Lark Bunting (Calamospiza melanocorys) and Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia), Havell plate no. 390; incomplete sketches of two birds

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Watercolor, graphite, and black ink on paper, laid on card
Paper: 19 13/16 x 13 15/16 in. (50.3 x 35.4 cm) Mat: 29 x 23 in. (73.7 x 58.4 cm)
Watermark: JWHATMAN
Inscribed at lower left in graphite: "No 7 -- / Pl. 188. [erased] 5. Browns... / Tringa..."; below in brown ink[over erased graphite]: "No 76 / Plate 378. --"; at lower center: "1, 2, Black-throated Bunting / Emberiza Americana. / 5. Brown Song Sparrow, Male. / Fringilla cinerea, Gmel. --"; at lower right: "3, 4. Prairie Finch / Fringilla bicolor, Townsend. --"; above in graphite: "Female May 28th 1836 -- / Platte River. -- J.K. Townsend --"; at middle right: "perhaps it would be w[cut] / to reverse this figure?"; at upper right diagonally: "Black throated Bunting Male"; at center: "Female Blk throated"; birds numbered in brown ink counterclockwise from upper center: "1"; "2"; "5"; "4[in graphite, No 8--]"; "5"; "3[in graphite, No 6]"
Song Sparrow, male, left; Lark Bunting, male, upper right; Lark Bunting, female, lower right; the Lark Sparrow (Chondestes grammacus) was added at the upper left to compose Havell plate no. 390, inserted from watercolor 1863.17.394
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Purchased for the Society by public subscription from Mrs. John J. Audubon
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