Framed set of British and Loyalist military buttons (43) from a Revolutionary Wa

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Silver, gilt, pewter, bone
Overall: 7/8 in. ( 2.2 cm )
stamped: (18), face of button: "29" stamped: (19), face: "29" stamped: (20), face: "84" (design of crown above number) stamped: (21), face: "LX/2/QUI MALVPENSE HONI SOIT" (60th Regiment-"Royal Americans", crown above number) stamped: (23), face: "34"
British officer and Loyalist military buttons excavated at Fort Haldimand, New York; buttons are stamped with the name or number of their regiments and many have floral border designs; British officers' buttons have a thin silver or gilt face with a bone back and indicate the presence of the Royal Marines, Royal Artillery, First American Regiment (Queen's Rangers), and the 29th, 34th, 60th, and 84th Regiments at the fort; Loyalist buttons are of solid pewter and indicate the presence of the Royal Provincials, Butler's Rangers, the King's Royal Regiment of New York, and the Royal Highland Emigrants at the fort; all buttons date to the Revolution except those of the 60th Regiment and the First American Regiment, which postdate the war.
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These military buttons were excavated by the Field Exploration Committee at Fort Haldimand, a British fort built during the Revolutionary War on Carleton Island in the St. Lawrence River at the New York-Canada border. The fort was held by the British until 1812. There are labels inside and on the back of the frame.
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