The Civil War in 50 Objects

May 14, 2013
September 01, 2013

Select objects from the new book The Civil War in 50 Objects—by Harold Holzer and the New-York Historical Society, with an introduction by Eric Foner—will be featured in a rotating installation throughout the New-York Historical Society. These objects, many rare or unpublished, offer a fascinating examination of the event that changed the course of American history.

Visitors will receive an installation guide to inspire their exploration of the specific artifacts and artworks on display at any time, most of which are located in our Luce Center.

Civil War in 50 Objects Family Scavenger Hunt

Ongoing Display
1 Slave Shackles Intended for a Child, The Robert H. and Clarice Smith Gallery
4 The Slave Auction (sculpture), The Luce Center
6 John Brown's Blessing (painting,) The Luce Center
7 Right Hand of Abraham Lincoln (sculpture,) The Luce Center
15 Return of the 69th (Irish) Regiment, N.Y.S.M. from the Seat of War (painting), Grand staircase
16 The Lincoln Family in 1861, The Luce Center
17 Snare Drum, The Luce Center
18 Thoughts of the Future (Thoughts of Liberia, Emancipation) (painting), The Luce Center
19 Half Model of the U.S.S. "Monitor", The Luce Center
21 An Episode of the War-the Cavalry Charge of Lt. Henry B. Hidden (painting), The Luce Center
31 Draft wheel, The Luce Center
33 Footlocker with Belongings, The Luce Center
41 Colored Troops Before Richmond; Medal, The Luce Center

On View Mid-Summer
5 "John Brown" Pike, The Luce Center, June 14, 2013 - ongoing
10 Flag, The Luce Center, June 14, 2013—ongoing
11 Confederate Palmetto Flag, The Cabinet Gallery, June 14—September 1, 2013
12 A Great Rush. Cost what it may, the Nation must be Saved! 36th Regiment New York Volunteers (lithograph poster), Library Display, August 19—September 15, 2013
13 Zouave Uniform, The Luce Center, June 14, 2013—ongoing
23 Military Buttons Mounted on Card, The Cabinet Gallery, June 14—September 1, 2013
29 Arrival at Chickasaw Bayou of Jefferson Davis' Negroes from his Plantation on the Mississippi Below Vicksburg, Mississippi (drawing), The Cabinet Gallery, June 14—September 1, 2013
36 Ulysses Simpson Grant (1822-1885) (painting), The Luce Center, June 14, 2013—ongoing
43 Campaign flag, The Cabinet Gallery, June 14—September 1, 2013
48 Framed leaves from Abraham Lincoln's Bier, The Cabinet Gallery, June 14—September 1, 2013

Library Display
2 Daguerreotype of Caesar: A Slave, Library Display, May 13, 2013- June 23, 2013
8 To the People of Louisiana, Their Executive and Representatives Greeting (broadside), Library Display, June 24—July 21, 2013
9 South-Western Angle of Fort Sumpter, Charleston Harbor, SC (photograph), Library Display, July 22—August 18, 2013
14 Letter from Howard Cushing Wright to His Mother, Library Display, Dates TBD
20 Cipher Key (document), Library Display, Dates TBD
22 Diary of William Rothert, Library Display, Dates TBD
24 Petition to Abraham Lincoln for Recruitment of Black Troops (document), Library Display, Dates TBD
25 By the President of the United States, A Proclamation (document,) Library Display, Dates TBD
26 Writing the Emancipation Proclamation (etching), Library Display, Dates TBD
27 Men of Color, to Arms! (broadside) Library Display, Dates TBD
28 Emily J. Semmes to Paul Jones Semmes (letter) Library Display, Dates TBD
30 The Daily Citizen (newsprint on wallpaper), Library Display, Dates TBD
32 Bible Used at Colored Orphan Asylum, Library Display, Dates TBD
34 The First Dixie Reader (book), Library Display, Dates TBD
35 Presentation Address of the Ladies of the City of New York to the Officers and Men of the Twentieth United States Colored Troops (document), Library Display, Dates TBD
37 Entry Ticket for the New York Metropolitan Fair, Library Display, Dates TBD
38 Photograph Album Presented to Major M.S. Euen by Co. C, P.P., Library Display, Dates TBD
39 Entries from the Diary of George Templeton Strong, Library Display, Dates TBD
40 Point Lookout Sketches, Library Display, Dates TBD
42 The Miscegenation Ball (lithograph), Library Display, Dates TBD
44 Projection of November 1864 Election (document), Library Display, Dates TBD
45 Prison Times (newspaper), Library Display, Dates TBD
46 Terms of Surrender (document), Library Display, Dates TBD
47 Letter from Clara Harris to Mary, Library Display, Dates TBD
49 Autograph Letter from Joe W. Mersereau to WIlliam Oland Bourne, Library Display, Dates TBD
50 The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (manuscript), Library Display, Dates TBD

Creative: Tronvig Group