Plaster medal casts

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Metal, plaster, paper, cotton
Diameter (2008.42.399a): 3 in. (76.2mm) Diameter (2008.42.399b): 2 in. (50.8mm) Diameter (2008.42.399c): 1 1/2 in. (38
Four two-part (obverse and reverse) uniface plaster molds of medallion and medals separated by cotton batting and tissue paper in hinged tin box perforated at sides. Pencil inscriptions on reverse of plaster pieces are partially covered with paper labels affixed. a: Obverse showing seated angel at left holding branch in left hand, sword in right; ship at sea in background; in exerg.: "CARDENAS/ MAY 11, 1898". Reverse shows naked figure at left with hammer and chisel over legend: "JOINT RESOLUTION/ OF CONGRESS/ APPROVED MAY 3 1900/ IN RECOGNITION/ OF THE GALLANTRY/ OF THE OFFICERS AND/ MEN OF THE HUDSON/ WHO IN THE FACE OF/ A GALLING FIRE/ TOWED THE WINSLOW/ OUT OF RANGE OF/ THE ENEMY'S GUNS". Blank oblong cartouche at bottom. b: Obverse (four previously broken pieces repaired) showing battleship at sea; legend: U.S.S. BROOKLYN - SANTIAGO DE CUBA"; in exerg.: JULY-3-1898". Reverse (two previously broken pieces repaired) shows laurel and oak wreath in center; legend: "Een Draght Mackt Maght [in Gothic]/ IN COMMEMORATION/ OF THEIR HEROISM/ AT THE/ DESTRUCTION/ OF THE/ SPANISH FLEET/ FROM.THE.CITIZENS. OF.BROOKLYN/ TO.THE.MEN.BEHIND.THE .GUNS" c: Obverse showing standing uniformed figure at left in rowboat with seated oarsmen to right; in exerg.: "THE PHILIPPINES/ 1898-1902". Reverse shows ship at sea in background with land and trees in foreground; in exerg.: "A.H.O.S.O.G.B" d: Obverse showing figures in boat rescuing those in water; legend: "LIFE SAVING MEDAL OF THE FIRST CLASS/ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". Reverse (cracked) shows central cartouche flanked by figure at left, flags and anchor at right, with eagle above, inscribed: "George Lee/ WRECK OF SHIP/ ELLEN SOUTHARD/ AUG. 12, 1875"; legend surrounding: "IN TESTIMONY OF HEROIC DEEDS IN SAVING LIFE FROM THE PERILS OF THE SEA"; in exerg.: "ACT OF CONGRESS/ JUNE 20TH 1874."
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Gift of the Naval History Society, 1925
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