Object Number: 
Printed paper, cardboard, plastic
Overall: 1 1/4 x 20 1/4 x 9 7/8 in. ( 3.2 x 51.4 x 25.1 cm )
Box with cover image of title "DOGOPOLY" in white lettering with paw print "O" in "DOG"; "THE GAME OF HIGH STEAKS AND BONES" in white lettering below; background has grass, trees, telephone poles and various dog houses with images of dogs and gameboard sidewalk. Box contains bi-fold board game designed like monolpoly board with three plastic "dog" playing pieces (presumably there are five pieces missing, as a note in the box lists the colors of missing dog pieces), 29 tree/telephone pole cards, 23 doghouse cards, plastic doghouses in various colors: 8 red, 9 pink, 8 purple, 9 orange, 7 green, 8 yellow, 7 light blue and 8 dark blue; seven different denominations of dog bone paper "money:" 49 orange "500 BONES," 48 green "200 BONES," 47 dark yellow "100 BONES," 47 blue "50 BONES," 49 light yellow "20 BONES," 48 pink "10 BONES" and 48 cream "5 BONES."
Gallery Label: 
"Dogopoly" was invented by two Staten Island brothers after their own dog Sparky scattered the playing pieces of their Monopoly game. They replaced street names with dog breeds and used vet visits and the pound as hazards on their playing board. The game was exhibited in "Exhibition Petropolis: A Social History of Urban Animal Companions" and is currently sold in specialty pet shops. This game was donated by one of the inventors, Michael Spahitz.
Credit Line: 
Gift of Michael Spahitz
Due to ongoing research, information about this object is subject to change.
Creative: Tronvig Group