466
Button INV.2468
Ribbon (fragment) INV.2439
Ribbon INV.2442
Pin w/ flag: Long may it wave INV.2445
Button INV.2446
Flag patch INV.2449
Badge INV.2014
Badge INV.2009
Badge INV.2011
Badge INV.2012
Badge INV.2013
Button: whigs of '76 and '34 INV.2717
Pin: sword INV.2721
I.D. tag INV.2722
Badge INV.2726
Button: MacArthur INV.2734
Button: Case INV.2735
Button INV.2736
Button INV.2737
Button INV.2738
Pin: Schnorer Club INV.2742
Pin: Schnorer Club INV.2743
Pin: Eagle INV.2744
Pin: Oagna, Charta INV.2745
Button: Harriman, Roosevelt INV.2372
Badge INV.2757
Buttons INV.2761
6 buttons on cardboard INV.2767
Badge on card INV.3632B
Badge in box INV.3634
Boxtop INV.3635A
Badge INV.3635D
Badge INV.3635E
Medal w/ribbon INV.3635F
Pin: Jr.Daughters of Loyal legion on card 2399
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3859
Badge w/pin & ribbon 1941.422
Badge w/pin INV.3863
Badge w/pin & ribbon 1941.421
Pin: Service INV.2495
Button INV.2497
Pin: 2nd War Fund INV.2499
Plastic case w/medal: Waldorf- Astoria, N.Y. INV.13629
Badge INV.2416
8 pins and medals in box INV.2773
Buttons: Walker INV.2285
Buttons: Wagner INV.2286
Buttons INV.2297
Buttons INV.2298
Buttons INV.2299
Badges INV.2350
Buttons INV.2351
Lapel clips INV.2352
United behind the President INV.2353
Lapel Clips INV.2354
Buttons INV.2355
Lapel Clips INV.2356
Lapel clips INV.2357
Clips INV.2358
Badge w/pin 468
Badge in envelope INV.3874
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3877
Pin: Thy Kingdom Come INV.2512[dup]
Badge w/pin & ribbon 1935.95
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3878
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3879
Pin: Albany Grand Commandery, 1913 INV.4991
2 ribbons INV.2863
2 ribbons INV.2865
Ribbons (3) INV.2871.1-.3
Badge INV.2589B
Badge INV.2590A
Badge INV.2590B
Buttons: McClellan INV.2359
Buttons (2) INV.2360
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2361
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2362
Buttons INV.2365
Buttons INV.2366
Button INV.2368
Pin: Hernz Pickle INV.2369
Button: Harriman INV.2370
Button: Wagner INV.2371
Button: Widnall INV.2373
Button: Sullivan INV.2374
Button: Riegelman INV.2375
Button: Leibell INV.2376
Button INV.2384
Button INV.2386
Button: Keating INV.2387


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