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Cardboard, paper, plastic
Open (board): 28 × 22 5/16 in. (71.1 × 56.6 cm) Part (tube): 4 1/4 × 24 1/2 in. (10.8 × 62.2 cm)
"Stash," "THE ADULT DRUG GAME," contained in large cardboard tube wrapped at center with paper depicting color photographs of game board and playing pieces and listing of pieces contained in package as well as list of what else one will find including "Corrupt Cops!," "Rock Concerts!," "Singles Bars!," "False Bottom / Suitcases!," "Loan Sharks!," "Psycho Wards!," "Funny Money!," "And enough / "drugs" to keep / the CIA in business / for years!*"; It is also noted that "Any resemblance to actual / drugs or intelligence agencies / is purely coincidental!" and states that "In other words / STASH includes / everything you need / for a few hours / of legal fun." Laminated color game board with monopoly-style color coded squares around perimeter bearing various drug names as well as "road blocks," which include those outlined on the outside of the box; Center of board depicts the five boroughs of New York City, color coded and broken up by neighborhood. Other game materials include one each of red, yellow, green, white and blue plastic playing pieces, three white dice, one red die, six white plastic chips numbered one through six, three yellow cards, twelve pink cards and forty-two blue cards with various play commands, 24 yellow hundred dollar bills, 12 green five hundred dollar bills and 24 blue one thousand dollar bills and 28 color coded drug cards coordinating with those around game board and forty "borough" cards with different neighborhood names. "STASH by Lord Catfish" 16 page rule pamphlet with text stamped in red "Vito's Optional Rules In Red / 'Just because dey / didn't ax me don't mean / I ain't got no opinion.'" and two copies of corresponding "CHARTS & TABLES" sheet with "QUAGMIRE'S OWN MIRACLE PLAYING GUIDE" on reverse.
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"Stash" is both a satirical game exploring drug culture and an accurate historical simulation that examines the economic and social factors that defined New York City in the 1970's. This Monopoly-inspired game sets players out on a race to deliver smuggled drugs to designated drop-offs while avoiding law officials. Players with enough money may purchase their own drugs, although they must be careful not to over-use addictive substances in order to make it through the half-way house and win.
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Gift of Evan Jones
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Creative: Tronvig Group