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Historical Artifacts


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Title Datesort descending Object Number
Early Insulin
I Am a Diabetic card
Medal: eagle INV.2498
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.152a
Coin: half dollar, Daniel Boone bicentennial, 1934 1934.69a
Button stud: Medical Society, State of New York 1943.268
Coin: half dollar, Sesquicentenneal, 1776-1926 1926.86
Medal w/ribbon in box:Industry of all Nations 1853 INV.4800
Pin: July 1936.10189 Bathing Belmar Beach INV.4698C
Pin: Belmar Bathing, 1933.14384 INV.4698G
Coin in envelope: Cistophorus-silver coin of Augustus INV.10782
2 tokens: N.Y.C. Transit Authority Tokens INV.4257
Pin: Deputy Sheriff, 1900-1901 INV.5022
Badge INV.5027
Badge INV.4945
Badge INV.3090
Badge INV.4449
Badge 1945.5503
Medal INV.5115
Badge INV.5121
Button INV.2739
Medallion: Intl. livestock expo 1949.137
Buttons: Rockefeller INV.2287
Medallion 1942.293
Buttons INV.2289
Button INV.2377
Button INV.2381
Buttons INV.2465
Ribbon: In Memorium INV.2440
Badge w/medal 1941.409
Flag patch INV.2650
Button INV.2494
Pin: Winchester INV.2512
Button INV.2536
2 buttons INV.2605
Button INV.2631
Bar pin INV.2635
Ribbon: Lafayette INV.2792
Button INV.1978F
Badge INV.1982B
Badge INV.2017
Badge INV.3076
Button INV.4977
Button INV.4990
Badge INV.5006
Pin: Eagle w/Anchor INV.1916
Campaign button: Roosevelt for Ex President 1940.548
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.764
Campaign button: Willkie and McNasy 1940.816
Campaign button: Willkie and McNasy 1940.821
Campaign button: Every 1940.517
Campaign button: Roosevelt No More... 1940.661
Campaign button: No Crown For Franklin 1940.541
Campaign button: Nov. 5 Franklin Gets His... 1940.807
Button 1944.340
Pin: Corporation Seal ...Yonkers INV.3410
Badge INV.3420
Button: Democrats and Republicans for Willkie 1940.643
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.820
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.826
Shell Fragment in Envelope 1836.588
Campaign Button: Roosevelt Hide at Hyde 1940.713
Badge INV.3664
Badge INV.3671
Badge 1941.254
Badge 1941.259
Button: Willkie 1940.638
Button: We The People Need Willkie 1940.642
Button: Willkie for President 1940.621
Button: No Third Term 1940.757
Collection of two campaign buttons: Thanksgiving Day Nov.5 1940.552
Campaign buttons collection: Wilkie Second Million INV.6391
Campaign button: Willkie For President 1940.640
Campaign button: Willkie Worker 1940.682
Campaign button: We Want Wilkie 1940.516
Button INV.4105
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4112
Campaign button: Willkie For Prosperity 1940.614
Campaign button: Wilkie INV.6651
Campaign button w/ribbon:Sovenir of Democratic Convent. 1936 INV.6653
Badge INV.4420
Button INV.1949
Button INV.2056
Badge 1941.261
Button 1997.5.51
Button 1997.5.52
iron 471
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.194a
Ribbon: Grover Cleveland for President 1892 1940.373
Medal INV.6
Medallion INV.9
Medallion INV.10
Copy belt buckle: Royal Newfoundland Regiment INV.5968
Badge: 213 ACTA... INV.5990
Badge: Queens Rangers... INV.5988
Belt buckle: 23 INV.5887
Badge: Shropshire Regiment INV.5984
Badge: The Queens INV.5982
Badge: Cornwall INV.5983
Badge: York and Lancaster INV.5989
Badge: Queens Rangers... INV.5987
Badge: 45 INV.5991
Badge: 45 INV.5993
Badge: G.R. 100 INV.5994
Badge: 45 INV.5992
Badge: Lincolnshire Regiment Egypt INV.5954
Badge: KL81 INV.5960
Tablet:...Kings INV.5895
Badge: 53 Honi Soit... INV.6051
Belt buckle: w/cannon-crown image INV.5997
Badge: The Welsh Regiment... INV.5996
Badge: GR 49 INV.5995
Belt buckle: R.E. INV.5893
Belt buckle: Royal Americans LX INV.5892
Belt buckle: xx INV.5888
Belt buckle: New Brunswick Regiment 104 INV.5890
Badge:...Dieu et Mon Droit INV.5958
Badge: The Kings Own INV.5981
Badge: Cheshire INV.5959
Belt buckle: 1785 INV.5998
Badge: Tria Suncta Im Uno INV.5953
Parts of shoe buckles INV.6179
Coll. of 3 coins: Nova Caesarea, 1787 (New Jersey) INV.13889
Snuff box in box 1942.604
Badge: S. Lancashire...Vols INV.5985
Badge: West Yorkshire INV.5979
Badge INV.3391D
Badge INV.4392
Badge INV.4442
Medal INV.4
Badge INV.5516
Badge INV.5109
Badge INV.4920I
Button: Opposed to Woman Suffrage INV.2478
Badge INV.5091
Badge INV.5122
Badge INV.3322
Badge INV.3281
Pin: Member Liberty Loan Committee INV.4864E
Clips INV.7148
Ribbon: ...Cin. Henry Clay 1844... INV.6713
Pin fragment (?): Harrison INV.6922
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7023
Arm band INV.11722
Badge: Jellalabad INV.5978
Medal Honoring Washington, Kosciusko and Lafayette 1947.313
Badge INV.4717
Badge INV.4426
Pin: Pro Patria Armanus INV.4973
Button 1997.5.9
Button 1997.6.86
Badge:...Princess of Wales Own... INV.5957
Badge: Royal Army Medical Corp INV.5956
Belt buckle: G.C. INV.5885
Buckle INV.5884
Badge INV.5138a
Coin: half dollar, Oregon Trail Memorial 1926 1927.125
Coin: 1619 X.208
Token: Hallock & Bates, Wholesale Dry Goods INV.13792
Token: Not Repeal, July 4, 1855, N.Y. INV.13796
Coll.of 3 coins: Immunis Columbia, 1787 INV.13870
Campaign button: Don't Be a Jackass Follow the Eagle 1940.564
Badge: Egypt North Gloucestershire 28 INV.5952
Tablet: Regiment INV.5898
Pin-back button 2001.261
Button 2003.70.22
Badge INV.4239
Pagent of Cape Cod 1940.235
Button 1997.5.56
Button 1997.5.57
Button 1997.5.58
Medal w/Ribbon: Columbian World's Fair INV.3680
Medal: Injuriis Coacta ... 1947.342
Medallion in case w/docu in Box: Columbus...World 's...Expo. INV.3606
Badge: Society of Colonial Wars, 1607-1775 804
1848 Centenaire Municipal Centenary Ribbon with Medal 1943.120
Medallion: The N.Y. Regiment of Volunteers in Mexico 1935.125
Medallion: Grand Lodge of State of NY...1889 INV.5401[dup]
1951.387c 1951.387c
Medallion in box w/docu 1942.330[dup]
Medal in case w/docu: Reward of Merit INV.5400
Medallion: John Pintard...1804 1929.121[dup]
Medal: Sound money means a dollar worth 100 cents 1941.564
Peso coin: Medal, Maximiliano Emporador...1866 1947.344b
Medallion: Masachusetts Charitable Mechanic Assoc....1881 INV.5404[dup]
Badge INV.4864P
Coin INV.105
Coin INV.106
Coin INV.107
Coin INV.757
Silver Dollar, 1891 INV.289
Coin: Washinton inde?... 1 cent INV.3168
Washington 1 cent INV.3172
Coin: Jamaica currency INV.4952
Medal INV.1284
Medal: Hesper Club INV.2417
Empty envelope for a medal, with document INV.2922
Letter:to Mr. Stack's Aug. 15,1939 from Victor H. Paltsits INV.3249C
Colin Kelley 1942.343
Badge w/medal 1939.288
Badge w/medal 1940.290
Badge w/medal 1941.412
Pin w/medal: G. Washington, ap. 30, 1789 INV.3214
Pin w/medal 1952.19b
Pin w/medal: G. Washington, 1789 INV.3215
Medal 1952.19a
Medal: G. Washington relief INV.3187
Badge w/medal 1941.532
Badge w/medal: G. Washington 1789 INV.3207
Badge witrh ribbon: "Washington-Harrison..." 1940.223
Lapel button: U.S. Marine INV.2500
Lapel clasp: White Cross INV.2502
Lapel button: R.A.F. INV.2508
Medal: Victoria & Albert, Prince of Wales Honi...Pense/Stat. INV.2400
Medallion w/ribbon 1941.516
Medallion w/ribbon 1941.411
Medallion w/ribbon 1941.413
Medal Commemorating the Centennial of George Washington's Inauguration 1940.295
Medal in box: Hudson Robert Fulton ... 1909 INV.1802
(8) medals in box w/document INV.1803
Coin X.213
Medal in box:The State of NY Cent. opening of the Erie Canal INV.1805
Medal in box: Cent. celebration of the battle of Lexington INV.1808
Medal: int'l exhibition Philadelphia INV.1810
Medal: World War INV.1816
Medal: eagle INV.2719
Medal w/ribbon: 1776 INV.2720
Medal in box INV.2772
Medal, 1 w/ribbon INV.2364
Medal 1940.211
Medal 1940.214
Medal 1940.215
Medal 1940.217
Medal: Delegate INV.2405
Collection of Empty Medal Cases INV.2583
Collection of Medals in Box INV.2581
Button 1997.5.53
Button 1997.5.54
Button 1997.5.55
National Navy Club Medal INV.4972
Medal: Masonic Charity Ball, 1913 INV.4799
Medal w/ribbon: Declaration of Independence, 1876 INV.4962
Medallion: bas relief of a man INV.5020
Medal: N.Y. World's Fair... 1941.462
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1923 1924.149
Coin: half dollar, Texas Independ. Centennial, 1934 1935.3a
Medal: World's Fair, 1939 INV.4820
Coin: half dollar, York County...Maine 1636-1936 1936.534
Coin in box: half dollar: Bridgeport Conn.Centennial, 1936 1936.536
Coin in box: hald dollar: New Rochelle 250th Birthday, 1938 1937.91
Coin: half dollar, Sesquicentenneal, 1776-1926 1927.124
3 pairs of socks INV.8036C
Campaign button: ...21 I would vote for Willkie 1940.576
Coin in box: half dollar: Bridgeport Conn.Centennial, 1936 1936.597
Coin in box: half dollar: New Rochelle 250th Birthday, 1938 1937.90
Token: City Hall; New York, 1856 INV.13790
Coin in box: half dollar, California Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.155
Coin in box: half dollar: Long Island Tercentenary 1936 1936.503
Coin : half dollar, Columbian Expos. Chicago 1893 1924.139b
Coin : half dollar, Columbian Expos. Chicago 1893 1924.139a
Coin : half dollar, Stone Mountain Memorial 1925 1925.150
Coin : half dollar, Stone Mountain Memorial 1925 1925.151
Coin : half dollar, Gen. Lafayette, Paris 1900 1924.141
Coin: half dollar, Gen. Lafayette, Paris 1900 1927.119
Coin: quar.dollar, Columbian Board of Lady Managers, 1893 1927.118
Coin: quar.dollar, Columbian Board of Lady Managers, 1893 1924.140
Coin: half dollar, Ulysses Grant, 1822-1922 1924.148b
Coin: half dollar, Ulysses Grant, 1822-1922 1924.148a
Coin: half dollar, Maine Centennial, 1820-1920 1924.144
Coin: half dollar, Maine Centenneal, 1820-1920 1927.122
Coin: half dollar, Illinois State Centennial 1924.143
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.153
Coin: half dollar, Panama-Pacific Expos. 1915 1927.120
Coin: half dollar, Panama-Pacific Expos. 1915 1924.142
Rope w/tasseled ends: orange INV.11278
Bridle INV.11282
Medal w/ribbon & Pin in Box: Roosevelt, June 18, 1910 INV.3552
Medal in box: Paul Revere 1735-1818 0218
Medal: Brig.:General Elazer W.Ripley INV.3555
2 Medals in Box:Roosevelt Reception...June 18,1910 INV.3557AB
Ribbon fragment and envelope INV.3451[dup]
Medal 1959.264
Medal w/card in Box: NY Day 1607-1907 INV.3453
Medallion: Maj.Gen. Andrew Jackson M 1205
Collection of medallions of historic persons in case INV.10726
Button w/flag: Mount Vernon 1st Methodist Episcop INV.1598
Coin: half dollar, Monroe Doctrine Centennial, 1923 1926.85b
Coin: half dollar, Monroe Doctrine Centennial, 1923 1926.85a
Coin: half dollar, Huguenot-walloon Tercentenary, 1924 1924.150a
Coin: half dollar, Pilgrim Tercentenary, 1620-1920 1924.145b
Coin: half dollar, Pilgrim Tercentenary, 1620-1920 1924.145a
Coin: half dollar, Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial, 1925 1925.149
Token: Am I Not A Woman & Sister, 1838 INV.13794
Coin: half dollar, California-Pacific Intl. Expo. 1935 1935.116b
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1935 1935.116a
Coin: half dollar, Daniel Boone bicentennial, 1934 1934.69b
Coin: half dollar, Fort Van Couver Centennial, 1925 1925.154b
Coin: half dollar, Arkansas Centennial 1935 1935.114b
Coin: half dollar, Arkansas Centennial 1935 1935.114a
Coin: half dollar, Wisconsin Terr. Centennial, 1936 1936.532
Coin: half dollar, Rhode Island 1636-1936 1936.421
Coin: half dollar, Rhode Island 1636-1936 1936.420
Coin: half dollar, Rhode Island 1636-1936 1936.419
Token: Scobills Daguerreotype Materials INV.13795
Pair of epaulets in box: P.D. on epaulets INV.11261AB
Badge INV.2415
Belt w/buttons INV.11291
Button INV.2421
Medallion: Peace INV.3458
Medal: Andrew Jackson INV.3462
Medallion: Millard Filmore M 899
Medal: Federal Hall INV.3481
Medal w/ribbon: S. S. Clermont INV.3483
Medal: N.Y. Brooklyn INV.3484
Medal w/ribbon: Albany INV.3486
Medal: R.E.Fisk... June 25, 1884... 1953.195r
Medal w/ribbon: Centennial Celebration 1941.521
Medal w/ribbon: Champlain 1609-1909 INV.3599
Badge: New-York Historical Society Harlem Plains INV.1715
Ribbon INV.1718
Badge w/pin: Liberty Pole Dedication N-YHS, 1921 1941.110a-d
Badge: Cold Water Army ... Providence 1843 INV.1728
George Washington medallion INV.1101
Coin: half dollar, Connecticut, 1635-1935 1935.115a
Coin: half dollar, Connecticut, 1635-1935 1935.115b
Coin: half dollar, Great Lakes Expos. 1936 1936.535b
Coin: half dollar, Great Lakes Expos. 1936 1936.535a
Token: Marine & Fire 1852, Metropolitain Ins. 1393d
Token: Weighed in the Balance and Found...1840 1393g
Collect. of 26 coins and medals from Buckingham Smith in box INV.13779a-z
Collection of 57 ancient misc. coins INV.13780
Collection of 9 colonial coins in tin INV.13783
Collection of 25 early U.S. coins from Mrs. Gordon Whitman INV.13784.1-25
Collection of 5 ancient Silver coins from India in tin box INV.13785
Coin: Gold; Par.Cres. Tra. Concordia, 1802 INV.13786
Token: Wilson's medal 1, 1863 INV.13851
Token: Telegraph Line Tyson & Co., transfer INV.13791
Coin: Georgius lll Rex INV.13793
Token: Virgo, Lucky Numbers 7-8-4-3 INV.13797
Token: General Tom Thumb, 151 lbs INV.13799
Coin: Georgius lll Rex INV.13798
Coin: I Shilling 1896 INV.13850
Pins INV.3559
Souv: Architectural Thrumph 1941.553
Badge: Lt. A.P. Haring... 1953.195p
Medal: Pageant of Cape Cod INV.3596
Medal: Columbus 1492-1892 1941.425
Medal: UVA 1861-1865 INV.3495
Medal: Veteran 1861-1866 INV.3497
Badge: Gettysburg Veteran 1863 INV.3499
Medal w/tag: Verdun 1916 1941.1
Medallion: ...America INV.3581
Pin: Special Deputy Sheriff 1941.741
Coin: New Brunswick Half Penny Currency 1854 603
Token: I Take the Responsibility.... 592
Token: Webster Credit Currency, 1841 602
Token: Am I Not a Woman & Sister, 1838 604
Coin: Nova Caesarea 601
Token: A Government Dollar Contains...Sept 1896 582
Coin: U.S. 50c. 1823 599
Coin: 1 Dollar 1855, gold in case 1949.312
Coin: U.S.:One Cent, 1851 1943.386
Coin:U.S. Trade Dollar, 1876 1939.202
Coin: Par.Cres.Tra. Concordia Res, 1780; Gold 579
Coin: Gold, 1852 571
Coin: Gold, 1854 572
Coin: Silver Quarter, Washington, 1932 2022a
Coin: California Gold, circular 194
Collec. of 6 coins: Autori Connec. Inde et Lib, 1787 INV.13875
Collection of medieval coin and fragment inn envelope INV.13858
Collection of 27 Chinese coins, 1860 INV.13859
Medal: Maximiliano Emperador...1886 1947.344b[dup]
Medal: No Embalmed Beef 1941.536
Medal: U.S. Marines INV.5430
Pin:conference INV.1985
Pin:conference INV.1986
Medallion: Exposition Universelle International 1900 INV.3525[dup]
Medallion: Millard Fillmore...1850 INV.3538
Collection of 2 tokens: N.Y.C.R.R.EX. Train... INV.13860
Coll.of 7 coins: NOVA CONSTELLATIO, 1783 INV.13871a-c
Coll.of 3 coins:1-Vt. Res.Publica,1785; 2-Vermontensium,1786 INV.13872
Coin: US. Silver Half Dollar, 1795, Liberty INV.13885
Collec. of 2 token, North American Token, Commerce,1781 INV.13877
Collec. of 2 coins: USA. copper or Bar Cent 1785 INV.13880
3 coins: Chalmer's Annapolis,2-Shilling,1 Sixpence, 1783 INV.13884
Coin: Massachusetts,1787, Common Wealth INV.13883
Coin: US. 2 cents, 1867, (Bronze) INV.13886
Coin: US. Twenty cents, 1875 INV.13887
Coll. of 7 tokens: Talbot, Allum & Lee, One Cent, 1794 INV.13892
I.D Tag: S.A Avery Sgt.First Cl. INV.3521
Pin: July 1936: 3793 Bathing Belmar Beach INV.4698D
Pin: Bathing Belmar Beach, 1934.1674 INV.4698E
Pin: Bathing Belmar Beach, 3354.1935 INV.4698F
Medal in Box w/Docu:Society Of Colonial Wars..June 17,1745 INV.3790
Medal w/ribbon: Junipero Serra Memorial... 1940.224
Medal w/ribbon & pin: Sons of the Revolution...Frank Squire INV.3551
Coll. of 5 coins: Nova Caesarea, 1787 (New Jersey) INV.13890
Coll. of 4 coins: U.S. One Cent, 1802, 1803,1817,1818 (copper) INV.13893
Coll. of 2 coins: US. One Cent, 1840 (copper) INV.13897
Coll. of 3 tokens: 2-Neo-Eboracus, 1787; 1-Excelsior, 1787 INV.13898
Token: Bank Token One Penny, 1837 1949.126
Token:Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921 13924
Coin: Ancient w/Arabic-like Symbols INV.13925
Collection of medals of order in 2 cases INV.13929
Medal in Box w/Docu: Lusitania 1943.39
Medal in box: St.Joseph INV.3892
Medal in box: St.Joseph INV.3893
Medal: National Navy Club INV.4382
Badge medal: John Bryan... 1961.14
Star medal in box: from Clark Lodge... 1961.15
Medal w/ribbon: Cleveland Hendricks...March 4,1885 1941.543
Medal: discov. of Hudson River by H. Hudson INV.1963
Medal: discov. of Hudson River by H. Hudson INV.1964
Medal:Geo.W Dewey Nat'l Encampment G.A.R Philadelphia 1898 INV.4760
Medal w/photo and ribbon fragment INV.6694
Medal w/ribbon: General U.S. Grant, 1868 INV.6929
Medal: Colin Kelly other side ...Dec.10,1941 INV.3856
Medal case coll. Inscribed (bottom): to W.H.Crawford - Tibi INV.2598a-d
Medal w/ribbon: General U.S. Grant INV.3867
Medallion in case: on earth peace ...1871 INV.3876
Medal boxed w/document 1958.166
Medal: The Great Seal of the State of New York INV.3896
Medal w/ribbon in box:Joan of Arc ...1918 INV.4739
Medal w/ribbon in box:Joan of Arc statue 1915 INV.4740
Medal w/ribbon: Easter 1909 INV.4864N
Medal: St.Nicholas Society ...NYC 1903... INV.4864O
Medal in box: ...Monte Video Agosto 1906... 1943.130
Verdun Medal Case INV.12809
Medal in case: 300 anniversary...Dutch settlement INV.12810[dup]
Medal Commemorating the Centennial of George Washington's Inauguration 1940.984
Medal: ...given Van Wert, Paulding and Williams INV.13688
Medal: St. Nicholas Society founded Feb. 28, 1835 NYC 1905 INV.2901
Medal in case: D. curvert, Coll. Col. Nov. EB INV.2904A-C
Medal: Victory Liberty Loan INV.1394
Medal: half moon INV.1396
Medal w/ribbon: star shaped INV.1957
Medallion in box: Cent. Year of our Nat. Ind. 1876 INV.3217
Hatchet pin: G. Washington INV.3235
Medal w/ribbon: Gen. Grant INV.3236
Medal 2157
Medal: Col. Washington Nov. 16, 1909 INV.3227
Medal: Iron Cross 1914 INV.2707
Medal: Ulster INV.2709
Medal: Cross INV.2710
Medal: Relious figure INV.2711
Medal: Nederlanden INV.2712
Medal: Good Luck INV.2713
Medal: Religious INV.2715
Medal:Victoire De Cavriana 24 Juin 1859 INV.4870
Medal:Bictoire Desolferino le 24 Juin 1859 INV.4869A
Medal: w 1914- fw 1813 (iron cross) INV.4161B
Tablet:25th ...Fulton Trust Company 1890-1915 INV.4878
Badge INV.4431
Medal: long and faithful service INV.4708
Medal on ribbon w/tag: 10 Years of Faithful Service INV.4176
Medal w/ribbon: San Marcos Lima... 1943.121
Medal in pouch: likeness of a man 1661 1939.239
Collection of medals and boutonnieres in velvet case INV. 13807
Collection of buttons on string: U.S. Army 1942.700
Sash INV.1744
Medal w/document INV.1760
Medal in box: Cent. celebr. of Washington Inauguration 1789- INV.1952
Medal w/ribbon: Sharpsburg PA INV.5124
Medal in box: Fulton Trust Comp. 25th anniv. 1915 INV.1966
Box labeled on lid: Medals w/address label: Mr. Wm. Alfred INV.2166
Medal in box with Docu.: Tho's Hunter Ass'n Grammer School INV.1691
Medal in a box 1939.219[dup]
Medal w/document INV.1755
Tag on ring: Belmar. 1936. 6 INV.4698H
Medal:...George King of Great Britain INV.4594B
Medal: Volla Soldats... Travaux INV.4594C
Medal: marksman 3, sharpshooter 2, expert 2... INV.7297
Pin: 4280 bathing Belmar Beach, Aug. 19, 1936 INV.4698B
Medal: Seagrit N.J.S.R.A. Competitor INV.7291
Medal fragment: #1 INV.7293
Pin: U.S. star pattern INV.7294
Medal fragment: #3 INV.7295
Medal fragment: 1896 U.S.V. INV.7296
Medal: Victoria Regina Arctic Discoveries 1813-1855 INV.13906
Medal: Statue of Liberty Dedication 201
Piece of ribbon: red, white, blue INV.11036
Coin: U.S. 50c. 1836 600
Dime wrapper INV.4184
Button w/ribbon 1940.741
Medal w/ribbon: ...Fear No Man 1949.128
Medal: Iron Cross 1813-1914 INV.4938
Token: Washington Cathedral INV.4940
Medal: Victory Liberty Loan INV.4944
Coin: lll 1601
Coin: lll 1603
Medallion:...county of Onondata... INV.4332
Medallion in box: Dr. Robert Hofstader 1962 INV.4247
Coin: 1924 INV.5067
Coin: German INV.5080
2 Roosevelt Dimes in envelope INV.3577
Coin: Collection of American Pennies ... INV.3904AB
Token of Belief in Wendell Willkie 1940.681
Coin in envelope: Colonial Roman w/Africa on face INV.10652
Sestertius in envelope: Marcus Aurelius INV.10655


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