For the Ages: A History Podcast

Explore the rich and complex history of the United States and beyond. Produced by the New-York Historical Society, host David M. Rubenstein engages the nation’s foremost historians and creative thinkers on a wide range of topics, including presidential biography, the nation’s founding, and the people who have shaped the American story.

Episode 4:
The Man Who Ran Washington: The Life and Times of James A. Baker III

Featuring: Peter Baker, Susan Glasser, David M. Rubenstein (host)


Peter Baker, chief White House correspondent for the New York Times, and Susan Glasser, a staff writer at the New Yorker, examine the life and lasting legacy of James A. Baker, one of the most influential political power brokers in American history. Recorded December 3, 2020

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Episode 3:
A Conversation with Philip Deloria: America’s First Inhabitants
Featuring: Philip J. Deloria, David M. Rubenstein (host)


Harvard University professor Philip Deloria discusses the social, cultural, and political histories of the relations among American Indian peoples and the United States and how these relationships impacted indigenous peoples throughout history. 

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Episode 2:
A Conversation with Cokie Roberts

Featuring: Cokie Roberts, David M. Rubenstein (host)


The late Cokie Roberts illuminates her family’s legacy in public service, her career as a journalist and political commentator, and the importance of highlighting the oft-forgotten stories of women and the integral role they played in the shaping of American history. Recorded December 18, 2018

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Episode 1:
The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle

Featuring: Lillian Faderman, David M. Rubenstein (host)


The fight for LGBTQ civil rights is long and hard-fought—and it still continues today. Award-winning author and renowned scholar Lillian Faderman discusses the history of the movement, from the 1950s up through the fight for marriage equality and beyond. Recorded September 25, 2020

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